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matheufrank21 October 21st, 2014 3:56pm

What do you think about schools switching books on iPads and laptops?

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susanr Colorado
10/21/14 10:05 am

Not sure what you mean. What do you mean by "switching books"?

10/22/14 1:14 pm

Switching books from just solid stuff students would carry around to storing it digitally on said devices

susanr Colorado
10/22/14 1:18 pm

Oh, OK, that makes sense then.

I think some schools have done it very well. There's a K-12 school in Scotland that has done an exceptional job, but it's had strong guidance from a guy who is very tech savvy (he was the school's computer guy) & also

susanr Colorado
10/22/14 1:19 pm

very devoted to quality educational experience. The school now uses 1:1 iPads (that is, each student has an iPad; they don't have to share; older kids take them home at night) & the last I heard it was still doing extremely well. The guy has helped

susanr Colorado
10/22/14 1:21 pm

many schools convert to iPads. He maintains his schools hardware & software.

I've heard of school districts that think it's a good idea, order a pile of iPads & distribute them, purchase some digital textbooks, & then seem to expect things to just

susanr Colorado
10/22/14 1:21 pm

work out. And it doesn't. It really takes attention & care - but then lots of things that go into quality education need that.

tclark tussle me
10/21/14 9:01 am

The question doesn't make sense, but it's understandable. Good job not putting a space before the question mark.