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polster2 October 21st, 2014 4:05am

Many people are comparing Obama and Reagan with their responses to combat the spread of Ebola and HIV/AIDS, respectively. When contagious, those with Ebola are violently ill while those with AIDS may show no symptoms. Fair comparison?

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Rosebud Ohio
10/21/14 8:32 am

I think the point in the article is fair. Two Americans overseas get it and our president knows about it and the various agencies are working on it. Almost 600 Americans die over 17 months and they laugh bc the name is funny, having never heard it?

brenstal Florida
10/20/14 9:18 pm

No, I think the diseases are completely different. Ebola is fast-acting, while AIDs is slow acting and doctors really struggled with understanding it at first. Also, I think the CDC are really working to contain it and make the public aware.