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Mattwall1 October 21st, 2014 12:23am

Should Palestinian homosexuals who would face discrimination or even death in Palestine be allowed to immigrate to Israel or claim asylum without being seen as enemy combatants?

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Tariq88 Utah
10/21/14 8:07 am

We live I times today where we think we use "Why should we?" "look what they have done to us" or "they don't owe them anything". How about simply because it's the right thing to do.

lip massholevania
10/20/14 9:01 pm

Nope. Why should Israel let them in? They owe them nothing.

10/21/14 8:50 am

It would be a humanitarian statement and a humanitarian effort on some level, no?

lip massholevania
10/21/14 9:42 am

I suspect Israel has been kind enough to the Palestinians, considering how the Paleosimians have been treating them.

10/20/14 8:28 pm

While I agree with that, may I ask what it depends on for you?

political Georgia
10/20/14 8:30 pm

So many factors that I will fail to mention all of the factor. For starters, sexual orientation has nothing to do with my decision. Let me look at the question again before I continue.

political Georgia
10/20/14 8:34 pm

Okay...secondly, Israel should not treat this as if this a unique situation. They should stick with their recluse protocol, whatever it is, while handling this situation.

Skarface69 Retired
10/20/14 5:36 pm

I'm surprised that you're in favor of this.