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Breastfeeding a three year-old: "who cares?" or "disgusting!"?

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Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
05/25/12 7:49 pm

@missyf You're the woman. I like how you think!

05/24/12 10:54 pm

but personally I find it disgusting

missyf South Carolina
05/23/12 8:45 pm

My right to parent without getting "stink eye" from anyone else. And I will NOT pump to ease your discomfort. It is a pain in the ass. I will however pump for my 5 year old any time he asks. He is a pain in the ass too, but he knows mommy's milk makes him feel better. EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!

missyf South Carolina
05/23/12 8:38 pm

It's not about me. Or you and your opinions. It's about my kid. My kid who wants to nurse and touch base with her mommy. It's about my kid getting between 25-90% of her nutrition requirements even after age 2 because lord knows she's not gonna get it from the 6 ritz crackers she ate. It's also abou

missyf South Carolina
05/23/12 8:35 pm

Sleep almost instantly. There are days when I am just touched out and want my boobs back. I'm tired of wearing nursing bras and two shirts so I am not "offending someone" I'd they see too much side boob. I want to be able to hear someone else's baby cry and not leak all over my damned shirt. But...

missyf South Carolina
05/23/12 8:34 pm

Breastmilk is jam packed with vitamins, minerals, and cancer killing cells. It can be used to help heal cuts and scrapes, cure ear infections and sore throats. It can help cure acne and eczema. It can also quiet a screaming baby, magically fix all that is wrong in a child's world and put a baby to

missyf South Carolina
05/23/12 8:31 pm

He was 3 would have been just fine then, huh? My daughter began to talk before 1, so I should have weaned her early? She is 22 months now and still nurses frequently. And NO,it is NOT because I want her to. It is HER decision when to quit. When she feels it is time to be done, then we will be done

missyf South Carolina
05/23/12 8:28 pm

Your teeth to drink? Thought not. And then there is the old "if they can ask for it" limit. My kids asked for it the day they were born by rooting, sucking their fists or crying. Then they learned the sign for milk at about 7 months. My son didn't talk until he was 3. So breastfeeding him until

missyf South Carolina
05/23/12 8:26 pm

Why should we place arbitrary limits on something as healthy (for mom AND child) and important as breastfeeding. The negative comments are riddled with misinformation,absurdity and downright stupidity! I see so many comments about when a child gets teeth then they should quit nursing. Do you use

Mrs713 Sanger, TX
05/22/12 10:11 pm

^^^^Don't be racist!! Anyone who lets there child does that, is an enabler. Stop creating p***y's!!!

roselove California
05/21/12 1:31 pm

Not my child or problem. I think of the parent feels its right then go ahead.

dedoo14 Texas
05/17/12 6:42 pm

a three year old is WAY too old to be breast feeding

mcdkm Houston
05/16/12 8:07 pm

it might not be normal but it's not any of my business either.

PetePuma Oregon
05/16/12 7:50 pm

Situational. an older child in private, I don't care. It might be bonding or beneficial. But, an older child in public, NO-WAY.

05/16/12 6:34 pm

ummm okkkk..... not normal well people do it I'm not trying to offend anyone but my opinion is disgusting

05/16/12 5:47 pm

Let's not go there 2day but that was on the front page of times magazine

Ranks New Jersey
05/16/12 7:46 am

If more women find it to be more wrong than man, then that should say something to you

soccerrocks80 Colorado
05/15/12 9:02 pm

Ummm, thanks for your opinion, I guess?

05/15/12 1:39 pm

When she is a little upset. She doesn't feed every three hours like an infant. The breastmilk at later ages is more of a supplement rather than a full on food source. It is just healthy and pack with good things for the babies.

05/15/12 1:37 pm

The picture itself (on Time magazine) was a bit much, yes. But breastfeeding has been proven and shown to be the healthiest food source for children. It's not as if mothers have to breastfeed their three year old constantly. My daughter (1yr old) now only really breastfeeds at night to sleep and

05/15/12 1:37 pm

The picture itself (on Time magazine) was a bit much, yes. But breastfeeding has been proven and shown to be the healthiest food source for children. It's not as if mothers have to breastfeed their three year old constantly. My daughter (1yr old) now only really breastfeeds at night to sleep and

05/15/12 1:06 pm

I totally support breast feeding but 3 is a bit much. I think around 2 is my max.

05/15/12 9:00 am

Uh, real mature there JamJay...

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
05/15/12 7:47 am

I clicked: who cares - cuz I do not.
But this is weird.
Do not care what you say - I say it and you are weird.

05/15/12 7:42 am

Breasts stop producing milk when the demand is no longer present. It's very natural to breast feed for UP TO 7 years. There is NOTHING sexual about it to either the child or the mother and those who see it as such are disgusting or extremely ill informed.

05/15/12 7:36 am

Those opposed are detached and ignorant. At least try and be better informed before making judgment. Breasts ONLY exist as a function for feeding offspring. ONLY.

Grow up, already.
... Maybe if opposers had been better nourished as babies they'd have a clearer understanding as adults.

05/15/12 12:33 am

If the kid can ask you to pull out your boob, it's past time to stop breastfeeding.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
05/14/12 10:20 pm

What is wrong with everyone. Give over it. Try a little research or even some compassion. This is why america is so unhealthy and fat.
Try this, "I do for me what is right for me."

Rosebud Ohio
05/14/12 10:19 pm

Ms- thank you. I try.
Kandy- the problem is that there's no actual evidence that it's harmful. People are using personal bias as "evidence". If someone doesn't breastfed that long... Ok. It's better for the kid, but people have reasons. But to say someone else shouldn't is ignorant.

kandykane California
05/14/12 10:10 pm

child is different. It's a personal decision, based on your child's preference, your preference, and other factors. I don't understand. If a mom wants to breastfeed later than "normal" then, it's her decision. ( just maybe not on the cover of a popular magazine )

kandykane California
05/14/12 10:08 pm

I am a little confused about the debate going on here in the comments. Yes, there may be scientific evidence proving that extended breastfeeding is beneficial to the child. Yes, there may be scientific evidence proving that extended breastfeeding is harmful to a child. Because you know what? Every

Nerdz Texas
05/14/12 8:56 pm

umm that is an odd occurrence

amberzzz Iowa
05/14/12 8:39 pm

I'm confused as to why a three or four year old isn't weaned, period....regardless of breast or bottle. I think extended breast feeding has a lot to do with unhealthy mommy attachment issues.

05/14/12 8:39 pm

MsAine- Not all are third world. Most European countries and Canada, for example.

05/14/12 7:39 pm

don't assume that can make good decisions for their children. my dog has better parenting skill than a lot of humans.

05/14/12 7:36 pm

I'm going to take this off in another direction... just because you mated doesn't make you a parent. it takes skill and awareness. I've gotten the impression that Rosebud is a good parent. but don't give everyone who has a. child that same assumption.

Kommandant Indiana
05/14/12 7:09 pm

I wouldn't totally say its disgusting. But our culture certainly shuns it. But culture is an ever changing thing. In times past I'm sure it was accepted and maybe will be again some day.

05/14/12 6:55 pm

I breast fed for almost 4 years and my child is incredibly ahead of her peers. She plays violin, speaks spanish, taught herself German, is currently teaching herself guitar, tutors her classmates, is very compassionate & in 15 years has only been sick twice. I wouldn't have done it ANY other way!

05/14/12 6:52 pm

I also feel that it could lead to bullying by those who kids who witness it.

05/14/12 6:50 pm

I didn't have children so mine are big boy toys only. if literally makes me cringe to see a toddler chewing on the mothers breast. .

05/14/12 6:41 pm

what countries are we talking about? I would imagine they r under-developed countries where the child wouldn't get enough to eat if they weren't breast fed.

catey Pennsylvania
05/14/12 6:33 pm

Uh as long as you don't wave the child around while you're breastfeeding it and scream "LOOK EVERYONE I'M BREASTFEEDING LOOK AT ME!!" I'll be okay.

05/14/12 6:05 pm

who cares its their choice not the rest of America

Gingerred primum non nocere
05/14/12 5:59 pm

Looks like America is full of judgemental d*kheads who think they know better how raise children than the child's parents. No surprise there.

Rosebud Ohio
05/14/12 4:31 pm
This is one from a professor at Texas A and M University. Based on multiple variables, such as gestation, sexual maturity age, birth and growth weight, ect. The whole page is great to read.

05/14/12 4:31 pm

..reason many women give up. I think we need to just accept this natural bodily function and stop putting conditions on it: public yes/no, 6 months yes vs 1 yr no....not every child is the same and neither is their breastfeeding experience or needs.

Rosebud Ohio
05/14/12 4:29 pm

"if the child is younger than two years of age, the child is at increased risk of illness if weaned"
Finally, "the minimum predicted age for a natural age of weaning a human is 2.5 years, with a maximum of 7.0 years".