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Show Of Hands August 4th, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever rooted for an Olympic athlete from another country who was competing against an American?

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christmoose North Carolina
08/08/12 9:13 pm

My heart I still in my homeland. Team Canada!

08/06/12 7:06 pm

Thanks Cajun. And I'm sorry if I got a bit too snarky there.

08/06/12 6:10 pm

Sometimes their attractiveness is tempting...

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/06/12 5:45 pm

Chad le Clos over the Baltimore Bullet.

robolds Initiative
08/06/12 4:08 pm

Pr. You I will tolerate. Others, not so much. But you are ok in my book.

08/06/12 2:46 pm

Germany because they arent even German any more. They all usually English or US.

08/06/12 12:30 pm

whoever did is a traitor.

tsk California
08/06/12 12:45 am

Sun Yang, Ennis, Sharapova, and Uchimura.

08/05/12 9:34 pm

Oh and of course Usain Bolt is awesome :)

08/05/12 9:33 pm

Well, I'm Korean, so... But I do sometimes feel torn in a match between a Korean athlete(s) and another athlete(s) I personally like, i.e.) Sun Won vs. Taehwan Park or the British soccer team vs. the Korean team

08/05/12 9:29 pm

Yes, If I think that another athlete is better at the event then I hope they win. But I always start off rooting for the Americans an the Italians.

08/05/12 8:31 pm

Wow, Cajun, you preach tolerance then tell me to move to France. Go buy a dictionary.

08/05/12 8:00 pm

Being British, I'm kind of obligated. Lol

robolds Initiative
08/05/12 7:58 pm

Actually, Freedom, Tolerance, Importance of the Individual, Supremacy of reason and Pride are what make America great. However, when it comes to the Olympics we cheer for our own. Not against them. Move to France if you want to cheer for the underdog!

08/05/12 7:34 pm

To all those talking s**t about those of us who answered yes, I say learn to think for yourselves. I am as proud of our athletes as you are, but sometimes I root for an underdog. Others may be rooting for someone from their homeland or who inspires them. Diversity is what makes America great!

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
08/05/12 7:20 pm

Mo Farah. He has always been my favorite athlete. I couldn't believe it when he won with Galen Rupp right behind him. It was the perfect race.

08/05/12 5:22 pm

Rooted for Tom Daley. I love him

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/05/12 5:21 pm

@ari: It's so sad what happened, I mean he's just a kid.

08/05/12 4:18 pm

Only Tom Daley. He's an inspiration.

08/05/12 12:54 pm she really hot?

FakeSound Arizona
08/05/12 10:49 am

Sammy... shut the fuck up.

This is coming from someone who has never rooted for an athlete competing against an American athlete. Not everyone was born here, boo-boo. And Democrats tend to be more culturally diverse than Republicans.

08/05/12 9:32 am

I want that South African runner with prothetic legs to win gold.

bcz13 Virginia
08/05/12 9:32 am

do u people realise its not about politics its about sports...u guys make me sick

burdman Nowhere
08/05/12 8:54 am

I rooted for Sun yesterday in the 1500m. For some unknown reason they told everyone to stand up instead of the starting buzzer and he jumped in. I thought it was unfair so I rooted for him and he beat his own WR by over three seconds.

08/05/12 8:39 am

Any team versus Men's basketball!!

08/05/12 7:57 am

I'll definitely be rooting for the Jamaicans on the track events.

08/05/12 7:49 am

Sometimes, yes. I am not only American. I am Italian, Swedish, and German.

raywygo Pittsburgh
08/05/12 7:21 am

Unless the USA person is losing horribly then yes

08/05/12 7:11 am

Yes I like to root for Andorra

weallhave1 Tennessee
08/05/12 5:37 am

Not surprised by the democrats. They already cheer against the USA. Every election.

08/05/12 3:47 am

The Argentinian basketball team when they won the gold medal. Manu Ginobli is one of my favorite players. And I'll be rooting for the double amputee from South Africa this year!