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Do you regularly watch your local TV news?

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thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 4:40 am

Usually cause I leave the tv on after other shows and the news just comes on.. I really hate the news though sometimes, 80% of the stories are tragic, kids dieing, people dieing, teachers arrested for inappropriate behavior with students... Depressing

02/19/12 9:42 am

We cancelled directv :) thank god though because im tired of listening to my dad screaming "LIES!!! BULLCRAP"

02/17/12 4:57 am

Local news is only fires, murders and car wrecks.

02/16/12 11:26 pm

Who Shot Boo? No I don't watch.

02/16/12 8:43 pm

fuck the news it's all over dramatized garbage that intended to bring fear into American homes

02/16/12 6:32 pm

How can anyone watch fox Noise? It's illegal in Canada for lying.

02/16/12 6:31 pm

boogereatr. How is something that has no emotion gay? Gay means you are attracted to the same sex not a negative term. It's horrible people use it that way.

02/16/12 2:59 pm


02/16/12 1:22 pm

local tv is so gay.... aaaaand the numbers are in... yep... gay.

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/16/12 12:11 pm

David00127 I have heard NPR, I do hear their news between programs I like. I completely disagree with you. They do not try to tell the whole story. And their non-news discussion programs are as far left as Glenn Beck is right.

david00127 Ohio
02/16/12 4:54 am

Also, NPR, since they are non-profit, will often avoid polarizing, over-negative reporting, and exaggeration, and instead try to tell the whole story.

david00127 Ohio
02/16/12 4:51 am

@2katz, I agree that NPR has some liberal bias, but what sets them apart is the fact that they do not enforce a liberal agenda, and whenever possible in reporting, they try to compensate for their bias.

snowg Tx
02/16/12 3:03 am

just for New Yorkers: no ny1?? really??

02/16/12 1:05 am

If i want totally unbiased, just feeds you the news and think for yourself then i turn to NPR.

02/16/12 1:04 am

No. But I watch both CNN and Fox News to be an impartial viewer.

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/15/12 11:09 pm

Rarely. Mostly check our 2 local papers online. For non-local, I check Drudge headlines, and flip around between the major news channels. Despite what people want to believe, Fox News usually has more complete info and panels of people arguing both sides of issues. Only thing I really ignore is PBS.

ksterk16 Oregon
02/15/12 10:11 pm

I would if they were not so bias and negative

dbrat East Coast
02/15/12 9:11 pm

I tape it n zip thru first 4 minutes, dislike a reporter and it's regurgitation but like to get the 'big' news

Quinnipiac Here
02/15/12 8:41 pm

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Quinnipiac Here
02/15/12 8:41 pm

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02/15/12 8:27 pm

No fixed noise for me, WGN every morning.

02/15/12 8:03 pm

Not that I don't obsessively keep up with current events, but local news just brings me down most of the time.

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
02/15/12 7:36 pm

Thank god they just started a BBC world news channel where i live.

02/15/12 7:29 pm

Never. They are worthless. Only watch FOX and CNN.

02/15/12 7:09 pm

watch? no, read on line yes. who has time for the commercials and stupid stories

catey Pennsylvania
02/15/12 6:59 pm

Newswatch 16 heck yeah! My patents started me on the habit. BREAKING NEWS: CAT STUCK IN TREE. Haha jk but it is a small station.

02/15/12 6:17 pm

I voted no, by the way. Not exactly clear in my last comment.

02/15/12 6:16 pm

only because I rarely watch tv

02/15/12 5:42 pm

I like fox but lately i just read it from thier app. Mainly because im a little tired of thier romney ass kissing

02/15/12 5:33 pm

Fox news!!! All the way!

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
02/15/12 4:55 pm

FOX Newschannel - fair, balanced, and unafraid!

Nerdz Texas
02/15/12 4:37 pm

news channels are occasionally

Nerdz Texas
02/15/12 4:37 pm

not any more but I used to watch every single episode of wizards of waverly place when I was younger

02/15/12 3:46 pm

local news is a load of garbage

Comet? Tennessee
02/15/12 3:46 pm

I am too busy to watch the local news cuz I am a full time college students. Even take care of my Christian children.

02/15/12 3:36 pm

I dont show them pics of my kids and i dont wanna see theirs. They dont have time to cover half the mews that actually did happen bevause they have to share thier latest post on thier "baby blog". And i dont care anout thier school projects either. GIVE ME THE NEWS!!!!

02/15/12 3:33 pm

With ohio you just have to be prepared for any and all weather showing up all in the same day. If you dont like the weather, just wait, itll change. No weather man necessary. Local news is crap though. The anchors act like the viewer give a rats ass about thier kids and husbands and stuff.

02/15/12 3:01 pm

I have the local stuff on in the mornings as background, while I check my emails (and SoH results overnight lol). It's also interesting to see how they guess the weather'll turn out. I joke that I want a job where I'M paid to be wrong...

DavesNotHere where am I
02/15/12 2:53 pm

If you want to be depressed, then watch your local news.

lindyj New Hampshire
02/15/12 2:42 pm

Surprising results. It's on while I'm getting ready for work every morning. A little local news and weather is important to know. Weather especially in winter in NE. School closings etc.

02/15/12 1:47 pm

I do, almost every day and I'm fiercely loyal to the local news on a particular channel.