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Have you ever dropped a friend (or been dropped) on a social media site due to political disagreement? (UQ)

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23 Texas
09/22/12 5:12 am

I only drop and block the moronic assholes, not the politically ardent. But believe me, I've thought about it. There's a fine line there anyway.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
09/21/12 7:13 am

A few of my friends resorted to name-calling and insults. I quickly established that they were not true friends, despite their being friends for nearly twenty years, and cut them off.

I avoid political discussions now. There's no point.

like_a_bos Florida
09/20/12 9:19 pm

pointless when ur still in grade skool

like_a_bos Florida
09/20/12 9:19 pm

pointless when ur still in grade skool

09/20/12 1:20 pm

Only when they used bigotry and hatefulness (I.e. used the "N" word) to make a point. I wouldn't be friends with someone like that IRL, so I certainly won't tolerate it on social networking sites.

09/20/12 12:11 pm

If rather read what the opposing view point is and engage in civilized debate than get a FarmVille request. Now THAT will get you deleted.

09/20/12 11:15 am

I never discuss politics on social media

09/20/12 4:11 am

No. Someone dropped a deuce, photographed it, and posted it on a social media site though.

09/19/12 8:39 pm

I've blocked people from my feed so I don't have to listen to them but not defriended anyone over it. They're entitled to their own opinions and I'm entitled to ignore them

09/19/12 7:08 pm

Never found it necessary to... However if you feel my news feed with non sense I'll just remove you from if we already weren't that close to begin with then I'll just un friend you.

09/19/12 5:39 pm

No I'm not republican why would I do that

09/19/12 10:14 am

Both online and in real life. I'm one of the only republicans in the county I live in, so I try to keep away from politics, but you know liberals, always have to say something so stupid it's hard to contain your self.

09/19/12 12:23 am

Wittmeister: I hear you on that one! They are huge hypocrites.

sara VA
09/18/12 9:13 pm

For months, I wanted to join my university's LGBT groups but avoided doing so because I had several anti-gay family friends on FB. Finally, I just deleted them. If I can't join the SOCIAL groups I want to, there's no point to being on SOCIAL networks. I don't consider this political though.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
09/18/12 8:53 pm

This user is currently being ignored

because South Dakota
09/18/12 8:13 pm

I've never been to a social media site. (or is SOH a social media site?)

opie123 Washington
09/18/12 7:34 pm

I did because their views were SO extremely narrow minded that I doubt she could she her own nose.

MPL09 Ohio
09/18/12 7:15 pm

oh damn, unfollowed i mean, and my

MPL09 Ohio
09/18/12 7:14 pm

I almost unfallowed this kid last night because he was bad mouthing Romney (which is fine, i guess) in such an ignorant way i wanted to pull ,y hair out

silentkc Newport News, va
09/18/12 5:18 pm

Yes, because they were even too republican for me.... A republican....

09/18/12 5:16 pm

Sure have!! And I'm about to drop another. It's not that we disagree, it's that what they post is ignorant and obnoxious.

09/18/12 5:08 pm

I dropped friends who got raunchy and posting raunchy photos on FB. Oh, they are public school teachers. Very unprofessional!

09/18/12 4:36 pm

Unfortunately, in real life. He had a problem with right-wings. So did the whole room.

BriD Illinois
09/18/12 4:26 pm

Social media? Seriously...? !

nogoodname League City
09/18/12 3:33 pm

Two conservatives dropped me. Not a big loss we didn't talk much. But it was odd. I don't talk politics or post hundreds of political things online. I just said I supported Obama.

Itabliss Hello
09/18/12 2:24 pm

yes, there was this girl I went to HS with, she was doing BIG things with her life, what with her tarot reading hotline and all. once, there was a political disagreement and she unfriended me only because I didn't agree with her. I actually remained calm, but rational thought isn't her thing... So..

09/18/12 1:55 pm

My friends already know I am a political super freak.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/18/12 1:45 pm

@ tex I went through the same garbage because I'm proud of my gay son. Sigh, not to start another tirade, but the Christ never said anything anti gay. My accepting stance has cost me but I hold to my values and basic civil rights.

09/18/12 1:34 pm

No, I don't spend enough time on social network sites for it to matter. Also I'm 15 me and my friends don't typically talk for too long on the subject of politics.

09/18/12 12:48 pm

Just last week a liberal unfriended me for spreading lies about Obama, the messiah. Even though I sent him fact check and Snopes info, he wasn't buying it... Typical California liberal!

09/18/12 12:45 pm

Yup two haters of the far right variety dropped me. One made me sad. The other didn't matter to me. One denigrated me for loving my gay daughter. I'm proud to be shunned by someone like that.

wittmeister Florida
09/18/12 12:17 pm

Yes, several tolerant liberals have removed me.

not_even Boston, MA
09/18/12 12:13 pm

@truth1: most people who use computers are part of a social network. It's very common, and you're also forgetting the under 21 category. thanks & have a good day.

not_even Boston, MA
09/18/12 12:11 pm

No but I might soon. Political differences don't bother me, it's when people get too extreme with their argument.

09/18/12 11:23 am

Not because I disagreed with their actual content, but I have unfriended people whose tone was unbearable. Whew--some people should NOT let themselves get on Facebook!

truth1 Florida
09/18/12 10:38 am

People still join social networks? LOL...grow up ppl

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
09/18/12 10:20 am

I'm about to dump another one because all she posts is Romney stuff. I don't care if you post a FEW political posts, but be open minded about it and don't inundate me with them. And that goes for BOTH sides of the fence. cuz I HATE closeminded people

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
09/18/12 10:10 am

I got defriended by one girl who was liberal because I called hercloseminded, she would berate people who disagreed with her..

dreamitliveit IDLH
09/18/12 10:07 am

I keep friends who post political & religious stuff, whether we agree or not.

If someone wants to be removed from my friends list, all they have to do is post a few updates and/or photos about their kid's bodily functions!!

lmurder MDK
09/18/12 9:41 am

Oh instead of a welcome back on my wall like most did, she said "how many innocent citizens did you kill."
Like wtf betch. I'll kill you for being a crazy leftist who lets her mouth fly at inappropriate times.

lmurder MDK
09/18/12 9:29 am

Yes. I mentioned something about public schools and a friend went off on me.
She's a liberal pot smoking Portlander dyke...go figure.

09/18/12 9:04 am

I haven't dropped anyone for political reasons and wouldn't know if they dropped me since Facebook doesn't give notice.

09/18/12 7:46 am

Liberals are some of the most tolerant, accepting, and understanding people you will ever meet... until you begin disagreeing with one. Then they'll shut you @8

09/18/12 7:36 am

If I ever showed my true political beliefs, everybody would unfriend me, because I don't agree with either side completely

2katz I live in Nebraska
09/18/12 7:24 am

Was dropped after making 2 polite but disagreeing responses to a political discussion. The guy who unFriended me had been a friendly family friend for several years. I didn't even know he was a Democrat until this.

kitten2cat Unknown
09/18/12 7:23 am

Completely stereotyping and disrespecting.

kitten2cat Unknown
09/18/12 7:19 am

I was once defriended because I stood up for other cultures that that person was