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Did you have your own bedroom during most of your childhood, or share a bedroom?

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frznfldn Minnesota
10/05/11 10:59 am

my brother and I each had our own room. Most times I'd sleep in his room in the top bunk of his bunk bed b/c I was scared of the dark.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/04/11 12:11 am

3 bedrooms, 5 people. Youngest two share a room. Shared with my sis until my oldest sis moved out. When she moved back in, my daddy built her her own room so we could all have our own rooms.

catan New Jersey
10/03/11 9:18 pm

Damjulmom. Are you five years old ?!?

10/02/11 8:59 pm

When I was younger I shared a room with my older sister. It was alright until she ticked me off and I popped her Barbie doll's heads off! Now I have my own room!

jessicaaaa New Jersey
09/29/11 10:21 pm

im 21 and still share a room with my 17 yr old sister, ive never had my own room

09/25/11 9:45 am


09/22/11 6:53 pm

Surprise- being an only child or one of two and different sexes makes you a spoiled brat?

09/22/11 4:05 pm

Yes- my house has 5 bedrooms so me and my 3 sisters get our own room .

liz1149 Florida
09/22/11 2:08 pm

Im the oldest, so I always had my own room.

osahar Ohio
09/22/11 1:08 pm

Had to share a room with at least one of my four siblings until I moved out at 18. Then I had an entire house to myself :)

09/21/11 4:57 pm

Had to share with my sister and brother since we lived in a 2 bedroom house.

09/21/11 2:59 pm

I always had my own room, but chose to stay in the living room more so. Now that I have to sleep in the living room I just wish I had my room back. ):

09/21/11 10:00 am

wow! lots of lucky ppl out there! I had to share with my brother and sister until we were prettens and then I shared with my sister the rest of the time I was home

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
09/21/11 8:47 am

Shared with brother usually. Sister had her own small room. Money was so short, some winters the whole family slept in the living room near the wood burning stove. Shut the rest of the house off to save on utilities. Lots of medical bills back then, so my folks did what they could.

notyourmom Michigan
09/20/11 11:44 pm

shared for half until middle school I didn't realize how many didn't have to share

sgeisler18 Illinois
09/20/11 10:10 pm

Ah, the benefit of being the only child!

09/20/11 10:06 pm

Well my older sibling is 8 years older than I am, so yeah.

09/20/11 9:47 pm

shared a room with my little sister. laugh out loud just recalling the antics.

09/20/11 7:44 pm

I'm the only girl in my family, with two younger brothers, so I have always had my own room.

MonAmour Illinois
09/20/11 7:38 pm

I shared until I was about 12, now my sister and I have our own rooms.

09/20/11 6:15 pm

I have a twin brother, and back then we were best buds, so yes we shared a bedroom. But we each had our own bed.

09/20/11 1:00 pm

all of you turned 18 at the same time?

09/20/11 12:33 pm

I shared my bedroom with my 2 sisters until we turned 18. :)

jakersw22 Michigan
09/20/11 11:52 am

One of the many benefits of being an only child.

09/20/11 10:00 am

I shared until I was in 6th grade then we moved and I got my own

09/20/11 9:14 am

with nine kids there was no way any of us would get our own rooms but I loved it.

Feerzz Missouri
09/20/11 7:38 am

I am an only child so I get it all;)

jenniferbuh IL
09/20/11 7:19 am

I currently share a room with my sister. :(

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/20/11 6:28 am

@danjulmom... Your sister can't be that terrible,what did she do to deserve it.Did she kill your favorite pet or something,redicilous. Get to together.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/20/11 6:23 am

Look at the age chart 40 and over had to share rooms b/c houses where smaller then 2br instead inste of 4 or 5 like now.

Chief62 Ohio
09/20/11 6:19 am

I'm amazed at the number that had their own. I had to share with 2 siblings. Jealous.

dancer3 Pennsylvania
09/20/11 6:18 am

I only have a brother, and I'm a girl, so obviously I had my own.

09/20/11 6:00 am

Check out income charts. The current rich had to share more than the current poor. Does that mean the grew up in a poor family?

09/20/11 5:28 am

I was a late-life baby and was the only kid at home by the time I was born. I have three kids and when we bought our current home we made sure everyone had their own room. My two oldest wanted no part of separate rooms and still share today. I scored a nice office! 

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
09/20/11 2:38 am

Always had my own room even though I have a younger sister and brother, they are a year apart so they wanted to share. Yea for me!

daggomit Mississippi
09/20/11 2:36 am

Loved sharing a room w/ my little brother. Were both grown and can make each other laugh till we cry every time were together

Peaceful Minnesota
09/20/11 1:53 am

I had to share for a short time w/ my evil, vile, repugnant, toxic, poisonous sister. Now we don't do anything together ever. I don't plan to ever see her or talk to her ever again. She did me very wrong & keeps trying to get back into my life. Maybe someday at a funeral of a fam member. I'm serious

09/20/11 1:06 am

Only girl in the family here, so I had my own bedroom. My five brothers shared rooms.

JGold Richmond, KY
09/20/11 12:13 am

I like the difference in the age groups on this one. Looks like kids nowadays are sharing rooms less.

I shared a room with all three of my brothers at one point. And didn't have my own until I was almost 16.

Not saying either way is better, just saying.

09/20/11 12:11 am

shared with bro until he hit puberty...he demanded his own room. at the time, I didn't know why....

09/19/11 11:29 pm

I was only only child until I was 7 and shared until then. Almost 3 years ago, I got my own room.

09/19/11 10:42 pm

I had a brother so... We had our own rooms from the start.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
09/19/11 10:38 pm

@Jeremy: I am not sure how that would happen but I have seen it on plenty of other questions that had nothing to do with politics so get ready I guess.

I was an only child so I kinda got my own room by default.

alizesmom Pennsylvania
09/19/11 10:28 pm

bedroom? I had to share a bed. My sister and I had a ball.

09/19/11 10:23 pm

Only child here so I only shared with the cats.