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In "Freakonomics," the authors argue that the primary cause of reduced crime rates in the 90's was the legalization of abortion 20 years earlier, i.e. lots of unwanted babies, unless aborted, grow to become criminals. Agree?

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10/22/11 2:29 pm

Flanders- as soon as you can tell me why my argument is bad I'll tell you when I started going to church (hint: it wasn't 2)

kandykane California
10/22/11 11:22 am

Flanders- stop picking on rosebud. As far as I can see, you do not have a very solid argument. Rosebud has several valid points.

10/22/11 9:10 am

Rosebud, how long have you been going to church? You are obviously a religious extremist. You won't ans the ques b/c youve probably been indoctrinated since u were 2. I pity u that u were never able to think for yourself. You have been force fed a belief, it's too bad.. Just another koolaid drinker

kilinfreak Oregon
10/21/11 7:25 pm

@rosebud duh that's a valid point... He just doesn't want to admit it!

10/21/11 6:45 pm

So the fact that when a pregnant woman is murdered it's 2 counts of murder isn't a valid point towards abortion being murder?

10/20/11 5:11 pm

Valid point & religious extreme are not the same thing. So when did u start bible school? You avoiding my ques because u will prove my point?

10/20/11 1:34 pm

Flanders- I'm not brainwashed. What makes you think I am? Because I brought up a valid point to which you have no response?

10/20/11 11:48 am

And what age did the church start brainwashing u rosebud? Guarantee Sunday school indoctrination started early.

zello Pennsylvania
10/20/11 4:42 am

Abortion shood be illegal. Ur Killing a Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except for emergency purposes

10/20/11 3:49 am

Flanders- I don't though. It's murder.
After all, even if you don't think so, murder of a pregnant woman gets 2 counts.

10/19/11 3:16 pm

That's her choice and I respect it, just as u should respect someone who..especially in that situation chose to have an abortion.

10/19/11 12:19 pm

Flanders- how about the pregnant by rape at 14 is my friend?
She kept the baby. She didn't have an abortion. It wasn't the baby's fault he raped her. So why should the baby suffer?
The man who did it is who should.

10/17/11 7:36 pm

You were brainwashed by your parents and organized religion. I pity u, that u never got to think for yourself or make ur own decision. Your just another kook-aid drinker

kilinfreak Oregon
10/17/11 6:06 pm

Brainwashed?! This is my religion I took Jesus into my heart when I was three! Besides I don't see how that has anything to do with abortions, really it's the person, not the religion.

10/17/11 7:15 am

Killinfreak, so when did u start bible school, sounds like u have been brainwashed from a pretty young age

kilinfreak Oregon
10/16/11 1:43 pm

I'm not saying she can't have an abortion, I'm saying that it'd be better not to have an abortion because then she wouldn't be murdering an innocent baby.

10/16/11 1:19 pm

Killin freak, if u think that a woman who has been raped is not entitled to an abortion then I have nothing left to say to u, enjoy your ivory tower.

Muldoon Virginia
10/15/11 8:16 pm

pro-choice is not the same as pro-abortion

kilinfreak Oregon
10/15/11 4:49 pm

Besides it's not the child that has done you wrong, it's the person. If you don't want to live with the child GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION, don't abort it.

kilinfreak Oregon
10/15/11 3:41 pm

Why have you gone through this before?
A person is a person, give the poor child up for adoption rather than killing it.
My mother actually did have an unexpected child in high school and she didn't abort her. She gave her for adoption. Because my mom chose not to abort her she's alive.

10/15/11 3:02 pm

Easy to say now , let me know how u feel when it's your mom, sister or daughter

kilinfreak Oregon
10/15/11 2:21 pm

@Flanders although the baby wasn't theirs by choice, its still a baby and that would still be murder.

10/15/11 8:55 am

So u think someone who was raped should not be able to get an abortion?

10/15/11 12:50 am

Mr. Atheist- that's like saying if you're against brutal murder, don't get murdered. Or if you're against grand theft auto, don't steal a car.
It's wrong wether or not it involves you. You shouldn't just turn a blind eye to something "because you didn't do it".

10/15/11 12:49 am

Flanders- idiots? Excuse me? How about people who use it responsibly, and it fails. Or those who were raped. Or those who's doctors don't tell them their prescriptions null one another. Pregnancy isn't caused by idiocy. It's caused by SEX. So if someone has sex or values life, this matters.

10/14/11 11:22 am

Peckerwood, not quite most responsible adults plan their pregnancies, they don't take a side because it doesn't apply to them. This is really a problem for idiots that don't use birth control responsibly.

10/14/11 8:07 am

All you pro-choice people need to remember one thing: your mama was pro-life.

10/14/11 8:06 am

A fetus not a human being? So after 9 months of growing, what exactly is the scientific term for what pops out?

kilinfreak Oregon
10/14/11 1:23 am

@flanders what is it with you and calling people religious nuts? 

kilinfreak Oregon
10/14/11 1:19 am

@mr.atheist come on, give her a rest, she's not the only one who's against abortion, I am too.
Why weren't you nagging on me too?
We feel that abortions are wrong because we believe that once an egg is fertile it's a developing baby, now we'll believe what we want and you believe what you want.

nice_atheist Connecticut
10/13/11 10:27 pm

And by the way, if you are so against abortion, then don't get one.

nice_atheist Connecticut
10/13/11 10:25 pm

@ rosebud- Before it us born, it is technically a parasitic organism.

kilinfreak Oregon
10/13/11 9:35 pm

@falanders so... You're saying if i tell you a few of the ten commandments like "do not murder" you'll call me a nut? Hmm...

10/13/11 6:22 pm

Rosebud - When u want to impose your beliefs on others is when u cross the sanity line & I consider u a nut, u fit the bill.

10/13/11 3:39 pm

Flanders- Ohio is awesome. I love it here. Thats why we didn't move. It's also nice that when I tell the truth people don't jump to the conclusion I'm a religious nut.

10/13/11 6:40 am

Rosebud, thanks again for the religious nuts point of view. Ohio must be awesome!

10/13/11 4:05 am

Thank you killinfreak. There's actually a group trying to get it on the ballot in states that life is defined as starting conception.
And Samuel, why exactly isn't an unborn baby considered human? It's not bacteria, a virus, wart, mango or elephant... What is it? Scientifically speaking.

kilinfreak Oregon
10/13/11 12:37 am

@rosebud so true, once a baby is developing I personally consider it to be a human, which is why I'm against abortions.

KudosToYou California
10/13/11 12:09 am

Scientifically speaking, a fetus is not a human being. The support provided in a child's life is crucial to their development. That's not to say that all unwanted children grow up to be criminals or unbalanced in some way, but there is a strong argument for nurture in the development of humans.

10/12/11 11:20 pm

Flanders- when it's my body, yes. But, a baby is NOT an extension of the woman. It's another human being.

vanguarde Kennesaw, GA
10/12/11 9:54 pm

I literally read that chapter today!

10/12/11 7:30 pm

Rosebud, your body your decision, u should extend that to others

10/12/11 6:02 pm

It is human when it is conscious, otherwise it is a simple biological machine. This is not to say that unconscious people aren't human- they still have brain activity. When electrical charge is in the brain, it is a human life.

10/12/11 1:53 pm

And Flanders, entitlement programs do need limited. Look at WIC. it's the best one out there, and only certain foods can be bought and it's only pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children under 5. It's meant as a helping hand, not life support.

10/12/11 1:51 pm

Flanders- murder is illegal. Should we legalize that for smaller government? No. Same with abortion.
And saying my baby is alive - yes BABY- when I can feel her kick, or she has a heartbeat, is not a religious nut point of view. It's actually scientifically plausible.

10/12/11 11:36 am

I'm a republican and that's the hypocrisy of it ...they want abortion made illegal and at the same time want to drastically reduce the entitlement programs these forced families would inevitably become reliant on! Together those agendas don't work!

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
10/12/11 9:39 am

I am against abortion. it should be illegal in this country. however, a whole lot of future democrats have been eliminated because of it, so...I'm not quite sure.

10/12/11 7:29 am

Thinker, thanks for the religious nut point of view...this is not the question under discussion

10/12/11 5:01 am

At no other point except conception can life be defined. A fetus before it's viable outside its mother is clearly alive. (20 weeks or so). The mother can feel it moving, but pro-choice people say it's not human. So when does life begin? At conception. Incomprehensible to me to think otherwise.