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Show Of Hands January 12th, 2013 12:00am

Should people have to pass exams and be licensed as professionals before they can run for elected office?

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TideGal CFL
01/17/13 5:50 pm

Yes, they are so many stupid people in Washington!

01/16/13 6:01 pm

if they had this obama would fail

zigtiger823 everywhere
01/16/13 3:10 pm

If not we could end up with honey boo boo in office. God help us

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/15/13 7:43 pm

Fast & Furious,Benghazi,Solyndra, AAA downgrade,Did nothing on Oil Spill Disaster for 30 days,6.5 tril new debt, unaffordable health care,blames Bush and everyone else for his failures but takes credit if its good, more lavish vacations than any other pres, no spending cuts, what else can we ask for

ScrewU Gone
01/15/13 6:43 am

I have a degree in political science too!

satiricalnick meh
01/14/13 7:16 pm


01/14/13 5:06 pm

Last time I was here there were not a thread to follow, at least I didn't see it.

seandolan93 Cascadia
01/14/13 2:43 pm

Our founders envisioned a citizen's legislature, not the career professional job it has become. You serve your country for a few years and you go back to whatever it is you do. Don't proffesionalize office anymore than it is.

cowboy Dog Father
01/14/13 12:10 pm

Nice to see you tcat.

cowboy Dog Father
01/14/13 11:58 am

At least I'm smarter than the President. I know how many States there are and that Hawaii, Obama's home state is, in fact, not in Asia.

cowboy Dog Father
01/14/13 11:55 am

Arne Duncan has a degree in political science. Anyone know what he does? He is Obama's pick for the US Department of Education.

01/14/13 9:23 am

As is the income filter. I would have thought Republicans would be on board with this one.

satiricalnick meh
01/14/13 12:22 am


01/13/13 11:02 pm

You're saying there isn't any right now? Lol

01/13/13 9:26 pm

Just think, to be elected to a School Board seat, you don't even have to have a high school diploma. You don't even have to finish high school.

01/13/13 6:27 pm

The gov't needs to invest when private investment drops, such as after the financial crisis. Unfortunately our fiscal situation was already a mess, but we could and did take on more debt. Yes, at some point the government needs to balance out, but I believe now is not the time for drastic cuts.

ScrewU Gone
01/13/13 4:18 pm

We have a LOT of idiots and criminals in office.

If my plumber needs a license to fix my sink, a politician should be made to show proficiency in their job as well.

RayX quit
01/13/13 3:21 pm

Taxes reduce capital investments and therefore reduce jobs.
The interest on the debt is money not spent on safety nets.
You should consider joining the TEA party.

01/13/13 2:57 pm

Absolutely not. The people get the government they deserve. WE have to become better informed, especially on local and state elections.

01/13/13 2:53 pm

Cowboy is who he is.

01/13/13 2:45 pm

Just imagine the corruption.

MPL09 Ohio
01/13/13 1:32 pm

Is Cowboy trying to troll people or is he really that unintelligent?

MPL09 Ohio
01/13/13 1:31 pm

You thought i was proposing that we actually go back to WMPO being the only ones to vote? I was saying that if we did have the tests,it would take us back to a time in our country when we had a small group of people able to be a part of the government.

Justin-Hale The A
01/13/13 1:12 pm

@aria25...indeed. But mitt Romney is a joke and we still had to choose the better option, as sad as that is...but let's not pretend we had a better choice

cowboy Dog Father
01/13/13 11:59 am

Like saying I've been in 57 States with one to go? Or using Marx's philosophy of "pay your fair share"? Who was that again?

leary Dulag Luft
01/13/13 11:11 am

First it would stop dems from running, then it would stop repubs.

I'm getting real tired of the effing spellcheck.

lmckay Virginia
01/13/13 11:06 am

i don't think it would be needed. if this person isn't very bright then he will show it during the election

leary Dulag Luft
01/13/13 11:03 am

I'd rather test them on a camp fire.

leary Dulag Luft
01/13/13 11:02 am

Veritas. Nothing you said about O is true.

leary Dulag Luft
01/13/13 11:00 am

Do we amend for term limits? We have a two term limit and the county still lost (as in can't find) a million bucks. We just get different dopes every few years. I'd like to figure out how to make them responsible for their decisions.

Supremacyst Utopia
01/13/13 7:59 am

I think that it should not be a prerequisite, but a basic competency and understanding of economics and government AFTER they have been chosen for a position. That would hopefully keep it from obstructing the voting system and allow non-career politicians to be elected.

werpinator Brookings, SD
01/13/13 7:53 am

People who believe in freedom. Restrictions like this are the kind of things tyrants love.

satiricalnick meh
01/13/13 7:51 am

If this were the case the USA wouldnt be a democracy, it would be much more like the oligarchy that Plato imagined.

rons Thanks America
01/13/13 7:38 am

Voters need an exam

01/13/13 7:34 am

Didn't work for the Koch brothers and Romney.

evoecon nearest binary system
01/13/13 7:19 am

Sorry, this is so dumbfounding for you. The House, especially, is designed for the common man to represent himself. Testing would prevent this. Based on the current Politicians, I would rather have some of these 80 years olds, with only a six grade education, in Congress.

01/13/13 6:02 am

That would require educated voters. All we have are democrats and republican who vote for who/what democrats and republicans are told to vote for.

01/13/13 6:00 am

They could just pay for a good score anyway. Lol.

01/13/13 5:47 am

Put the teenagers in charge...while they still know everything.

SouthernG Man Cave
01/13/13 12:24 am

Those in charge are lawyers, doctors and puppets for special interest.

chile safer than congress
01/12/13 11:33 pm

Lets keep it the way it is now where money buys enough advertising to convince a majority vote. Why should we care about someone being competent?

b3tsy Missouri
01/12/13 11:21 pm

they are elected officials. if we want smart people in office, vote for the smart people. we get what we vote for. we are supposed vet the candidates before we vote. this is part of the responsibility of freedom. but i know that responsibility is actually a four letter word now-a-days...

mercc63girl colorado
01/12/13 10:43 pm

Only regulated by citizen elected people, not members of the government

01/12/13 9:54 pm

Mark Pryor is a idiot. I mean have you ever seen religuous? YES you should have to past a test!!! Someone with that kind of power... Who are running our country should come equipped with intelligence, empathy, and compassion. I'm sure they'd find some way to cheat them too though.

RayX quit
01/12/13 9:51 pm

A problem well defined is half solved.
You think the problem is jobs and safety net for the needy.
You don't see any problem with spending $4 trillion and collecting $2.3 trillion.
How do you think overspending, large debt and high interest cost help jobs or safety net?

wears Tennessee
01/12/13 9:39 pm

Not at all...we just need term limits

LetsGetDeep Florida
01/12/13 9:28 pm

I'm completely dumbfounded. So we require doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, etc, etc, etc to prove their competence with a multitude of tests and certifications but anyone who can talk should run our country??

monkeyballs Cuba City
01/12/13 9:15 pm

Who the fuck says no to this shit? Lets quit getting retards in there and let the puppet masters run themselves.

01/12/13 9:11 pm

Well, us extremes would rather talk about what we think is the real problem, which is lack of jobs and the weakening of our social safety net, not the deficit which we do not see as the immediate problem. Otherwise we are fine with the Tea party cannibalizing the Republican Party.