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Show Of Hands January 11th, 2013 12:00am

When washing your hair, do you face the shower-head or turn you back to it?

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01/14/13 9:25 am

I'm bald, so naturally this question was quite difficult.

01/13/13 9:14 pm

We are the 35%.

01/13/13 5:19 pm

Yeah I'm a girl with long hair. It's hard to face it. Lot easier to just look aeat

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/12/13 11:44 pm

Sometimes, I like a good soak before showering. Aaa we take our running hot water for granted.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/12/13 11:39 pm

Both. I like to wash the back, front and sides.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/12/13 11:37 pm

Psyco ee, ee, ee, ee, ee, ee, ee...

rodin South Dakota
01/12/13 11:03 pm

we have 2 shower heads so I guess I'm doing both

hmh461 tn
01/12/13 6:46 pm

Face away, also keep eyes open when washing & rinsing hair. Nothing like facing the shower head or rinsing your hair out and a axe murderer is there when you turn around/open your eyes!

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
01/12/13 4:49 pm

Lol never thought about this.

lmurder MDK
01/12/13 4:05 pm

Great poll question tony! Thanks for splitting these up by age groups...

EarlyBird Portland
01/12/13 11:57 am

I shampoo, face away.
Rinse, face away.
Shave legs, face away.

cowboy Dog Father
01/12/13 10:24 am

I have to face it. I'm too tall to bend my back that far.

01/12/13 7:58 am

Both, I face the shower head while lathering and turn away from it when rinsing.

Melon No Ducklips
01/12/13 7:39 am

Have to face it. Too damn tall to bend over backwards to wash and rinse.

gnott15 22401
01/12/13 7:39 am

I do both

01/12/13 7:29 am

Probably both but mostly front because the shower head is down so low. I would have to do some limbo stunt if I did all facing out.

01/12/13 7:09 am

What hair?

yepnope Maryland
01/12/13 7:00 am

You keep asking this and it's starting to creep me out!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/12/13 6:48 am

I think he's running threw a bunch of questions each year to see if anything's changed.

01/12/13 6:18 am

We had our 6'4" nephew stand in the tub for placement. None of my 6'8" nephews live close. We'll be putting an adjustable bar style in the second bath, just for me. It'll be worth the extra cost, I can get the step ladder out of the bath & keep in kitchen.

rlajr Chattanooga
01/12/13 6:14 am

I spin around in the shower a lot, so I do both. I don't feel like my hair is rinsed well enough unless I'm extremely dizzy.

01/12/13 6:09 am

Wish I could reach the shower head to adjust it for being short.

01/12/13 5:57 am

Old question. Asked and answered

01/12/13 5:53 am

Depends if the hair is short or long. If long, easier to face away. May explain the long-haired Dem stat.

jmw7477 Indiana
01/12/13 5:18 am

I do all of my washing standing sideways.

satiricalnick meh
01/12/13 4:49 am

The robust republicans vs the wimpy democrats.

OhNo Thornton, Colorado
01/12/13 3:00 am

When they say washing do they mean when your putting the shampoo in your hair or when you're rising it out? Cause I face the shower head when using shampoo, but I face away when rise it out.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/12/13 2:04 am

I can't see if I face it - water in my face. If I rinsed facing it, I'd get shampoo in my face top.

zedd Desert Dweller
01/12/13 1:45 am

Facing it while washing my hair, but I step back from the spray. I rinse with my back to it.

gademchick Georgia
01/12/13 1:24 am

Face it while washing my hair then away to rinse. I have very long hair so I don't want the water rinsing the shampoo out until I've gotten it everywhere.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/12/13 1:04 am

look at you thinking outside the box ~_~

01/12/13 12:39 am

I face it and close my eyes.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
01/12/13 12:19 am

I have long hair and can't get all the soap out if I'm facing it.

DrReid Ever present.
01/12/13 12:06 am

I actually stand sideways next to it.

01/11/13 11:55 pm

I've always faced it, never once thought it was unusual until today. I like the warm water on my face.

ttchickie Nashville, TN
01/11/13 11:54 pm

Definitely away...more hair on the back of my head than in front :-).

EarlyBird Portland
01/11/13 11:32 pm

Phle - my ex husband is 6'8 too. I'm very familiar with how hard it is for you to shower, and feel for you.
When my ex rinsed his hair, he would do the limbo thing which wasn't fun, at all.

01/11/13 11:24 pm

I have to face it, im too tall for my shower head. If i dont face it, im doing this weird pose where i have to bend my knees and lean backward...

01/11/13 11:18 pm

I always face my nemesis. For that is the only way to become stronger and eventually defeat it.

Rosebud Ohio
01/11/13 11:06 pm

Face away. I have nearly waist length hair, and I'm tall so that equates to about 32 inches as of 3 months ago.... Though if the shower head is too short, I face it because it doesn't just my neck or knees to contort low enough and long enough to wash it twice and then condition.

dawl adulting
01/11/13 11:04 pm

Who knew falling asleep while reading how others shower is how Friday night would go lol. Love SOH good night !