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Have you ever forged another person's signature on a legal document?

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05/12/12 5:34 pm

Not a legal document, but a school project, yes.

KellyJean Massachusetts
05/10/12 8:31 pm

@Pinky...TY TY TY...! and so i stick to my answer "No." Haha

05/10/12 7:54 am

Yes. On a title to a boat that a friend gave me as a gift but forgot to sign before he left the state. I had his permission of course.

rtwilly16 New Jersey
05/09/12 7:44 pm

Legal documents, no. Other documents, yes.

05/09/12 6:51 pm

Do receipts count? Sometimes I buy my grandma's groceries but she gives me her card to do it.

iyfyuk Massachusetts
05/09/12 3:27 pm

on my freshman high school classes cause I forgot for my partents to sign

05/09/12 1:43 pm

@teastorey: There is a bigger difference between men and women than republicans and democrats, and I would consider both to be within experimental error. This is not a political issue.

05/09/12 11:55 am

Democrats commit more forgery.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/09/12 3:53 am

@chipmonk, why dont you just sigh your own? Thats what I do, hahah is that bad?

05/08/12 3:48 pm

Whenever somebody asks me to pay with their credit card if the item is over $50 I have to sign their name. The practice is so common I never even give it a second thought.

05/08/12 5:12 am

I've signed my husbands name to things. and he has done the same.

Nerdz Texas
05/07/12 8:32 pm

not that serious, but when I was in elementary I forged my mothers signature when I forgot to show her my homework grades, and that prevented me from getting a 0 :)

l0veSp0tt Wisconsin
05/07/12 8:18 pm

not a legal document, but definetly to get out of things or for school or something like that

canesfan Miami, FL
05/07/12 7:31 pm

not a legal document but i signed field trip permission slips for school all the time

05/07/12 6:52 pm

yes with their knowledge and permission

yesmaam socal
05/07/12 5:20 pm

Yeah with their permission so the people wouldn't be bothered

05/07/12 4:57 pm

not as an adult, but as a kid each week my mom would pick up my dads paycheck and i would sign it so we didnt have to bother him.

pauldabb Tallahassee
05/07/12 4:32 pm

I have not had a teacher or parent sign a permission slip since the 3rd grade

05/07/12 4:23 pm

yes, but it's not forgery when you are authorized.

Itabliss Hello
05/07/12 4:21 pm

I used to sign my mom's name to her checks all the time (this was before debit cards and readily available ATM's). it was always with her permission though.

TheWooten Oregon
05/07/12 4:19 pm

Legal document: no
School document: yes

disappoint Minneapolis
05/07/12 3:38 pm

All you yes voters: fraud and fines; all of you.

05/07/12 2:37 pm

I can't believe that is even a question. But I am in more disbelief that people have actually done this!

05/07/12 1:18 pm

Not a legal document, but once in 4th grade.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
05/07/12 12:49 pm

Only thing I've forged were class syllabi in junior high and high school because no one cares what your grading scale is or what your class policies are.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
05/07/12 12:49 pm

@stephr2004: it's still forgery, even with permission by legal standards, considering there's no way to prove you had their permission.

05/07/12 12:30 pm

Do signing legal papers for stocks or Roth IRAs count? my dad writes the note then he'd have me sign my sister's or niece's names. yeah, ok dad, that'll fool them lol

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/07/12 11:38 am

@monkeys131 if you deposited it to a teller, than I guess so, but if you deposited to an ATM, so what? You can literally sign a check Mickey Mouse and the machine will take it. Why? Because it looks at something else more computer friendly.

lmurder MDK
05/07/12 11:29 am

Yeah yeah. Like no one has signed a check that someone forgot to for them. Too many liars in our world.

05/07/12 11:12 am

~28% of you don't know what the fuck forgery is. Stupid people clinging to their grade school understanding of the word.

05/07/12 10:52 am

Oh ok nm no I haven't then

05/07/12 9:57 am

If you have permission it's not forgery.

05/07/12 9:57 am

My parents and my husband. Sometimes it's good to be artistic. Haha.

05/07/12 9:52 am

my dad name once only because he was having eye problems and when I was in high school I did once

05/07/12 9:33 am

Unfortunately it's a common practice at my old job.

05/07/12 9:29 am

For school forms, not legal stuff

05/07/12 9:20 am

I have signed my moms name a ton of time and just forged my grandmas on the paperwork for my car since I didn't have the time to send it back just to get it signed lol

05/07/12 8:48 am

I first said no but then changed to yes. I sign my husband's name all the time.

anonymom Virginia
05/07/12 8:27 am

Technically, yes. My husband forgot to sign a page of a contract and asked me over the phone if I'd do it. He's had to do the same for me.

05/07/12 8:26 am

Yea ive deposited my best friends check into the bank a few times (I do her sig very well)

05/07/12 8:23 am

North Dakota: land of the con artists.