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Show Of Hands February 1st, 2012 12:00am

State budget cuts: cut prison funding and release criminals sooner, or cut school funding and increase class sizes?

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Tobi Ohio
02/11/12 7:40 am

This is the problem with republicans.

02/08/12 7:49 am

Decriminalize marijuana. Problem solved.

02/07/12 7:45 pm

Release minor law offenders

keekee Delaware
02/06/12 7:26 pm

Legalize fucking marajuana and there wouldn't be so many criminals to release!

02/06/12 8:10 am

Neither! Take money from athletes! From rich fucks who make billions!

02/05/12 8:45 pm

There are way too many non-violent people incarcerated and we should not cut in education. Our children are the future!

dlyliny1 New York
02/05/12 9:14 am

Putting pot users in same category as junkies is ludicrous! Reason 587 to hate pols!!

dlyliny1 New York
02/05/12 9:14 am

frequency as they/others drink booze (w/ amt of both varying by indiv, of course). They're responsible: don't DUI, use b4 work, etc. so why's pot illegal?! BC of paranoid, knee-jerk morons & their "public reps"! Addicts r addicts, whether to pot, booze, heroin, coke, shopping, gambling or religion!

dlyliny1 New York
02/05/12 9:13 am

Tho I said b4 that I'm against releasing "criminals", I shd have added "dangerous". Agree pot shdn't b illegal (just as booze isn't). It shd b one's choice to partake and regulated/taxed same as cigs/booze. I know MANY v. educated/prof'l ppl (docs, lawyers, cops, biz ppl) who use pot w/ same

jakersw22 Michigan
02/05/12 8:26 am

release non violent criminals and let them contribute to society.

umizoomi Colorado
02/04/12 9:05 pm

I am SO tired of school budget cuts, as If the learning environment isn't hard enough already!

02/04/12 12:30 pm

lower level non violent criminals should e released so they can become tax paying members of society rather than a leach in a cell

jocko Illinois
02/04/12 7:24 am

that is, unless you believe, people are just bad and born criminals. I believe in the movie trading places with Murphy and Dan akroid

jocko Illinois
02/04/12 7:22 am

making class size bigger makes kids dumber making more criminals. improve education and opportunities and fewer people commit crimes.

bbkkanders Kentucky
02/04/12 6:27 am

a better idea may be to make the penalty for crimes tougher instead of prison longer. the boy that took 5 or so lashes with a bamboo Cain for spray painting didn't die or wasn't permanently injured but won't ever do that again.

02/04/12 5:59 am

Or how about don't free anyone and just stop paying for their cable and Internet?

02/04/12 5:56 am

Stop saying you don't want murdered and rapists on the streets! Why would they release the most dangerous?? It would be those with simple drug possession and low level stuff.

dlyliny1 New York
02/03/12 9:47 pm

Let's only free the criminals after everyone is given a gov't issue handgun and training. Then we can protect ourselves from the newly released criminals. Sorry, but I say crowd the classrooms and make it the responsibility of the parents to supplement their kids' education at home.

ladestra Urban Conservative
02/03/12 6:49 pm

are these really the only places to cut spending? No. We should do what Gov. Scott Walker from Wisconsin did.

02/03/12 4:55 pm

I'm in high school our classes are crowded but it is not that bad. I would gladly have 4 more kids in every class than a rapist, murderer, child molester living in my neighborhood.

02/03/12 3:29 pm

Legalizing marijuana would not make anything better . Yes it would make revenue but It would only lead to more criminal offenses and therefore lead to more jail time causing them to spend more money in prisons !!!

02/03/12 1:59 pm

Who wants a murder back on the streets?

wbvonbray Tennessee
02/03/12 1:17 pm

Usnavyvet- Where do you propose we get the money to build more prisons? I think it's safe to assume you don't have children with futures you should care about.

wbvonbray Tennessee
02/03/12 12:46 pm

Meanwhile, in schools, "this is what the people in charge who know nothing of education want you too learn. I wish I could teach it in depth, or teach something more useful, but if you don't do well on the test you're screwed. Tough."

wbvonbray Tennessee
02/03/12 12:44 pm

Or work criminals so that they earn their keep. The system now is completely backwards. We don't punish people for wrongdoing, we give them shelter, food, and clothes with tax money.

Soitgoes Missouri
02/02/12 11:04 pm

Prison is a school where you learn crime.

Soitgoes Missouri
02/02/12 11:03 pm

A bunch of lemmings would rather add to an already uncanny 25% of the world's incarcerated, over half of which for non-violent offences, even though year after year of record incarceration numbers, our crime rates still go up, year after year after year...............

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
02/02/12 9:33 pm

A bunch of Lemmings would rather see criminals released than to cut school budgets from an education system controlled by one of the most obstructionist unions (teachers union donated 98% to Dems) in America.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/02/12 9:02 pm

Did you know that government officials look at student performance to determine how much prison space to build over the next 10 to 15 years? Where is the money better spent? Can't we improve someone's life instead of keeping them out of our way? Make money running prisons on others missery!

02/02/12 8:59 pm

They could release all the nonviolent drug users and save a ton

02/02/12 8:39 pm

If the school in your neighborhood sucks, turn it into a prison. After all, if the school fails to teach the children, many of the students will end up as hooligans that are likely to be headed to prison. You might as well incarcerate them early and teach them a lesson or two.

iTeach Mos Eisley
02/02/12 7:20 pm

larger class sizes will result in more criminals

iTeach Mos Eisley
02/02/12 7:17 pm

As a teacher I can tell you without the slightest doubt that it's no myth. Of course class size affects learning. It's common sense

02/02/12 7:04 pm

numerous studies have shown there is no relationship between class size and learning. jt's a myth folks.

Soitgoes Missouri
02/02/12 6:47 pm

Screw prisons and schools. No one learns in school and prisons only rehabilitate the next scheme.

02/02/12 6:25 pm

I'm tired of paying taxes for criminals arrested for drug use. Why is it illegal to hurt yourself.

02/02/12 6:19 pm

Prisons are for profit. As long as people are filling their pockets from filling prisons cells It will stay the way it currently is.

02/02/12 5:24 pm

Half the people who voted are criminals.

erw331 New York
02/02/12 4:14 pm

Tony is only looking to run the count up in hopes of generating revenue. Vote count/comment count equals income. It is fun reading the peeing contests. It is amazing that some of these commenters walk upright.

02/02/12 3:19 pm

And they sure as hell won't fire underperforming teachers. They're in a union. These choices are ridiculous Tony! There are other places to cut, but you liberals only deal in extremes.

02/02/12 2:29 pm

They wont crowd classes they'll cut band, art, and choir.

waaazzaap Arizona
02/02/12 1:30 pm

There are no bad ppl only bad actions ,,, they need a program to put them back in civilized society ,, we can't cut education it's already bad enough

02/02/12 1:22 pm

How can 62% of ppl rather have criminals and murderers running around than just increase classes?

alekat93 Tennessee
02/02/12 12:53 pm

amen ahoy! ot atleast lets get on the hemp train...if I get started on how smart it is to legalize and start manufacturer with hemp I will never stop. look it up...

alekat93 Tennessee
02/02/12 12:51 pm

@independen and legalize it lol. nay hut really we SHOULD do something about that "war on drugs"

02/02/12 11:00 am

This happened with the PA state budget last year

02/02/12 10:17 am

End the drug war and end the prison overpopulation problem.

02/02/12 10:16 am

Even though I hate the Idea of crowding classes, I can work at home with my kids. Would rather be safe & put more of my time into their education.

weallhave1 Tennessee
02/02/12 9:35 am

As a police officer, I shake my head at the people who want reduced prison sentences for "non-violent" offenders, then complain about all the crooks who are stealing their stuff in a non-violent way. Burglary is considered non-violent!