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Show Of Hands June 20th, 2011 12:00am

Do you believe that humans are born generally good (honest, kind, etc.) or bad (selfish, deceitful, etc.)?

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07/08/11 12:32 am

Birdlie is right. All humans are evil by nature. It is only by the grace and help of God that we can overcome our evil nature.

Burtonite Illinois
07/04/11 12:37 am

All humans are evil. Some dare to show it while others are great deceivers towards others. I can't believe almost everyone voted good in this. Who kill people? People. Who kill animals? People. Who are the creatures that fucke up this world?! People!

07/01/11 7:11 pm

The bible says that humans are born in selfish and evil nature.

07/01/11 8:52 am

Children are not born with fully developed brains. It is the parents and caregivers who must be available to teach them to use their whole brain (as it becomes available). The same way a newly hatched bird cannot fly.... Does that make it inherently good or bad?

07/01/11 6:06 am

Honestly, I believe we all are good and bad. Everyone can be a jerk at times just drive on the high way for a few minutes. That's just the way it should be :)

06/30/11 11:09 pm

It is a personal choice.

JET Maryland
06/29/11 9:58 pm

Do u have to learn to pull your sister hair? Or throw rocks at your neighbors car? No, but u have to learn manners and to say your please and thank yous. People are born sinful and are taught (hopefully) to be kind

06/29/11 5:11 pm


I agree! I was like that tho. When i was little we had to go back to a store just to get this stuffed animal. I cherish that animal now.

06/28/11 3:46 pm

I've seen countless kids throw fits in the store when they don't get the toy they want. I'm pretty sure they didn't learn that from their parents. Children are evil.

06/28/11 2:22 pm

I think we are generally born to take care of our selves, we are taught to be nice, caring, and kind. otherwise I believe we are more selfish, and self involved.

06/28/11 1:27 pm

I agree with delofan

06/28/11 1:29 am

Honestly, it seems babies are born neutral, they're influenced by the people and events around them

alaskan sleeping
06/27/11 11:27 pm

All babies are born good. It's how they were raised is what changes things. Which is weird because there's a bunch of angry people out their. Is this question too broad? Please try n have then enter another question regarding personality n kids raised in a bad family.

06/27/11 4:50 pm

I don't look on little children as being evil beings unless they're taught that way. It all falls upon upbringing

06/27/11 4:49 pm

Dude,'re just one big bundle of sunshine aren't you...? Lol jk of course you aren't.

06/27/11 4:01 pm

Neither, only you can choose the way to live. We are born fair and under are own decisions we decide to be good or bad people.

06/27/11 12:45 pm

born good, we don't have the ability to do wrong

06/27/11 12:22 am

bad because we are born sinners

06/26/11 10:28 pm

achievements came after battles and death.

06/26/11 10:27 pm

amazing people in history, you must truly think about things from all perspectives. In the American Revolution, yes, we were freed from Britains tightly clenched fist; yet there were husbands, sons, and fathers killed in that battle. You need only look at history, and see that the most famous of

06/26/11 10:25 pm

I believe all humans are inherently bloodthirsty. Wars, hunting, murders... all done by humans; we even KILL for SPORT. Now, you may say 'but I've never killed anyone!' or that the good outweighs the evil. If you've ever hurt someone out of spite, there you go. And while there has been sons truly

06/26/11 10:08 pm

Just watch a baby after a while he/she will do something bad.

06/25/11 4:05 pm

The old testament law had it's place. A lot for health reasons. Jesus fulfilled old testament laws which especially removed the physical temple. Meaning we can now have direct access to God the Father. Old testament is understandable when you read it in context @delofan. Try it.

06/25/11 7:27 am

After having my daughter six weeks ago, there's no doubt in my mind that we're born with purity, innocence, and love in our hearts, but in balance with that, we're naturally selfish and morally uneducated(obviously). Nature makes us good in ways, nurturing fills out(or ruins, if neglected) the rest.

06/25/11 7:00 am

We have a selfish gene, that's for damn sure. But because of our social nature, we also have a strong drive to help our neighbor, for loads of reasons. Currency, they are fam. So share our genes… etc

06/25/11 6:58 am

@dkell2 LMAO who cares wtf the bible says. It also tells you to stone your daughter to death if she refuses to mary the man who rapped her. Now WHY do we even take another look at this bloody idiotic book?

06/25/11 12:11 am

The bible clearly tells us that we are born sinful. It is only when we believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sin, was buried, and rose again that we are saved from sin and eternal death in hell. 1 Corinthians 15:1-5

06/24/11 6:06 pm

Depends. But I think we are all born good people

06/24/11 11:37 am

I think you start at a clean slate and how good or bad you are depends on your environment people adapt to urban environments deferent than in the rural areas

06/24/11 6:07 am

we are without a doubt born selfish, it's our nurturing that makes us unselfish

06/23/11 8:35 pm

We are born neutral. It's nurture that shapes us.

06/23/11 4:03 pm

I think everyone has the same capacity for good and evil so I would say people are born neutral but then again, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. same concept.

hespo Michigan
06/23/11 3:01 pm

We are all born innocent and pure, it's our society that forms evil people.

06/23/11 1:48 am

A baby knows no right or wrong. They smile when happy and cry when hungry.

hatman Kansas
06/22/11 9:44 pm

Bad, it's there parents job to teach the. For example younger kids are pushy and selfish in there early years there in a "no" phase kids remain bad when there parents don't teach them right from wrong.

06/22/11 8:26 pm

The family sculpts the child!

sj41018 Kentucky
06/22/11 7:41 pm

What you see in others is a reflection of what you see in yourself

Rob65 Michigan
06/22/11 7:28 pm

it's the parents that ruin the kids!

fgvggfb New York
06/22/11 5:03 pm

Good, the land makes the person

NinjaMouse Illinois
06/22/11 3:09 pm

People make their own choices, they can't be born a certain way.

LOx2 California
06/22/11 2:32 pm

Bad. And then religion makes them worse.

06/22/11 11:44 am

Your body isn't even fully developed when you're born. You know nothing aside from basic survival. You learn from what you experience, and use that to decide whether you want to do good or fuck everyone's shit up.

alec Georgia
06/22/11 9:18 am

Born good, then media turns them bad.

interesting, I thought it was more a conservative belief that man is born good. But more democrats voted good

schitz Pennsylvania
06/22/11 6:45 am

Nature vs nurture. Nature provides the building blocks, though they must be nurtured to bring out the best.

kazsk82000 Neenah, WI
06/22/11 6:13 am

if society dictates my morality, who then dictated society's morality? immoral actions have to start somewhere.

charlie17 Nevada
06/22/11 12:30 am

@ MegaDittos: that's seriously messed up, how about you stop complaining about stuff and actually try to fix it? And before you point out that I'm complaining and not fixing, I'm not even out of high school yet

jj4tigers Missouri
06/22/11 12:19 am

It's easier to be bad than good. I think people are born bad, then you can decide to be a good or bad person.