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Do you tend to take risks, or proceed with caution?

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11/12/11 9:07 am

A life without risks isn't a life at all

11/11/11 9:36 am

if you dont take a chance,you havent got a chance. but make a plan and work the plan.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
11/01/11 11:47 pm

I'm a mixture of the two, but I definitely prefer to think things through. I like to have a plan.

11/01/11 5:29 am

If I'm playing Herbie Hancock's Rockit, then don't come knockin.

10/31/11 8:11 pm

risks...this isn't dress rehearsal

10/31/11 4:41 pm

danger is my middle name

Nerdz Texas
10/31/11 4:28 pm

I wish I could take risks but my parents raised me to be cautious

10/31/11 8:37 am

I took a risk with your mom last night.

10/31/11 1:25 am

Take calculated risks (don't play small) while being cautious to avoid unnecessary risk (don't play stupid)

cabooseftw Illinois
10/30/11 11:54 pm


If you don't like it, then GTFO. Otherwise, bit your quitchen.

10/30/11 11:19 pm

I've taken one big risk in life and seem to have done well with it; however, I am usually the very cautious type.

10/30/11 10:58 pm

@cornball you fucken communist

10/30/11 9:37 pm

@cornball your negative I would take caution

14573 Scary Numbers
10/30/11 5:59 pm

This question is a little vague. If any chance of bodily harm is possible I'll use caution otherwise I'll take risks

10/30/11 5:16 pm

I don't think the young uns are being truthful. kids always take more risks than adults. it's scientific. that part of their brain isn't developed yet. or they just don't realize what they're doing is risky?

10/30/11 2:08 pm

Living on the edge is the way to go... Definitely a risk taker!

10/30/11 1:15 pm

I'd have to say a mix of both. I take a lot of impulsive risks, but on the whole, I'm pretty cautious. I picked risks, though, since that's the more short term stuff which affects me every day.

valeriejo ramble on
10/30/11 12:38 pm

When was a kid I was a big risk taker. I have an older brother so I was always trying to do what he did. When I was 2 I fell flat on my face following him down a huge hill on my tricycle. Scraped my whole face up. Got right back up again tho! I'm more cautious now tho : /

10/30/11 12:38 pm

I knew it. Just a bunch of wimps in this country. These are some sad results.

JDoe Its a gift
10/30/11 12:12 pm

"You can't discover new oceans unless you have courage to lose sight of the shore. "

nance6 Arlington VA
10/30/11 11:47 am

Can't you do both? Decide to climb a mountain (take a risk) but then proceed with caution?

nance6 Arlington VA
10/30/11 11:42 am

that is a vague question. I'll risk the drive to see a beautiful mountain but I'm not going to risk my life climbing it.

10/30/11 11:09 am

when I was younger I took risks all the time. Now I've got a 2 year oldand am seven months pregnant with twins- very catious

10/30/11 11:01 am

It's interesting that the percentage of people willing to take risks (32%) is very close to the percentage of people who own a business (25%). Ps. Don't hate the risk takers, we employ you.

10/30/11 10:55 am

I'd prefer to go through life undamaged, thank you very much

10/30/11 10:43 am

I think it means risks in general.

Why don't you hop into your car and hit the road. I have a hunch you will rethink your philosophy.

10/30/11 10:32 am

Life is a risk. Fortune favors the bold. No billionaire or successful person ever got to that level without taking some risks.

scottstots Georgia
10/30/11 10:18 am

Wife, mortgage, kids = caution. 20 years ago? Let's just say, I've been lucky

10/30/11 10:05 am

Risks! Can't live a boring old life

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/30/11 9:59 am

seconds then for 30 give it all you have. Take it back down to moderate 45. And so on. You should warm up first. I do it in the water but it is easy to walking. Just pick out land marks. I'm a shorty too. I lost my weight following Atkins and going to TOPS. I'd love to help.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/30/11 9:54 am

3rdSide. Give her a big hug from me!!! One. Mussel weighs more than fat. She is building mussel. It also burns more calories. Is she drinking her water? Second if she gets her heart rate up her body it's self will burn more calories. I do intervals in my classes. Go at a moderate pace for 45

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/30/11 9:47 am

It depends on the situation too. If someone is anti gay I usually speak out. At our county fair I talked to a mom in a loving manner. About her daughter. She was so angry then softened and then to her surprise changed her mind.
I don't jay walk, stroll at outgoing tide or storm warnings. Foolish

10/30/11 9:41 am

@tops so happy for you! My wife is in a similar situation - 250ish and started going to the gym, but she's a bit frustrated having only lost about 3 lbs in 5 weeks despite going 4-5 days/week

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
10/30/11 9:09 am

Until I was about 21 then I matured and slowed down a lot. And now with a baby- cautious to say the Least!

10/30/11 8:23 am

@Caspey would you say calculated risk=proceed with caution?

10/30/11 8:16 am

Ah, risks are my friend, I know when to
Be cautious and when to risk it. I usually go for the risk first because without risk, there is no life.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/30/11 8:07 am

It depends on the subject, I have pictures and videos from when I was 6-9 and a helmet was almost always worn upon my head ;) I also wore shoes almost all the time as well. As of only a few months ago I started going barefoot, as well as a few runs—it's actually been better on my feet!


10/30/11 4:51 am

I never gamble with anything that I'm not willing to lose.

10/30/11 4:47 am

You go Tops!! I'm a Risk taker by nature...As I get older I'm learning to stop and think a bit before I jump.... but I usually end up jumping anyway ;)

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/30/11 3:43 am

I guess it's risky to show up at 254 lbs to a gym to start exercising. Especially when all you ever heard is what a klutz you were. I figured everyone there would be a barbie doll in spandex. Went out to dinner tonight wore a sweater dress, not tight mind you , got second looks. Not bad for 62.

10/30/11 2:26 am

Understanding when it's appropriate to do one or the other can take you very very far.

10/30/11 2:04 am

I take caution. Pros and cons list, weighing other options.
When everyone wants to be a hipster, it becomes mainstream, just like if everyone nonconforms, they're still conforming. Be yourself and dont worry about everyone else. Just throwing that out there