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Show Of Hands September 3rd, 2011 12:00am

On Friday, President Obama announced that he was abandoning previous plans to enact stronger smog emission regulations. Do you agree with the decision?

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jakersw22 Michigan
09/14/11 3:06 pm

I still cannot comprehend why so many conservatives are so opposed to environmental action. The bottom line is, we all share this planet and we will all have to pay the price.

Mike3 Michigan
09/10/11 12:06 pm


09/09/11 4:45 pm

felixdacat; I am guessing you are responding to my comments to Ranks below. you need to read the entire discussion again before going off the deep end, wise up!

09/09/11 4:39 pm

and next time get your facts right!

09/09/11 4:37 pm

felixdacat; not one time have I ever said anything about forcing my beliefs on anyone else. I have a feeling from what you just said that you are a hater regardless of what my beliefs are. just hit the ignore button big boy and make us both happy.

09/08/11 3:01 am I told you before...religious beliefs are deeply personal....keep them to yourself and out of government and I won't HATE otherwise and I despise you as any other enemy of a free America.

09/08/11 2:59 am

Jo at...I don't care if you believe something which cannot be proven....but I do care a great deal when you wish to apply your beliefs to public policy

09/08/11 2:55 am

BonyTacos...liberals are needed to ensure that folks like you never procure any real power in this country.

09/08/11 12:08 am

@chipmonk just because Obama doesn't have a "mission accomplished" banner doesn't mean he hasn't done anything. google "what the fuck has Obama done" for the list.

09/08/11 12:05 am

what the heck? who WANTS smog? what kind of sick weirdo doesn't enjoy clean air?

09/07/11 10:16 pm

When a Democrat wants to achieve success, he or she will abandon the liberal policies and adopt conservative policies. Make you wonder why we even need Democrats??

09/06/11 3:19 pm

Well this money should be going to help sick peop... Wait...

09/06/11 11:48 am

amen Rousseau, the dems and reps really are the same. moneycrats and moneypublicans.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
09/05/11 12:41 am

@Ross what are the 4 mass extinctions we're aware of?

09/04/11 11:57 pm

>implying America cares about emmisions.

Rousseau Illinois
09/04/11 11:30 pm

chipmonk, i know it's easier to attack then the defend, but what are the positives of the Obama administration?

Rousseau Illinois
09/04/11 11:28 pm

youn are just feeding the system with that tripe.

09/04/11 11:27 pm

@tellastore Why are u and most everyone south of the Mason-Dixon line so anti-Obama? I think u resent a fellow u once wouldn't have allowed to vote in Mississippi is now Big Boss Man. So much hate would almost be funny if it wasn't so sad such ignorance still runs rampant in the Southern U.S.A.

Rousseau Illinois
09/04/11 11:26 pm

Obama and democrats? how about you try and be productive, because your generic clip on a party is only half the story. face it, the republicans are just as bad, they are the same party really, the only difference is a slight social tendency

Rousseau Illinois
09/04/11 11:21 pm

mzen, seriously? humans are responsible for the fastest and largest mass extinction ever known (there are been 4 we know of)

09/04/11 11:09 pm

No. He promised so much CHANGE but has delivered so little. I won't vote for him again in 2012 unless he really puts his plans in motion before election time. Why does he keep wimping out under Congressional pressure. It's as if he's letting FOX News control his presidency.

mzenike North Carolina
09/04/11 11:05 pm

GREENBEAN; Obama and the democrats will decay this society well before we scratch the surface of our reserves. The planet is safe, were the ones who are fuc@ed.

Rousseau Illinois
09/04/11 11:03 pm

so sad. this guy just keeps disappointing. I'm Gunna check his tab on politifact right now.

09/04/11 9:40 pm

@Ranks and @jopat: I wish everyone on here could debate each other with the same level of respect for their opponent as the two of you just did.

09/04/11 9:27 pm

preserve our planet!!!!!! it is our only home after all

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 8:45 pm

Same here. You have yourself a great labor day!

09/04/11 8:33 pm

I will definitely try to do a better job of seeing other points of view, good conversation, thanks!

09/04/11 8:32 pm

Ranks; it's good to know there are people like you on here that will at least take a look at the other persons point of view.! it's really very refreshing, usually I get called a name right off the bat.

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 8:11 pm me if Obama doesn't start getting his shit together. I'm either going to vote for Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton or nobody

09/04/11 8:00 pm

or the people he surrounds himself with. only 8% have ever worked in the private sector.

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 7:59 pm

But honestly if this is how politics has always been then never support your president. I mean as much as I thought Bush was HORRIBLE, that time when they threw a shoe at him. I was actually glad that he dodged those shoes. Because u know why he is still my president. He mayb a f-up but he's my f-up

09/04/11 7:59 pm

Ranks; I was ok with some of Clintons policies and thought he did good in foreign affairs. I always look at the people the President surrounds himself with also. I get really tired of the race card being stuck in my face when I say I just don't care for Obamas politics

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 7:57 pm

And make the people who don't like him at least feel like there included. That's why liberals are pissed. But that side gives him NO credit whatsoever. Every piece of legislation that he has passed is straight down the middle or a little to the right or left but pretty even. Things gotta change

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 7:53 pm

Don't get me wrong. Some angles are just ass backwards but try and remain open to other aspects. But my viewed diffently became skewed watching George Bush. U have to admit...I don't know where to even begin. Obama is no prized piece but honestly u have to admit he is risking his presidency to try

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 7:49 pm

Powers that be dictate this life. Not my ultimate choice but the shape of this country. I didnt agree with Clinton growing up but as I've gotten older and wiser I've seen things that have shaped my point of view. What I have learned is always try and remain objective. To bring in all angles

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 7:45 pm

@Jopat I agree with that book. I agree with that generation being the greatest in our country. I believe the only to beat the man is be the man. I get it how some people make u want to pull your hair out. I got into politics when 9-11 happened. I was 20 years old and for me it woke me up to how the

09/04/11 7:35 pm

that's why it's hard for me to come to middle ground,mi feel I have to stop the haters....

09/04/11 7:34 pm

if you are. Muslim Extremist. or you are thought of as stupid because you believe something that can't be proven scientifically.

09/04/11 7:32 pm

I guess I believe there is some kind of God or maybe I'd like to believe there is. so religion plays a pretty small role in my political beliefs. I firmly believe people have the right to believe in whatever they want but if you are a Christian in this country you are treated as

09/04/11 7:26 pm

the question that really bothered me was, would you sell your citizenship for 1 million dollars? the answers made me ill, the hate not only towards our country but to anyone that disagreed was astonishing! So I'm sorry but when I see one of these haters I can't let it go.....

09/04/11 7:22 pm

The kids of that generation turned into hippies, activists, extremists whatever you want to call it. they realized they couldn't beat the man so they put on suits and got elected. They are teaching in our colleges and on down.

09/04/11 7:18 pm

your right I'm in my late 50's. A few years ago I read Tom Brokaw's book about the greatest generation. I had 5 uncles that were scattered around the world fighting for the worlds freedom. they came home and built a life, had families got jobs and did little or no complaining.

09/04/11 7:08 pm

Ranks; there is much truth in what you say and I do agree with much of what you said. When I first got on this app about 1month ago I was looking forward to what everyone had to say. And then the total hate and disrespect i was reading was very disturbing and it was against this country!

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 6:58 pm

Our own demise could be this partisan bickering. We are 1 house we must hold this country together and try to find a way to stop tearing it down. U can't have one without the other. My words I'm sure sound stupid to alot of people out there but maybe that's part of the problem...I care that much.

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 6:55 pm

Meet us in the middle or this country will fall into a stalemate that will lead 2 a build up of frustration that will eventually one way or another topple this country like an implosion from within or an invasion from another while our defenses are down while we keep treating each other like enemies

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 6:50 pm

But religion aside...I feel we need 2 do what's humane,civil & whats prudent for our neighbors our communities & overall our country. The bickering over these crumbs is senseless if your saying that money is more of a benefit over peoples lives. Think of your countryman. Stop thinking of yourselves

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 6:45 pm

I personally don't believe Jesus would say "Hey let people get cancer & other diseases b/c it's more important 4 the multi-millionaire 2 become a billionaire. The meek shall inherit. The rich will go last. Thats the small aspect of a bigger picture that I see & I feel I have proof B/c it is written.

Ranks New Jersey
09/04/11 6:41 pm

Kinda of sound a little narrow minded. Like u don't ever understand other peoples point of view. Hey man, me I try and ask myself whats right and just. I think also what happens is is that people in this country who are mostly of Christian background, have totally different interpretations on wwjd.