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Have you read all or most of the Bible?

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StNik North Carolina
06/13/12 2:43 am

The more archeological discoveries are made, the more the Bible is confirmed- the New Testament at least.

qwerter Its a trap
06/13/12 12:33 am

I really hope people understand that the whole population of the united states doesn't vote on this app.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/12/12 9:32 am

U know who else loves u? STARFISH REALLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/12/12 9:01 am

He doesn't dislike or even feel the slightest bit of hatred for anyone! He loves the devil too! Some will ask, "well,why would people go to hell?" u make that decision! U can accepted God/Jesus on your final judgement, or completely leave Him out and go to hell. That's the way I was born and raised!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/12/12 8:57 am

Jesus loves us all! He loves Adolfo Hitler, He loves Sadam Hussain, He loves Osama bin Laden, He loves you and me, he loves believers, he loves no believers and he loves us all!!!!

06/12/12 7:39 am

Never even touched it!

BadWolf The Library
06/11/12 9:52 pm

People who preach the bible should have read the bible. People should have some proof to back their beliefs, not just some ancient book. If you think it's true, do some research.

06/11/12 7:55 pm

yes I read Keith Richards biography .....that book will teach you how to stay alive

monkeyy Ohio
06/11/12 1:31 pm

I've read bits and pieces, but it's just so long! :)

06/10/12 10:49 pm

They were not written in conjunction with each other, yet they all say the same thing. The 4 books known as the Gospels were written while eye witnesses of the events were still alive. They are very accurate.

06/10/12 10:48 pm

It was clear that something was extraordinary about Jesus's life for 4 different people to take the time to write the recounts of his life.

06/10/12 10:47 pm

The Old Testament was written before Jesus. The OT is full of history, mosaic law and prophecy. The prophecy when studied, was clearly fulfilled by Jesus's life. The New Testament was written about Jesus.

06/10/12 10:47 pm

The Bible has been scrutinized through the historical wringer. It continues to be published not because of its religious background, but because scholars who actually STUDY it are yet to find anything wrong with it.

06/10/12 10:45 pm

@CDFL-- Your fate has not been decided. God will always accept those choosing to accept Jesus Christ. May God bless you and enter your heart.

Cire Washington
06/10/12 10:39 pm

*facepalm. show of hands, stop asking religious questions. too many arguments. thanks

06/10/12 6:04 pm

I would hope so in my line of work!

06/10/12 1:33 pm

Yep. The entire bible including the books left out of the Protestant bibles.

06/10/12 7:38 am

No. But i know a few verses to share with others such as my oh so liberal hipster buddies.

O13 Alabama
06/10/12 7:08 am

@cdfl: forgot to add the following; and who said its not ok for you to think that Christianity is wrong?

O13 Alabama
06/10/12 7:06 am

@cdfl: when was the last time a Christian forced their views on you?

kristea Denton, TX
06/10/12 6:54 am

Interesting but not surprising results. People sure do like to argue about the Bible yet most have never read it in it's entirety. I'm starting my second time through & I continue to be amazed at how gracious & loving God is.

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
06/10/12 6:29 am

And why is it not okay for me to believe Christianity is wrong, but okay for them to believe I am wrong and I'm going to burn in hell for eternity because of it?

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
06/10/12 6:28 am

If you are going to take the Bible literally and put creationism over evolution, you better be able to defend it.

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
06/10/12 6:07 am

Grocker- that would be fine, if Christians didn't force their beliefs on others. You don't see the Amish trying to legislate laws against cell phones. Also, we would still be aloud to discuss the validity of Christianity as we were doing earlier, just like we can discuss the validity of evolution

14573 Scary Numbers
06/09/12 7:58 pm

@Grocker someone with sense and decency? On a comment board about religion? Oh I never thought I would see the day.

06/09/12 7:49 pm

Christianity isn't for everyone. There are sheep, who will hear Jesus's voice, and there are goats, who will not. It's just that simple. If you don't hear the voice, then go your own way. No need to be a religious hater/bigot. I mean, do you go out of your way to slap Amish people, too?

14573 Scary Numbers
06/09/12 7:30 pm

One simple question: if a book was written by an omnipotent being, albeit through many separate ways (i.e. People), why isn't it riveting and impossible to put down? Shouldn't every word fill me with wonder and inspiration? Why is "God" so powerful and yet such a terrible writer?

orchideous Pigfarts
06/09/12 6:45 pm

Probably I haven't read most of it. It's a long book. A great deal of it, though.

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
06/09/12 3:19 pm

Christian1- have you read it? It's got some ridiculous stuff there, idk how you could believe that crap

06/09/12 3:19 pm

Christian1 when I read the Bible it was for purely objective open-minded purposes. That's how all books that make extraordinary claims should be read.

06/09/12 3:10 pm

David- did you read the Bible with an open mind? Did you read it just to say you read it or because you wanted to learn something?

06/09/12 3:09 pm

I'm sorry you became agnostic.

snafu Washington
06/09/12 2:39 pm

I grew up catholic and I've read parts of the bible, once I was able to make my own decisions and think for myself I left the church behind and became agnostic. I think there's a part of me that still wants to believe in a higher being and mostly heaven and that's why I haven't become fully atheist

06/09/12 1:58 pm

Racheal if only the lord had blessed you with punctuation and grammar

palindrome California
06/09/12 1:49 pm

Rachel- or Allah... Or Ahura Mazda... Am I right?

rachael101 New York
06/09/12 1:46 pm

praise the lord .he did everthing for us to keep us safe.if he didnt love us then why did he die for us.everyone should praise the lord he made us.if u want to be alive today,you shpuld thank the lord.he is great with much power

david suburban DC
06/09/12 1:39 pm

YES I sure have. Which may in part explain why I am a non-believer.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
06/09/12 1:17 pm

People are free to believe anything they want! The problem, on both sides, is when people try to control everyone else based on their own personal beliefs. Dinosaurs have no more effect on your life than two dudes getting married does. People need to get over themselves.

palindrome California
06/09/12 12:01 pm

Sarcoleman- yuuup. I've said a few things on this app that have been wrong. It's an eye opener sometimes but saying 'my bad' or 'I mispoke' is better than continuing to make sh*t up to boost your ego

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
06/09/12 11:40 am

Sadly enough almost half of America believes in creationism

palindrome California
06/09/12 11:39 am

Religion starts to get scary sometimes, especially when you dedicate your whole life you (organized) religion. You start believing in some weird shyt, believe me, I've been there. Adventist when I was young, assembly of God church when I was in my late teens/ early twenties.