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Show Of Hands June 21st, 2011 12:00am

A few people are slinging profanity or personal attacks in comments. Should we delete borderline violations, or only the most extreme ones?

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kmck96 On the track
07/11/11 1:43 am

People are perfectly capable of stating opinions without profanity. I have never used a word more explicit than "screw" or "screwed" and people still take me seriously. I agree with the opinion that it shows a lack of intelligence; there isn't a point in it other than to show your poor vocabulary.

07/10/11 12:06 am

I never want to see the "F" word again. It's just a sign that you have a very limited vocabulary to draw on and aim more to shock the reader than to express a thought worth reading

07/08/11 12:20 am

This is such a nice question :). Put the *** over cuss words. That should do!

NYevo NY
07/07/11 2:42 am

It's a privately owned app, not a street. If the owner wants to censor un-civil comments, it doesn't violate anyones rights

franktrumn Virginia
07/05/11 5:07 am

dude, just automatically minimize the comments that have curse words. put in an option to turn that on or off. people citing first amendment are idiots. this is not to censor you. stop being so sensitive

07/02/11 11:15 pm

Well I was gonna write a profanity filled comment but I think I would upset the gays and the democrats:)

07/02/11 11:14 pm

50/50 after over 11k votes. Thanks for the help guys. :-)

07/01/11 7:50 pm

you can't be strict because the comments are designed for the purpose of showing peoples' opinions.

notthemomm Florida
06/29/11 8:53 pm

Words don't hurt just don't give those ppl the time of day and they'll bugger off.

Wert A picture of my junk
06/29/11 1:18 pm

This has nothing to do with the First Amendment. The server is privately owned and they can chose how to control profanity just like you do in your home.

simple New York
06/29/11 10:41 am

Lol @Jenner. You should be teaching about history not the latest and greatest iPhone app. Besides, most of these polls are debates not simple question-answer. Also, there's a poll debating the legality of weed in here, so I doubt you actually teach with this app, and/or can get in trouble for it.

06/27/11 9:35 pm

Civility and logic should rule...

06/27/11 4:41 pm

You know, it'd be nice to take a break from people swearing left and right as an insult, although I get a kick out of it when it's used like Kenny Rogers...

06/27/11 1:18 am

It is good to point out the first amendment, but we should also consider that if people are misusing this right, it is taken away. Much like if you threaten to kill the president or harass someone using words.

06/26/11 5:00 pm

I don't resort to personal insults but censorship is worse.

06/26/11 12:06 am

while I respect freedom of speech, I am a middle school teacher who likes to use this app in my classroom daily so my students are frequently reading data displays. they would like to see the comments people around the country make but I can't show them for fear of coming across bad language

06/25/11 11:24 pm

first amendment is always the first thing people bring up, however people that just post profanity and hurl insults at others have no place in an anonymous question asking format. warn them once. then kick them out for a second offense.

06/25/11 8:06 pm

Most profane comments are off topic anyway. So if it were to be deleted it wouldn't or shouldn't mess up the flow.

06/25/11 3:17 pm

free speech, don't be so friggin sensitive people..

06/25/11 9:12 am

Freedom of speech!!! enough said

06/25/11 2:51 am

It's hard to follow a stream when a comment is removed. I say use a warning system & ban repeat-offenders. It is possible to get your point across without using profanity or hatered on any 1 demographic. Blocking or censoring certain words might work, too. Thanks, Tony for my fav (addictive) app!

06/24/11 8:54 pm

Some profanity is ok, as long as it is used to add expression, not as an attack.

Personal attacks, however, are unnessesary, and have no place in these comments/discussions.

sjm Texas
06/24/11 5:02 pm

I say drop the axe. you can comment without the profanity. and you can poll even without commenting.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
06/24/11 11:36 am

I would say that ND's comments would be considered most extreme and that he/she comments would be deleted under either approach.

06/24/11 7:06 am

Go to the are you happy question and look at ND's latest comment (it was left either late last night or sometime this morning)...then tell me what you think.

simple New York
06/24/11 6:54 am

I say we let everyone say what they want because even though most of it will be non sense, you might find some gold digging through the dirt.

06/24/11 5:41 am

I think by "weeding out" those who may swear, slur, or make irrelevant comments would skew the polling results further. I do not use this app to verify what people like myself think, but rather to gain perspective into the masses. But please people, have respect for your fellow users.

06/24/11 1:45 am

Sick of people regressing to middle school idiocy when commenting on sites. Gets old & it'll drive me away from even reading comments much less posting. Strict.

emsy Virginia
06/24/11 1:30 am

As a character on skins uk said, "swearing, when used in character, is effing a." obviously I censored that, but I think the only swears that should be banned are racial/homophobic ones, and swears directed towered someone (like saying eff you).

06/24/11 1:27 am

Delete. I'd hate to see this app's comment area turn into the offensive or juvenile crap that most of YouTube's comments are.

06/23/11 9:57 pm

Be lenient.
Debaters gon debate

06/23/11 7:10 pm

Some of the most offensive and ignorant comments have no profanity. I say leave it, it's fun to read and makes it crystal clear why this country has problems, lol.

Griff Minnesota
06/23/11 5:42 pm

get rid of them that's the problem ppl can't follow RULES!!

06/23/11 11:13 am

Should we stop people from flipping other people off on the road? I mean that's worse than cussing on this. I didn't have a problem with it but since I can remember my dads been cussing, yelling, ad flipping off everyone

LOx2 California
06/23/11 8:52 am

You don't like it. Don't read it.
It's as easy as changing the channel in a tv. Which people still complain about. Everyone is always pleased to silence someone else.

06/23/11 8:51 am

Obviously those type of people get enjoyment from the comment section so being banned will hopefully keep them from putting up middle finger drawings, saying cheese, and rambling about anything other than the topic at hand. Sorry for rambling, I'm done now.

06/23/11 8:49 am

Be deleted. I also think that users should be able to be voted off for a certain time (to write and to even view). There are several users who have nothing to say besides "cheese" and "100th comment.". That is not what the comment option is for.

06/23/11 8:47 am

Are using. Which leads me to say that yes I think SOH admin. should be strict. They created the rules for a reason. However, profanity doesn't bother me. I like the like/dislike option. What I find offensive somebody else may not. This was if a number of people find it offensive the comment can

06/23/11 8:45 am

@Spock...I agree with you and everybody else that voted SOH should be strict...however, we can't be responsible for the underage children. That's their parents problem for allowing them to have an iPhone or iPod for that matter. The parents should closely monitor what type of app their children

Gelidity Pennsylvania
06/23/11 5:20 am

Somebody call you a naughty name over the Internet? Suck it up.

06/23/11 3:51 am

Your rights end where your neighbors begin. The First Amendment says that we have freedom of speech, however the companies, stores, telecommunication co.s, and app creators can still block you out. If you want to be heard so bad you must find your own way to get it broadcasted,published, or whatever

06/23/11 2:35 am

Oh, one more thing....
Freedom of Speech does not include being abusive to others. Certainly not abusive to others is a public forum. If you think it does, then you clearly do not understand the meaning of Freedom of Speech allowed in our Constitution.

06/23/11 2:30 am

There is a clear difference in using words in a descriptive manner without being abusive by offering profanity.

That is so much better than #%|!?€£>.

06/23/11 2:26 am

Abuse of words is not being considerate of others. It is shallow, pointless, abusive, lacks discretion and clearly is not being kind and loving.

06/23/11 2:22 am

I am sure I can think of a descriptive series of wonderful words to express myself without the use of profane words. Use of profane wording rarely offers anyone a real, clear or concise presentation of what that person is trying to say.

06/23/11 1:37 am

@dysansl totally agree with u.