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Does your primary car have more than 100,000 miles on the odometer?

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jmw7477 Indiana
01/17/13 3:27 pm

The one I drive the most in the winter (2001 Ford Explorer) has almost 200,000 miles on it. The one I drive in the summer (1970 Ford Mustang Grande) has just a few hundred miles on the engine as my husband just rebuilt it.

01/17/13 2:28 am

I work at a car dealership and one of the managers of the sales people were complaining about how this one couple only bought a new car every 7 years, I was just like, really? That's a lot of money to buy new cars every seven years.

01/17/13 2:19 am

Haha, I have a 1989 Nissan Maxima with about 99,350 miles on it, I will have to change my answer in a 3 or 4 weeks.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/16/13 9:00 pm

I bought a 2008 shelby GT500 for $38K in 2009, I just recently sold it do to moving 1200 miles with 2 other cars. I sold it for $34k, a $12k profit for me. Not bad considering it was over 4 yrs old with only 14,000 miles. Wish I still had it though, but with 4 kids it was getting to much.

01/15/13 3:13 pm

Nahh I still drive my truck even though it's mileage is OVER 9000!!!!!!!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/13/13 12:37 am

I feel comfortable taking Toyotas to 400k. My baby is still less than 30k.

peacenskis Alaska
01/12/13 5:49 pm

Hard to believe 41% (out of 9000+ votes) are driving cars with greater than 100,000 miles. Wow!!! I wonder if its commuting, the economy, cars lasting longer now, etc.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
01/12/13 4:08 pm

My Y2K Silverado had 265k on it when I traded it a couple of years ago. Now my 2011 Nox already has 65k on it. Chevy runs strong.

thehopedivision Atlanta
01/12/13 12:08 pm

My first car, 01 Chevy cavi went about 250000 miles.. And it only went out if commission from hitting a deer. Still cranked up and everything while sitting at the body shop but insurance already totaled it out.

devinn Findlay, Ohio
01/12/13 9:35 am

My Chevy impala 03 only has 90000 on it right now. Bought it new though :)

01/12/13 9:15 am

06 Buick with 98,704, getting there.

01/12/13 9:04 am

98k in my '03 Subaru, 23k in my wife's '11 Honda. Love both cars.

bornofashes Chicago, IL
01/12/13 8:50 am

93K on a 2006 car. So less than a year.

hvp828 Carolina girl
01/12/13 8:26 am

120,000 on my 2007 Volvo SUV. Plan to drive it to 200,000.

01/12/13 3:57 am

In our household only rich people drive cars over 100k.

bluebell Ohio
01/12/13 3:23 am

97,000 on my Audi. Almost there!

01/12/13 1:43 am

My dad's 1995 Ford F250 made it to 295,000 before he sold it. I miss that truck.

gademchick Georgia
01/12/13 1:32 am

2010 Camaro ss 55000. My husband has over 200000 on his truck but he uses it for work.

zedd Desert Dweller
01/12/13 1:28 am

My wife is the primary driver of the Pathfinder, and it was bought used. I'm the primary driver of the Civic and bought it new with only 7 miles on it. it's an excellent car with no problems and great mpg.

01/12/13 1:26 am


zedd Desert Dweller
01/12/13 1:21 am

Yes, 143,000 on a 1999 Honda Civic, and 207,000 miles on a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. The Honda is like new, and the only thing replaced beyond normal maintenance (e.g., brake pads, etc.) is the A/C condenser fan at 135K miles. The Pathy has needed more work, but it's been abused and has more miles.

devinn Findlay, Ohio
01/11/13 10:39 pm

I have 128000 on my 01 olds intrigue:)

01/11/13 10:16 pm

123,700 on my 2003 Olds Alero

01/11/13 9:32 pm

1986 Trans Am - 272,000 miles
1990 Honda CRX HF - 187,000
2004 Yamaha R1 (Motorcycle) - 28,000

Yes, I like riding/driving. Never had an accident. All stick shift miles.

lastjedi Florida, US
01/11/13 9:10 pm

We just got rid of an accord that had 400k+

01/11/13 9:02 pm

I am at over 250,000 miles on my 92 1st gen Cummins and it still has a good 500,000 miles to go

SouthernG Man Cave
01/11/13 9:01 pm

2006 Honda Pilot @ 147k
2001 Mazda Tribute @ 152k
Both paid for and kept in tip top shape.
Looking at the new cars, not BMW Or the like, and seeing prices of 35k on average!! Absurd.

01/11/13 8:26 pm

We just bought a mini! It's the first new car I have ever owned and the first extravagant item I have ever allowed myself. It took a long time, but it's nice to know my hard work paid off :-)

01/11/13 8:19 pm

My 2002 Toyota is about to hit 170k. Had a 1996 before that with about 140k, ran like a top but unfortunately it was totaled 4 years ago. Great vehicles.

01/11/13 7:29 pm

I just got a new (used) car but my old on had 189000 miles

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
01/11/13 7:24 pm

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kateXcore Dark side of the moon
01/11/13 5:36 pm

My car is approaching 170k and runs like a dream. Needless to say, it's an Acura. :)

01/11/13 5:35 pm

My Chrysler Pacifica has 161,922 miles and runs perfectly. She's 8 years old. I will keep her around even if she's not the primary. A little tank, goes through any weather.

happywifey Maryland
01/11/13 5:29 pm

110,000 BMW that I love dearly ❤

01/11/13 5:16 pm

My primary car is new because my old one finally died at 175,000. My husbands, however, is still rockin with 162,000 miles.

01/11/13 5:12 pm

The one I just sold had 150,000...."new" one is same make and model that is only 5 years old with 36,000 miles. Incidentally, it is a Honda product... ;)

bacchus Saint Anne,IL
01/11/13 4:51 pm

Yeah. I put about 50k miles a year on the Ford for work. Plus everyday there is another ding on it from some asshole in some random parking lot. The Benz is for evenings and weekends where I know it will be safe!

38041 Georgia
01/11/13 4:24 pm

Not yet. Give me a couple of weeks.

01/11/13 4:23 pm

Average out 2 vehicles and we are way over 100,000. The vehicle I drive most has 91,000.

01/11/13 4:15 pm

168,000 and going strong!

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/11/13 4:14 pm

Yeah my 99 F150 amazes me with 165k miles and ticking with no issue, maintenance is the key factor.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/11/13 4:12 pm

165,000 and ticking. You would never know it did if you drove it. I am truly amazed from the mid 90's on most cars if taken care of properly can go 250k or more without any major problems. But you have to do your maintenance regularly for that to be the case.

01/11/13 3:47 pm

Seeing all the comments assuming that to have new vehicles is superficial and wasteful shows a closed minded view. I spend about two hours a day in my truck and accumulate at least 30,000 miles a year.I live in a remote rugged environment and I only buy things that I can pay for in cash.

01/11/13 3:42 pm

Nope--- about 6,000. Just bought a new truck in October.

bigdog3210 Around
01/11/13 3:41 pm

02 ford f-350 with roughly 203k miles on it. The thing has towed 10,000-19,000 lbs nearly every day of its life, and it still runs like a champ.

mikeg San Jose
01/11/13 3:17 pm

2004 150 ford truck. 62,000. Still runs like new. American made and union built.

01/11/13 3:12 pm

About 90,000!