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Show Of Hands December 18th, 2012 12:00am

Do you always use a photo of just yourself (i.e. not a group pic, not your pet, etc.) for online profile pics?

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EarlyBird Portland
12/27/12 5:27 pm

Gonzo - Didn't she mention that she was going to have some surgery done?
Hopefully, she's recovering and will be back soon.

dirtbikemama Arizona
12/19/12 4:37 pm

most times its a picture of me taken by a friend or family member, I've never taken a pic in a mirror they look ugly most of the time and can come off vain. I do often use my sons tho as they are so handsome & my main source of happiness & joy and I like to share w my friends & family!

ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
12/19/12 12:00 pm

I don't have the resources to put pictures on the internet, so I use various pictures of the Niners

gonzoboy Northern AZ
12/19/12 11:36 am

@MissMarissa, where U B?! You'd love this poll question! Miss you!

godcyanide Probably gone for good
12/19/12 9:35 am

Always use an actual picture. Either me playing bass at my last gig or me in my car. I also look very much like Penn Jillette, so I swap my pic out for his on occasion to mess with people.

12/19/12 7:35 am

I use a photo of myself that isn't taken with a cellphone in front of a mirror. That is a rare thing in today's world.

donyewest Georgia
12/19/12 7:09 am

And please! No more creepy 3D sonar baby pictures!

donyewest Georgia
12/19/12 7:08 am

If it is an "avatar" then use whatever. But, if it is for a social networking site, use a darn picture that actually has you in it; no unicorns, fairies, your dog, drawings... If you're too worried about privacy don't be on the site to begin with.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/19/12 6:47 am

you have SOH - it's all good.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
12/19/12 6:36 am

Yea I don't have friends either nor do I have time for friends so I don't use social media either.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
12/19/12 6:24 am

You'll always find like-minded people that are glad you're here @Coke, no profile pic required!

12/19/12 4:29 am

I have no friends so I have no need for social networking

peacefullife Land of Moss
12/19/12 12:01 am

I change randomly... Me, the dog, pretty pictures I've taken, meaningful pictures others have posted, etc. I don't like seeing my own face, and my dog is super-cute... Ha!

penelope USA
12/18/12 10:37 pm

I only use my real pic on Facebook. Otherwise I like my anonymity.

emmbeedee Arkansas
12/18/12 9:18 pm

Same here! I don't do face book or twitter. I have enough trouble with time management as it is! ;D

pvtliberal Ohio
12/18/12 9:15 pm

No. Mine is generally a picture of me and Vice President Joe Biden.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/18/12 9:10 pm

sometimes I do, but right now my picture is of me with my best friend who goes to USC and who I miss very much. when he came home for thanksgiving, we calculated that the past few months have been the longest we've ever been apart from each other.

12/18/12 8:56 pm

My big flowering cactus.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/18/12 8:31 pm

My amazingly beautiful daughters in the picture with me.

kubu1218 Texas
12/18/12 8:21 pm

I actually don't use a photo. People I'm friends with on my FB page already know what I look like anyway.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/18/12 8:05 pm

You'd like the picture. One kid is in a body cast and the other is being water boarded. (Sarcasm)

Kyonkichi Memphis
12/18/12 7:06 pm

They're usually characters from TV shows I love.

Rinnick Deployed, Be Back Soon
12/18/12 7:04 pm

Group pics just scream "look, I have friends! I can prove it!"

tuvwxyz New York
12/18/12 6:50 pm

It's December. National make a Pokemon your pro pic month! So no. Right now, it's jiggly puff. :)

dudley northern Virginia woods
12/18/12 5:58 pm

Well there's me and my crippled cat who is the boss.

12/18/12 5:57 pm

That would be correct

HalfDozenMama in my scrapbook room
12/18/12 5:49 pm

Myself. I'm actually one who enjoys finding old friends online & with name changes over the years I like a face to the name. Also more common names, I.e. multiple 'Jane Smiths' online, the correct photo can assure you've got the right person.

12/18/12 5:46 pm

Grumpy cat ftw

chile safer than congress
12/18/12 5:43 pm

That's the affect of conditioning and/or the nurturing side. You don't see many women go out to lunch by themselves either. So, group photos are safe turf.

BandNerd Moderately Absolute
12/18/12 5:40 pm

If they can't tell who I am in a group, I shouldn't be friends with them.

12/18/12 5:37 pm

I don't post pics of myself online.

satiricalnick meh
12/18/12 5:35 pm

Dave123- im assuming youre the hundred and twenty-third dave?

12/18/12 5:30 pm

Profile pic of dog- so, I see you're a dog.
Profile pic of group of friends- assuming you're the ugliest one.
Profile pic as car- so... You're a transformer...

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
12/18/12 5:29 pm

SOH is about as close as I get to a social media site.

sunshine0i? Wisconsin
12/18/12 5:04 pm

Fiat, seeing your post had me laughing about that scene all over again. :)

jopperm2 Iowa
12/18/12 4:53 pm

I love how far more women use multiple people in their pics. Pro tip: we assume you are the ugliest one.

satiricalnick meh
12/18/12 4:48 pm

But i's am speakin the english, pardner. Why'd, you want me to speak in the espanol, we aint in no mexico!

satiricalnick meh
12/18/12 4:46 pm

For those of you with skype, do you remember the "lol is this your new profile pic" epidemic that was going around a few months ago? Funny stuff man, funny stuff.

cowboy Proud Father
12/18/12 4:25 pm

I don't know. Try speaking English.

Burned Missouri
12/18/12 3:56 pm

I use a star with the word "Redistribution" over it

Zulsoras New Hampshire
12/18/12 3:53 pm

Uh no- I don't really want random people knowing who I am

14573 Scary Numbers
12/18/12 3:50 pm

Usually, but not this month. After all, it's Pokemon profile picture month!!!

12/18/12 2:56 pm

Always use a pic of myself with my spouse. Keeps any unwanted inquiries away.


12/18/12 2:41 pm

Right now my Facebook profile pic is Bill Murray from Scrooged

Burned Missouri
12/18/12 2:23 pm

Now only if we can eliminate violent treatment methods....hmmmm

Burned Missouri
12/18/12 2:21 pm

I use a picture of Obama with the phrase: "My favorite quote is: Teach a man to fish, I killed Osama Bin Laden" hahaha jk

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/18/12 2:14 pm

If you like creepy Spanish, you should check out the movie Courageous. There's a scene there where a Hispanic guy is talking in Spanish about the lunch he's about to get, but the way he does it freaks out the guy he's talking too. You have to see it in context to get it, but it's really funny.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
12/18/12 2:12 pm

I don't remember the last time it was a pic of me. Even my professional profile has an altered close up of my eye. I usually have a funny tshirt, character or something silly. My Google+ profile used to be a Mac Photobooth pic all wacky looking..

Hawkn Texas
12/18/12 2:11 pm

Hit me up ladies ????

12/18/12 2:05 pm

I use a symbol - currently on FB it's a Roman coin showing the head of a helmeted soldier, possibly a Praetorian ;)
This practice reflects that online is a fantasy world for me. My online pesona is close to, but not identical to real life.