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Show Of Hands February 28th, 2012 12:00am

Has there ever been a highly publicized school shooting in your state?

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03/07/12 7:37 pm

@jakerssw22- which one?

03/06/12 6:36 pm

Oklahomans Seth tricky? Fort Gibson schools. My mom works with his mother

03/04/12 6:11 am

Delaware is a small state and were very lucky nothing bad happens

gearheadgirl California
03/03/12 7:44 pm

Yes. West side Middle School in Jonesboro.

03/03/12 11:10 am

I can't figure out why 25% of Arkansans said no...are they living in the dark ages? West Side Middle School shooting in 1998 was one of the first highly publicized school shootings

03/03/12 7:48 am

Virginia tech

pollmd Maryland
03/02/12 1:50 pm

does Maryland not remember the dc sniper? and everyone being freaked about the white vans everywhere

alizesmom Pennsylvania
03/02/12 10:49 am

PA, don't forget the guy who shot all the little girls at the Amish school

03/02/12 10:21 am

Hello Californians we should be blue we've had more than one:-(

spursnation Virginia
03/01/12 9:22 pm

Dang Virginia Tech shooting can't forget that one :(

illbilly Texas
03/01/12 8:10 pm

what the hell Texans, the UT Bell Tower never happened? bs...

palindrome California
03/01/12 8:05 am

This is just another one of those polls that show how ignorant we all are

jakersw22 Michigan
03/01/12 7:54 am

Yeah, MI is home to the worst school attack ever.

mxduppup Mississippi
03/01/12 5:38 am

Umm, interesting that almost half of the people from Mississippi don't know about Pearl High.

palindrome California
03/01/12 1:10 am

Justakid- Google Cleveland Elementary school shooting in Stockton, Ca.

JamesMadison La Palma
02/29/12 10:55 pm

4% of those who live in Colorado are idiots

02/29/12 9:43 pm

People in Mississippi said yes. They have schools there?

02/29/12 9:40 pm

2ndafe. So to get ride of gun violence in schools the best idea is to throw more guns in the schools?

02/29/12 9:40 pm

Yeah. like two days ago.

02/29/12 8:25 pm

Columbine shooting. Really tragic. 

02/29/12 8:16 pm

Boomtown Rats, "I don't like Mondays" based on 1979 elementary school shooting by 16 year old girl with 22 rifle with scope from her house across the street. she killed 2 adults and injured 8 children and a policeman. thankfully shes still in prison.

02/29/12 7:21 pm

I live in Florida but my state is wa

02/29/12 7:13 pm

If you are from Illinois and said no,you are stupid. Anyone remember the NIU shooting.

02/29/12 4:59 pm

Hello texans... Whitman? UT Tower??? Google it.

viceR Parker, CO
02/29/12 4:46 pm

A lot of people don't realize that kids under the age of 13 are using iPhones these days. Columbine happened when they weren't born or were too young to remember. The tragedy of people not knowing is actually that we don't talk about school shootings a year after they happen.

02/29/12 3:12 pm

There have been a few bomb scares, though. Only one was an actual bomb.

02/29/12 2:35 pm

Springfield Mass. and it happens once every season. I go to the high school there and it is far beyond dangerous

BadBadger Georgia
02/29/12 2:17 pm

Any of those are fairly simple, harder to detect, and far more effective. Let's just hope the whackos stick with the lesser of these methods.

BadBadger Georgia
02/29/12 2:17 pm

I believe when someone decides to shoot up a school, what they have really decided to do is kill and/or cause mayhem. The gun is just a relatively convenient way to do it. However, without guns, the same people would choose explosives, gas, biological, etc.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
02/29/12 2:10 pm

it's time to end the ban on licensed individuals carrying on school campuses. these kids and faculty are sitting ducks.

02/29/12 1:58 pm

@veritas gun control laws wouldn't really do much. If someone wants a gun, they're going to get a gun. What I don't understand with shootings involving children is how parents can't see these violent actions coming. You don't wake up one day and decide to kill.

02/29/12 12:50 pm

Yeah, that one down in chardon. I'm in the neighboring school. ( Riverside)

02/29/12 11:07 am

there was one only a couple days ago in ohio

bt09 Fan District
02/29/12 9:40 am

who said no in va!?!? VT? come on...

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
02/29/12 6:40 am

Who said Yes in Florida? Did I miss a shooting?

02/29/12 3:25 am

I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and currently live in VA, so unfortunately yes.

02/29/12 2:23 am

Just read about the Winnenden school shooting in Germany - they have one of the toughest gun control laws and still this deranged perp got hold of a gun. If the teachers at this school would have been carrying, the shooter would have bee stopped earlier. With tough gun control, the innocent suffer.

02/29/12 1:57 am

@Siuous00: Did I miss something or are asserting agent Terry was shot at a school?

palindrome California
02/29/12 1:04 am

CA is a MASSIVE disappointment to me right now...

02/29/12 12:59 am

Our's is called fast & furious where agent Terry was killed by a gun the federal govt aided by that ratbastard Eric Holder & his boss(es) which NO 1 is being held accountable & should have their butts in a sling & on display; all b/c BO wants 2 trample the Constitution & take away r 2nd amend rights

02/29/12 12:49 am

For OUR area it was highly publicized. Richland High School was the first to have a teacher killed among others. I wish that I could check it hasn't. I am still pro gun. The person behind it has the issues. Where there is a will there is always a way.

02/29/12 12:40 am

The University of Texas shooting happened in Texas...

02/29/12 12:11 am

didn't some nutcase shoot up a school in PA ?

ophelias pacific palisades
02/28/12 11:50 pm

How could people in CA think there hasn't been a publicized school shooting here??? POD even wrote a song about one.

HRocinante Ohio
02/28/12 11:49 pm

Yesterday, actually. And at Kent.