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Show Of Hands October 9th, 2011 12:00am

A new blog entry has finally been posted. Read "Stupidest. Question. Evah." over on the blog.

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musiclovr Colorado
10/20/11 10:45 pm

Tony that's a stupid question! JK
You don't like the question don't answer it.

10/11/11 2:38 pm

I laugh, groan, and think... it's all good....

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
10/11/11 7:16 am

I tried the upgrade this morning (ipad) and now works fine,

10/11/11 12:46 am

Some yes, some no. I'll just say that my views don't hold to a typical party line.

10/10/11 1:04 pm

I'm referring to the political questions. do you honestly have no opinion?

10/10/11 5:27 am

Stupidest Question Evah!!?? Sounds like what one of them Queer Guy For The Straight Eye guys would say.

T0nyiPhone Oregon
10/09/11 11:11 pm

@jacobck is Fox News doing a series on zombie apocalypse, restaurant reservations, and parallel universes *again*?! :-)

Truth be told, I don't watch the news, Fox or other. Just don't have the time.

10/09/11 6:33 pm

even the questions you ask frequently seem to come straight out of fox "news" talking points.

10/09/11 3:25 pm

I agree with ValerieJo. I've always found it rude when people say that a question is stupid. Especially when their comments usually have misspellings all over the place - how ironic is that?

Well done, Tony - I love the app, it's fun, and very interesting as long as I keep it in perspective :)

T0nyiPhone Oregon
10/09/11 3:09 pm

@cilgin I thought about it, but:

a) I didn't want to hurt some sincere folks' feelings
b) many are obscene or intentionally offensive
c) I didn't have time to read through the thousands and thousands of submissions again

10/09/11 1:46 pm

Very nice. I was hoping it was going to be a list of the stupidest questions ever suggested. :)

10/09/11 10:37 am

@islamicide: Romans 12:21

10/09/11 8:13 am

@islamicide when ur on the poll page there's a home button in the top left corner press it and on the home page in the bottom right corner Theres a button that says news and blogs

10/09/11 7:20 am

You it @ 'white persons fro'. When are people going to be like me?
When are the rest of you going to follow suit? If you really have to know- show their picture.
Me? I just want the story.

10/09/11 6:47 am

How n the hell do you access the blog?

staunch hawaii
10/09/11 4:53 am

Tony, loved it! I approach this app everyday in just the manner you've envisioned! It's a poll question people, this is not a life or death issue! And don't be afraid to pick something; death is not an option. All in the name of FUN…duh!

Jzz California
10/09/11 4:38 am

tony.. if this is a venuue to give feedback to your app, it would be nice to see the poll ? vs post your cooment below

10/09/11 12:49 am

Tony, Sasquatch is real...

10/09/11 12:31 am

(or ban me for wanting a good app to be better)

10/09/11 12:30 am

for every question, you know how you would answer. I would like it if you would take the time to understand why someone would think the other way, so that you might accurately represent them.

10/09/11 12:30 am

everyone has bias, and everything we do reflects that. it is egotistical to think you could be exempt. so actively work to minimize the bias you have.

10/08/11 11:44 pm

"Stupid question, Tony."

T0nyiPhone Oregon
10/08/11 11:18 pm

Thanks everyone. We have grand plans and will continue to do our best to make Show of Hands awesome for y'all. We're aiming for one big update per quarter - or more...

blutuesday California
10/08/11 10:50 pm

Tony -- REALLY enjoyed your pithy post. Thank you for owning your app, in every sense of the word, and for sharing it with all of us! Poll on.

10/08/11 10:18 pm

Tony great blog I luv luv luv this app it's what I check first thing in the morning keep up the gr8 work!

10/08/11 10:14 pm

Again Ton, keep up the good work. Only one suggestion, don't stop improving it.

10/08/11 9:19 pm

I have inadvertently reported several people for abuse and/or ignored them without meaning to, and I feel bad about it. I use my iPhone and if I scroll on the left the menu comes up, and I either don't cancel soon enough, or it doesn't take. I didn't mean any abuse or ignores:-)

10/08/11 8:59 pm

Loved the blog, and it made me love the app just a little bit more. <3 Hugs all, and goodnight.

nls1781 Rhode Island
10/08/11 8:17 pm

Love the blog, made me like the app even more! People need to lighten up!!!

10/08/11 7:54 pm

I think some of the questions are poorly worded, therefore making them difficult to understand. I also think that some of the questions--whether or not you mean them to--are asked in a biased way. others have made that very same comment in past polls, so it's something worth thinking about.

kilinfreak Oregon
10/08/11 7:08 pm

@outbox I must say I sent in a pretty stupid question, for fun of course... It was;
What tastes better?
Earwax or Boogers?
That is a stupid question, or one that you already know the answer to, but then you could always say that that was just an unnecessary question...

strangelov Connecticut
10/08/11 6:59 pm

Stupid question, Tony. It's bad and you should feel bad.

10/08/11 5:38 pm

no such thing as a stupid question, but SoH shows there are some really stupid answers!

10/08/11 5:33 pm

so uhhh...where's the stupid question Tony???

10/08/11 5:19 pm

I thought you were going to post the stupid questions

itouch Florida
10/08/11 5:16 pm

No third option! You nailed it in an earlier blog - pick one and own it, no easy out!!

veritas1 Panda
10/08/11 4:57 pm

@Tony. Public User Profiles! And a Third Voting Option (Not a "not sure" or "neither" but a distinct choice ie. Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux). And discussion forums that aren't poll questions!

That would make this app even more awesome.

KillShot Wisconsin
10/08/11 4:50 pm

i think it would be nice if SOH expanded to include categories. A political, social, current events, pictures, and misc category would make everyone happy with a couple question in each category a day.

10/08/11 4:35 pm

My favorite Demotivator poster: there are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.

itouch Florida
10/08/11 3:55 pm

Tony, this app is by far my favorite...even the stupid questions. The best polls are the ones that get me fired up and seeing red first thing in the morning. It's also my opinion that you're inadvertently keeping people educated about current politics. Amazing feat! Take pride in ur hard work!!

kilinfreak Oregon
10/08/11 1:15 pm

I <3 stupid questions, I ask them every day. :)