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Show Of Hands June 17th, 2011 12:00am

Are you more of a tortoise (slow but steady) or a hare (quick but inconsistent)?

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06/27/11 8:53 am

Both. I'm generally fast and steady.

NinjaMouse Illinois
06/22/11 3:15 pm

I bet most people said the tortoise just so they'd be the winner of the race.

06/22/11 3:01 am

It also helps to live in an area that promotes exercise & an active lifestyle without you having to go out of your way. That's one reason why Burlington, VT was recently named America's Healthiest City. Not the only reason, but one reason.

06/22/11 2:59 am

Slow and steady get things done. And samantha, I've been underweight just about my whole life. Never been overweight. And the most important thing when it comes to weight is what you eat. Not your lifestyle (though that is important too).

samantha New Jersey
06/21/11 11:54 pm

Yes everyone is slow and steady at getting things done...that's why the US population is most fat

Bran Maryland
06/21/11 11:34 pm

As the saying goes, it pays to be slow.

06/21/11 9:36 pm

lol @jgreene. it's not a job interview! haha

06/21/11 9:26 pm

everyone is stop saying tortoise because it won in the story

06/20/11 4:01 pm

(tried to cram my comment in the character limit. terrible. )

06/20/11 4:00 pm

The question poser is slow in an environment that demands speed. They compensate with the fallacy that quality work can't be consistently created under tight deadlines. My job demands higher quality at a faster pace each year. We are improve over last year's performance or lose business.

06/20/11 2:42 am

Slow and steady feels exaggerated, but that's me I suppose.

06/19/11 9:37 pm

This question made me mad...I work better when I'm under pressure so I work fast but still do a great job. I'm fast and consistent so I guess I'm a Torthare

alaskan sleeping
06/19/11 6:46 pm

I'm more middle. But lean towards fast.

06/19/11 8:31 am

I work fast. And I get it done well most of the time.
So, I am intact more of a hare. But, I do take my time when it's important

06/19/11 7:27 am

I am actually fast, but not extremely consistent.

06/19/11 1:33 am

Okay, I own tortoises and they are super fast when motivated

06/19/11 12:11 am

Actually I am more fast, but mostly consistent.

06/19/11 12:09 am

Both slow and inconsistent.

06/18/11 10:51 pm

I wish i was a hare when it comes
to taking a test. Im too slow....

kmsexton McLean
06/18/11 9:52 pm

I definitely have spurts of productivity, but I feel like I'm always going.

gardianlh Oregon
06/18/11 8:11 pm

I'm a hare. I can't wait and constantly do something.

06/18/11 3:31 pm

I was gonna write a comment, but I didn't wanna take the time and stop

06/18/11 2:44 pm

To be honest, I'd pick tortoise. The name, however, prohibits that

06/18/11 11:00 am

Quality over quantity.

I'll never own a thriving successful business, but at the same time, I'll always produce a "darn" good final product... :)

06/18/11 9:54 am

i drive like a tortoise to lower gas consumption. 55MPH max baby!