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01/17/13 8:27 pm

I dialed 911 when I was a kid. My brother was annoying me so I called the cops on him. They ended up calling my dad to make sure everything was ok.

NN03 Seattle, WA
01/14/13 11:34 pm

Yes I have once my brother got run over by the garbage truck when I was 14 and he was 7 I was devastated. He was rushed to the hospital, we found out he had massive internal injuries and internal bleeding. I am sorry to say he didn't make it . To this day I still think I could have saved him!:(

01/13/13 10:36 pm

My 2 year old somehow dialed 911, 2 police officers came in the house which freaked me out and wanted to check on things to make sure we're ok. We were fine but my 5 year old was so scared of them , they had to calm him down and explain to him their job is to protect us. I hope I never have to!

01/13/13 9:54 pm

yes because shawty was fire burnin on the dance floor.

AnnieM The Island
01/13/13 7:11 pm

going somewhere. She accidentally stepped on the gas and managed to run over her leg as the car flew through the garage door. She ended up getting pinned between the car and the garage wall.

AnnieM The Island
01/13/13 7:10 pm

My mom wasn't elderly when it happened. She was somewhere around 28.
That's kind of what happened, penguin, except she was mostly out of the car. I think she was trying to nudge it forward because the tire was on the garden hose or something and she was going to rinse the windshield before us…

zigtiger823 everywhere
01/13/13 6:28 pm

No, but my 8 year old cousin did because his brother wasn't sharing

01/13/13 6:25 pm


01/13/13 6:19 pm

One time my dad almost ran himself over. He was trying to get the newspaper while in the car so he opened the door and fell with the car still going but he was ok.

01/13/13 6:17 pm

Wait physically beating ur mom?

ScrewU Gone
01/13/13 4:22 pm

Happens fairly often. Elderly people often fail to put it in park before getting out.

Drasta Tennessee
01/13/13 10:42 am

Yeah, not for any real reason.
Speed dial sucks..

dispatcher Tennessee
01/13/13 7:57 am

It sounds like you need to learn the 7 digit number for your local police department. Property crimes unless in progress are not the time for 9-1-1.

AnnieM The Island
01/13/13 1:04 am

Don't put it in gear with only one leg and one arm in the car at the time.
I'm still foggy on how in the world she managed to do that.

01/12/13 10:35 pm

I pocket dialed them :| embarrassed

Dream Hogwarts
01/12/13 4:34 pm

You are correct on that, but I meant creating a shorter number for poised control like 119 or something.

01/12/13 4:09 pm

Yes but she is scarred for life

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/12/13 4:00 pm

Really? You just keep popping up at those things… Does it ever get annoying?

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/12/13 2:29 pm

just completed a CPR/AED/first aid course at red cross, so I now know when and when not to call. at least in a medical situation. hopefully I won't ever actually have to.

Sean Go Devils
01/12/13 1:46 pm

911 gets called a lot by accident. The top 2 are Buttdialers and Babies.

peacefullife Land of Moss
01/12/13 12:13 pm

Dream, when you call 911 about poisoning, they're just going to send you there, taking even more time.
Police, fire, and medics aren't experts on poison. You MIGHT need an ambulance, often, the ingested substance is not as horrid as your first thought, and poison control can provide 1st aid info.

01/12/13 10:16 am

That whole "dial 9 + 1 then the area code" thing for office phones has been quite the challenge for me.

Dream Hogwarts
01/12/13 9:57 am

If your child just swallowed poison, wouldn't it be faster to dial a shorter number?

monkees19 New Jersey
01/12/13 7:21 am

I've been to NYC and hate it there. Doesn't mean it's a bad place, just not for me.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/12/13 7:01 am

engulfed in flames behind a house. So naturally, I had my mom call 911. Apparently we were like the 20th call reporting it.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/12/13 7:00 am

A car fire was my first sorta 911 call. I had just read the section in the DMV driver's handbook about it being a civil obligation to report emergencies and not assume someone else had, like the day before (this was about 5 years ago). As we were driving along a country road, I saw a car fairly…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/12/13 6:53 am

It might be a good idea to ban numbers with 911 in them just to prevent "oops" incidents like these… Hmmm.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/12/13 6:51 am

Any advice on how not to run yourself over with your own car?

hazhap1 Las Vegas
01/12/13 6:17 am

For two years after that yes, the entire time refusing to see or speak to me. Took quite a long time for her to get her head str8, but 24 years later its "water under the bridge"

01/12/13 6:07 am

Did she stay with him?

hazhap1 Las Vegas
01/12/13 5:42 am

When I was 10, and my mom's bf at the time was beating her. I called 911 to inform them I killed had him with a cast iron frying pan. Learning that he was in fact alive, and that I only knocked him out, remains the single most devastatingly disappointing moment of my life.

AnnieM The Island
01/12/13 2:29 am

drunk drivers, reckless drivers & people driving the wrong way on one-way roads/lanes.
For a while 911 was the number 1 speed dial on my phone because I had to call to report car-related emergencies so frequently.

AnnieM The Island
01/12/13 2:29 am

As an adult I've lost count of how many times I've called. Before "settling down" I made a lot of road trips & I delivered pizzas to get through college. I was in my car more than in my apt.
Being in the car so much I saw far more than my fair share of crashes, hit-and-runs, …

AnnieM The Island
01/12/13 2:26 am

2nd time was because mom set the stove on fire. That wasn't uncommon when she cooked, but this fire was much bigger than usual. 3rd time was because mom had managed to run herself over with her own car. Yeah.

AnnieM The Island
01/12/13 2:25 am

Many, many times. I did 3 times as a small child. Once because my brother & I woke in the middle of the night & found the house empty. Being 5 yrs-old our imaginations went wild with what could have happened to our mom. Turned out she'd gone on a midnight walk around the block with her boyfriend. …

gademchick Georgia
01/12/13 1:26 am

I have several times for broken down in our area. I live in the country and want to be sure help is on the way.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
01/12/13 12:21 am

Yes...I took a nasty spill when I was 6 months pregnant. I had to get one of my little daycare kids to get me the phone then I had to call their parents to pick them up so I could go to the hospital. My husband & oldest son are paramedics but they weren't home. I had to call 911.

nickzimmerman 53051
01/11/13 11:54 pm

Happened to me I was trying to call my mom and then the phone rang and the operator said 911 what's your emergency then the officer came later