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When you have to write something do you use cursive or print handwriting? (UserQ)

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08/06/11 2:23 am

It didn't ask if you knew HOW to write in cursive. I do, but I generally prefer print. My teachers were fine!

08/03/11 5:59 pm

good question seriously shows how well our teachers are doing with regards to our kids education. how many know algebra or do you use a calculator?

Jut347 Georgia
08/02/11 2:10 am

@Ginny8 yes exactly!!!!!!!! I hate that! But I got so used to cursive that it became faster and neater...

Sage568 Connecticut
07/31/11 5:18 am

I just use print caz its faster :P

07/30/11 9:14 pm

I do a combo, but like printing better

07/30/11 4:06 pm

My print is MUCH nicer than my cursive, so I print. Except my signature, that's in cursive. :)

07/29/11 11:20 pm

When I was in elementary school, they made us learn/ use cursive, telling us that we'd have to in middle-high school.
7th thru 11th grade, not once has a teacher made it required we write in cursive.

benbargold Massachusetts
07/29/11 8:58 pm

Kinda both unless I use signature then it is always cursive
But print is just easier

07/27/11 10:23 pm

It depends on if my dyslexia is bad that day. Some days it's harder to write than others.

07/27/11 12:49 am

I write in script and always get told "wow! I wish I knew how to write cursive!" Funny thing is, I have an extremely hard time printing, so I just end up writing in capital letters... And it still takes me longer than a kindergartener to print.

07/25/11 9:38 pm

I use a weird combo of both.

07/25/11 6:08 pm

Who writes anymore? We all type everything, and it's in print!

07/25/11 2:47 pm

I write both cursive and in print it's a mix ya know?

07/25/11 11:24 am

when I'm trying to write quickly, I start to hybrid between them, and there goes the quality. cursive is only good for signatures and love letters.

07/25/11 10:28 am

@mr pickles: I printed it too (SAT written part). The instructor asked me why, and I said that I never learned it. They gave me a dirty look and wrote a note on it lol.

Hestia Vermont
07/25/11 9:25 am

I write in all print, except for lowercase g's, which I write in cursive just because it's more fun. :)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/25/11 6:34 am

@shorty75 Affirmative. Type it up and rarely write is what I do (and I'm a teen).

I assume that your username denotes that you are 75 cm. Is that correct?


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/25/11 6:34 am

@MDF3141592 I've always been too literal ever since (I was 2) my mom said she had to go put some juice in the camera and I asked to try that type :-) It took me some years to realize that the reason she said "No" was because it was electricity!!!...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/25/11 6:34 am

@Tjorven I still have a few more years of practice to get to where you're at (I'm envious). Do you have any tips for increased accuracy? At my average I have a 95% accuracy rate.

With the iP- keyboard expect half your typing speed from a full-size keyboard (that's what I tested at on this)...

CaseyEE Atlanta
07/25/11 2:06 am

Wow. Very surprised at all the print votes. Cursive comes the most naturally to me.

07/25/11 12:15 am

I write my name in cursive and my teachers get mad at me

07/24/11 8:45 pm

cursive is a bigger waste of classroom time than recess. it does nothing to teach or exercise the mind and lots of people get frustrated trying to read it. get it out of the classrooms and focus on real subjects instead

07/24/11 6:38 pm

Wow. I'm surprised that everyone does print. Is it because we no longer write at all since we now use PCs to type our stuff and just jotting down is last resort?

:D Georgia
07/24/11 6:19 pm

And I never use it I hate it.

:D Georgia
07/24/11 6:19 pm

@Jezebel I learned cursive when I was 8. It's just that most people don't like writing in cursive.

07/24/11 4:48 pm

I think it is an age thing, anyone over about 40 knows cursive but most use a combo, as I do too.

07/24/11 1:15 pm

I figured everyone uses some sort of highbred combo. I know I do! It is the fastest and most legible. Here's a question. When you sign your name what do you use? I can't even imagine printing my name on something! Not even a receipt!!!

dancer3 Pennsylvania
07/24/11 12:25 pm

In my school, every kid learned cursive in kindergarten. Then we had to use it 100% of the time up until fifth grade. Then nobody cared.

sgeisler18 Illinois
07/24/11 11:31 am

My handwriting is a print, but very often my letters connect. It's about half and half.

07/24/11 10:20 am

I write print at the moment, but I'm trying to become one of the endangered species that uses cursive.

07/24/11 10:11 am

@FIAT2LUX: It's a joke.
Ever hear of a left-handed hammer??

Remember, the pencil is key. With the proper pencil, you'll never misspell words. Am I right "anti-2nd amendment people??"

07/24/11 9:50 am

I learned cursive in third grade and always use it.....until fourth grade, i forgot how to use it haha

erika348 Texas
07/24/11 7:54 am

@andi24 the schools here don't teach cursive either. I personally taught my kids to write in cursive.

andi24 Ohio
07/24/11 7:18 am

A lot of schools don't even teach cursive anymore. I kind of use both I always start with print but Some letters are in cursive

katbunny Alabama
07/24/11 6:31 am

Wow! That surprised me! Cursive is faster, if taught properly. But the children in this state, "lousy education Alabama", are not being taught it AT ALL! That's just pathetic!!!

07/24/11 6:19 am

@Fiat2Lux that is my average. With minimal to no mistakes. I love typing. However, I'm sure my score is slightly altered by this tiny phone screen versus my fat (bigger-than-the-buttons) thumbs. :-)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/24/11 3:52 am

@everyone from Texas This isn't intended to mock you (from the CA vs. TX poll), just saying that I have 2 left-handed friends who were both born in California. Remember that there are 50 states in the Union, not one.


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/24/11 3:49 am

@everyone Go find a font you like and then print out the characters on paper at the size you'd use and then trace like you were in 1st grade. You WILL get it after a while and be very pleased with your handwriting :-)...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/24/11 3:48 am

@Tjorven is that your record or average w.p.m.?

@MDF3141592 What on earth are left handed pencils and paper? I have some left handed friends who will gladly use the same pencil and paper. And one of them has astonishingly great handwriting (btw, she was born in CA, and the other friend)...

07/24/11 3:38 am

86...make it 87 comments, on cursive, fucking really?

07/24/11 2:41 am

Cursive!! I have been teaching my children as well. Our schools here don't put emphasis on handwriting. The basics are not really taught anymore. Its all more to get the test scores up. Good Question!!!

aznhottchik Eastern Washington
07/24/11 1:50 am

Actually my handwriting sucks its a mix between cursive, print and squiggles haha.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
07/23/11 11:17 pm

Man. Americans really are simple. I am so embarrassed. Geez.

07/23/11 10:22 pm

Vermont is quite a fancy state :P

07/23/11 10:20 pm

Great discussion. Good day to you all :).

vegas Nevada
07/23/11 10:08 pm

@megadittos dude get on some education already! Take your phone to the dr with you and show him what you are up to! Possibly he will send you somewhere that still does labotomys!