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Is the primary intent of "speed traps" to improve public safety, or to increase local government revenue?

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08/14/11 9:46 pm

I agree with onetruth and bigdog123, the police are only there to keep you safe. If it takes a ticket for you to drive safely, then so be it

joe13 California
08/14/11 10:32 am

Most cities need every penny they can get, especially these days.

08/12/11 2:46 pm

cops around KC are so corrupt. I've seen cops get to a red light flas their radar run the light then turn it off. by the way the cop turned into a gas station for coffee in such a rush in case you were wondering

BigDog133 Arkansas
08/11/11 6:23 pm

If u only knew how much money doesn't even come back to the police department!

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
08/08/11 11:45 pm

police are ready to ticket you immediately for going 5miles above the speed limit, but when you have a real emergency they are busy munching on donuts

onetruth California
08/08/11 4:36 am

Gimme a break, A cop on the side of the road slows u down for 10 seconds. a tickets slows you down for a good year or so. If you have a brain. Let me guess DUI check points have nothing to do with safety either. Here's an idea don't speed or drink and drive!

08/07/11 11:55 pm

that's why they are called traps!!!

monkeyballs Cuba City
08/07/11 2:48 pm

The question is about the ethics of a speed trap. Couldn't a police force better slow down the public at a dangerous spot by being visible? The public would slow down there for sure, only problem is they wouldn't catch as many speeders therefore less revenue. The only point of speed traps is revenue

sjm Texas
08/06/11 1:26 pm

Yankee try trapster. that is one I played around with.

08/06/11 2:51 am

@handsdown Phantom came up as a ghost hunting app....but the speed traps app sounds helpful, is it called something else now?

08/06/11 12:57 am

The red light camera's locations are posted. They are encouraging both revenue and safety which I believe is a great system

Ranks New Jersey
08/05/11 11:48 pm

I thought it was in the constitution that you have to be able to face your accuser?

08/05/11 11:38 pm

FYI there is a free app called Phantom that worx great! It shows speed traps, intersections with cams DUI checkpoints, etc.

I think that speed traps are for revenue, most times I see people in troupe are at the very end of the month - start keeping track, you will see they just do it for quota  

purslane Ohio
08/05/11 11:12 pm

Traffic stops are a great way to pick up people with warrants or people driving under the influence. Go for it! Less crime that way.

RiseUp Minnesota
08/05/11 7:50 pm

Of course it's revenue for the government. If it was to slow people down they should just sit on the shoulder with their lights on.

But then they couldn't detain, interrogate and extort from you.

It's all a racket aimed at feeding the insatiable beast.

weallhave1 Tennessee
08/05/11 7:21 pm

If it's a true speed trap, then of course it's for revenue. If the speed limit drops more than 15 mph suddenly and not gradually and not in a congested area, that's a speed trap. Slow speed limits over long stretches in congested areas or neighborhoods are not speed traps.

08/05/11 5:06 pm

And as a side note, I actually think that if I didn't have to WORRY about speed traps that I would be a better driver because instead of being hypervigilant for cops in my rearview window and coming around a corner, I'd be paying attention to driving.

08/05/11 5:04 pm

...but really what is wrong with either of those answers?

itsjustme South Dakota
08/05/11 4:40 pm

I have an idea. Why not just drive under the speed limit and deny them your money. Then you will have more to spend on important things, like Xbox.

polarbear8 Ohio
08/05/11 10:54 am

funny. courts get most of the money, no locals. research the revenue they get. courts us it as a main income.

08/05/11 9:38 am

I live in Germantown, Tn... Small city outside of Memphis.. Mo real crime to speak of but do not drive through here doing one mile over posted limit. You will get a ticket and almost every light has a camera. It's all revenue but nobody is speeding!

Zack100 Tatooine
08/05/11 9:37 am

@Jezebel yea they do!!! That's why u see them at the end of the month patrolling the streets of ur neighborhood ticketing people who park the wrong way! My familys gotten at least three in the last year or two!

08/05/11 8:17 am

monkey ball, cops don't have quotas they can write as many as they want, don't speed that easy.

08/05/11 8:14 am

mrs story is there crime in booneville? hee hee I'm from Oxford, everyone thinks it's all Mayberry in the south. call the board members they hate to hear complains.

08/05/11 8:14 am

hey! another point of agreement!

O13 Alabama
08/05/11 7:31 am

Here's an idea: if you don't want a ticket, if you don't like speed traps, if you don't like DUI checkpoints..... THEN DON'T BREAK THE LAW! Freaking crybaby morons. It's pretty simple math. Some of you should get the aforementioned "Stupid Ticket" for being window licking, mouth breathers.

George96 Texas
08/05/11 6:39 am

It's meant to increase safety, but it only increases revenue.

sjm Texas
08/05/11 6:21 am

it's only a trap if you speed. you are to be doing the posted speed when you pass the sign. not slowing down when you pass it. they only make money if you give them the chance.

08/05/11 6:18 am

And AHHH I can see my post!!!! Did Tony reverse the ignore function for people like me who ignored myself? Thanksss :)

08/05/11 6:18 am

that's so weird I was just pondering that question 2 days ago. def. revenue . some people are obvious offenders, but most is just to meet quota and bring in revenue.

08/05/11 6:17 am

My town is trying to greatly reduce the number of cigarette butts on the ground and the police are supposed to enforce it. Yesterday, I saw an officer smoke on the job and throw it on the ground. There is no crime in my town so the police kinda suck :/

NYevo NY
08/05/11 5:02 am

Again, the driving force these days is likely the revenue, but I you're not speeding you'll have no issue

heykvaz Northern Michigan
08/05/11 12:29 am

Increases public safety by allowing them to pull of the road for their donuts and coffee, preventing accidents. Increases revenue by pulling people over for tickets. However, I see many traffic violations they drive right past, so why do they need to pull over to ignore them?

CMLnKy Kentucky
08/05/11 12:14 am

Of course it swings both ways. The safer the roads are the more government issued money is given.

08/05/11 12:04 am

It is an easily avoidable tax.

08/04/11 11:57 pm

Well every speed trap I've seen is placed in a ridiculous revenue it is!

08/04/11 11:22 pm

I think it's a little of both. Bottom line is the speed limit is the law and if you break it, you should be punished. Luckily, I've never been caught ;)

08/04/11 11:15 pm

Everything is only about generating revenue.

08/04/11 11:06 pm

Not sure about other states but I know here the cops have to be visible. Thankfully they got rid of the photo radar... That was a huge waste of money

08/04/11 11:05 pm

Hmmmm...I guess if people drove the speed limit it would improve safety and eliminate that source of revenue. Apparently drivers would rather pay!

ObiWonton South Dakota
08/04/11 10:39 pm

Cops used to protect and serve. Now they enforce, speed traps are a perfect example! They work for the state, not for you as a citizen. it's sad we are slowly turning into a police state. :(

monkeyballs Cuba City
08/04/11 10:35 pm

Warp zone. I hope the next time you need a lazy ass cop they are sitting in a speed trap on route three trying to fill there quota.

08/04/11 10:30 pm

I think the "intent" is about 50/50, but in reality they don't work, so they're just for revenue.

O13 Alabama
08/04/11 10:29 pm

Monkeyball: I hope the next time you get pulled over they give you 2 tickets just for saying things like that.

monkeyballs Cuba City
08/04/11 10:18 pm

Easy it's totally a revenue maker. If they wanted people to drive slower then the cops would sit in plain view instead they hide like coward piles of shit so they can reach their monthly quotas that the muni. Instead of helping people they sit and catch speeders what a crock!

08/04/11 10:18 pm

Money money money money... MONEY!
in Georgia there is now a "super speeder law" which can tack on an additional 500 bucks for speeding. It's all about the Benjamins.

08/04/11 10:01 pm

Its is to keep people safe but mostly for the money