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Would you rather have a maid or a chef? (UserQ)

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GirlOnFire Ohio
12/02/11 10:29 pm

Love cooking....don't love cleaning;)

11/28/11 11:41 pm

Hate cleaning and like Hotpockets. Win-Win

11/23/11 5:26 am

@dylansi yep, I have an apple device, and yep, I'm poor. What's so hard to figure out there? I have broadband too, and I run Windows 7 on my quad core. if I didn't spend so much on electronics maybe I wouldn't be so poor. Ya think?

11/22/11 2:43 am

Can cook, hate cleaning.

11/21/11 6:33 pm

I don't buy food for the chef to cook. Lol

11/21/11 1:11 pm

We have a maid. I want a chef.

11/21/11 1:10 am

Wow I'm surprised with the results! I actually find cleaning to be relaxing, so I don't mind it at all.

I'm a terrible cook so of course I'd prefer to have a professional on-hand!

dylansl Texas
11/21/11 12:31 am

I'm pretty sure we all either have: A. A microwave or B. a dollar for McDonald's. ( you have an apple device so don't say your poor)

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/20/11 11:54 pm

you can certainly tell gender from many of the comments here. I'm just seriously concerned with keeping my house clean. I don't care if she's naked, wears fishnets, or wears baggy sweats. I just want her to clean my damn house! (probably guessed that I'm a woman).

Zack100 Tatooine
11/20/11 11:47 pm

Naughty French maids in fishnets and short skirts that aren't even long enough to be called skirts!!! Lol mmmmm!!!

11/20/11 9:26 pm

I want alice from the Brady bunch.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
11/20/11 8:05 pm

I love to cook but cleaning is for the birds.

11/20/11 7:28 pm

I want a naughty mexican maid

11/20/11 3:56 pm

I think I would Like To cook when I'm older instead of clean

NJ Delaware
11/20/11 3:49 pm

Having a housekeeper is a MUST. Between the two of us, my home stays the way I like it...clean and neat. always thought a personal chef would be helpful in eating properly and maintaining a good body weight. Cooking can be very difficult when family members like or need to eat differently.

Jzz California
11/20/11 11:38 am

kk4. they never clean to your standards, I have learned to let it go. otherwise you become a slave to t. I guess that's the definition of OCD. being a slave to that need. too many other priorities in life to worry about those dust bunnies behind the sofa in the parlor that doesn't get any use.

11/20/11 11:10 am

Im not really a messy person, so I will take one great chef

11/20/11 10:44 am

wife probably costs more than a maid and a chef combined though.

11/20/11 10:36 am

I'd definitely rather have a maid! I'm OCD about cleaning and it would be nice to have someone to help. I'm a great cook & enjoy it.

11/20/11 10:34 am

An@rki couldn't agree more haha

11/20/11 8:33 am

Definitely maid. Two little kids = lots of messes. Plus I cook well.

Mister CA
11/20/11 5:43 am

I have both it's called a wife :)

11/20/11 4:13 am

I can cook for my maid and pay her of course, with extra if she does more than just clean :)., and us shes smokin hot. The inly exception is that she should also clean

11/20/11 3:13 am

That's what restaurants are for. Maids all the way! Mine are lifesavers with 2 kids and 6 pets.

11/20/11 2:28 am

I can clean just fine, but having a chef that could fix me large portions of healthy tasty low calorie meals is way beyond my present skill range in the kitchen.

11/20/11 1:50 am

I love cooking and love making messes, not a big fan of cleaning:)

11/20/11 1:37 am

I love cooking but I hate laundry, vacuuming, and making beds lol so definitely a maid!

reichukey Oregon
11/20/11 1:32 am

I can clean by my self, easy enough. But cooking great tasting full meals is hard work. Chef FTW

elbow82 Veganland
11/20/11 1:26 am

I would go for a chef, hands down! I'm a pretty good cook and don't mind cooking, but to cook proper meals takes a really long time. I'd much rather do other things while having amazing food prepared for me! Plus, I could always get a Roomba.

Hope Minneapolis
11/20/11 1:16 am

Maid. Then I could spend more time learning to cook :p

11/20/11 12:41 am

I don't give a crap about anything being clean. I love food and though I'm a great cook and find it enjoyable, I'm not nearly as good as a professional chef. Plus, I'm kind of lazy.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/20/11 12:16 am

I'm very creative, I'm an excellent cook. Not so good house keeper , the thief of the other day would enter at his own risk. Diffidently maid.

redebbm 91709
11/20/11 12:08 am

I actually like to cook and clean but a chief would probably cook better food so I chose chief.

JDoe Its a gift
11/19/11 11:33 pm

The house can quite a while with little or no cleaning but I have to eat pretty often. I would get more use and pleasure from a cook.

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/19/11 10:47 pm

I have a cleaning lady and a robot vacuum. Love them both! and I love to cook and I'm pretty damn good at it, so I had to go with the maid/cleaning response.

11/19/11 10:10 pm

couldn't I just have both?

11/19/11 9:45 pm

I have 4 kids, i need a jetsons style "Rosie". Food is the least of my worries with these slovs i live with. And the reason it bothers me is because i try hard to teach them. They are just beain damaged.

cc518 Massachusetts
11/19/11 9:23 pm

I can't cook - I would love a chef to prepare only healthy meals and snacks

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
11/19/11 8:53 pm

Honestly neither...I'm pretty particular but I chose maid because I love to Cook and I can cook very well.

blutuesday California
11/19/11 8:07 pm

My housekeeper keeps me sane; wouldn't trade her for meals, no way!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/19/11 7:05 pm

I already have a cook named mom ;)


yoggsaron Las Vegas
11/19/11 6:34 pm

Don't like cleaning and i enjoy cooking but, I'm no chef id gladly clean for world-class meals.

11/19/11 6:25 pm

easy..a maid. I love to cook but I'm lousy at cleaning

11/19/11 5:44 pm

cook for sure. generally everyday cleaning is not that bad but having a good home cooked meal every nite would be awesome