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Show Of Hands August 5th, 2011 12:00am

Are we emerging from a recession, or heading into a "double dip"?

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08/15/11 10:24 pm

@beastie44 I agree the media uses scare tactics to an extreme but the economy is still screwed and it might be fine in the long run but in the near future it's not looking too good

08/14/11 1:11 pm

I heard some economist sayntoday that if they counted people like they did during the depression that we would be at 16 percent unemployed. just thought that was interesting.

08/12/11 2:47 pm

anybody that says emerging needs to pass me whatever crazy drugs they are on. our economy blows

08/11/11 12:17 pm

they revised the unemployment rate for last week from 395,000 to 402,000. I think maybe we are headed to Craptown, USA in a Ugo.

08/09/11 12:13 am

wow every state agrees....

08/08/11 2:19 pm

Well said beastie44 :)

08/08/11 1:30 pm

Njal I agree with you until you say no taxes no vote. It's no taxation without representation. What about the unemployed? They don't get to vote? Or the dead can vote, because of the death tax?
Also trivia- who knew taxes were orig to pay for wars, nothing else? No tax in times of peace?

08/08/11 2:50 am

honestly I think the economy is gonna do fine it's just that the media makes everything sound a lot worst and then everyone gets paranoid .

08/07/11 7:36 pm

It's disgusting that we are arguing over other people's money. Taxing is taking others people's money. We all need to pay some taxes to keep it together. But how much? And everyone pays. If you don't pay then no vote. No representation without taxation.

08/07/11 7:07 pm

Lgbt it's not sexual preference. You identify with one sex at least slightly more.

08/07/11 5:35 pm

A recession is negative GDP growth for at least 2 consecutive quarters. The GDP has been growing slowly since June 2009. Horribly low positive growth may be dismal, but it is not a recession.

08/07/11 4:58 pm

Get real! it's not a double dip since we never recovered! change the question.

08/07/11 10:25 am

If by "dip", you mean "free fall"...

08/07/11 2:44 am

I wish Show of Hands would give a third gender option,"other". Not for me, but for the trans/queer/questioning folks out there. Sorry I'm off topic, but there's no other way to suggest this and it's an important issue.

08/06/11 11:22 pm

@rj- quoting msnbc is no different than offering a personal opinion, they're completely biased and even more extreme than fox news. What you say may be true, but please offer a more reputable source.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/06/11 8:12 pm

It's in the US we have a vocal group demanding cuts. Elsewhere, it's the exact opposite.

Jzz California
08/06/11 5:54 pm

well George Washington wanted a one party system. no one is right 100% of the time. perhaps we should invoke Vulcan logic. the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few.

NYevo NY
08/06/11 5:36 pm

@Vic: Amen. If there was the one party system that I'm sure some folks here fantasize about, we'd be more like China and less like America

Jzz California
08/06/11 5:11 pm

@comerv198. there is blame to spread around from all sides. when we as a country stop finger pointing and work together to solve our problems, we will rise up again. until then, we are destroying a great nation. a house divided...

conserv1986 Massachusetts
08/06/11 3:07 pm

That you Obama you have managed to make it worse!

NYevo NY
08/06/11 10:45 am

@Arch: I totally agree btw, that not raising rates is a god idea. But it needs enforcement so the political winds dont ef it up as has been done for the past 10 years. I urge you again to see that a BBA will not pass 2/3 congress and 3/4 states to ratify. A Pay-go law does essentially the same thing

NYevo NY
08/06/11 10:42 am

@Archamedes: Healthcare reform is as debt neutral as the healthcare system before it was. IE, they are equally unfunded at similar rates. So undoing it will not save money worthy of the national headache

08/06/11 10:28 am

or... actually... that wasn't really disagreeing, was it... lol

08/06/11 10:26 am

It might sound too simple... But the best answers are often the simplest.

08/06/11 10:26 am

@NYevo- I have to disagree... If we simply spent the same amount this year as we did last year... It would count as a 9trillion dollar cut, over ten years... Do that and repeal Obama care, and our fiscal problems are solved... Match it with a BBA, and we won't run into the same problem again.

NYevo NY
08/06/11 10:17 am

@Archamedes: I appreciate our differences and often see sense in the opposing view. In this case, we were warned and it seemed clear that quick, big action was necessary. The debt belongs to you and me, regardless of how we got there. We needed/need to deal with it. Cutting the fat is not enough.

FrankZappa New York
08/06/11 9:47 am

Financial regulations and more oversight of the rating agencies is necessary, everything else is fluff. We can't blame politicians, they do what they think we want. The bailouts might've worked better if those assets hadn't been so toxic.
Politicians want votes
Banks want money
Don't be Punch drunk

08/06/11 8:50 am

We don't want to end roads or even standardization... we just look at history and see that the growth of govt always eventually leads to the subjugation of the people.

08/06/11 8:47 am

We also would prefer to select our own charities to give to, than be forced to give to the inefficiency of the govt.

08/06/11 8:47 am

-NYevo - I appreciate your desire for a balanced approach. However, what you say about the far right, just isn't true. (That's why many of us get led into spending too much on the military.). We simply believe that the best way to help the country, is for people to help themselves.

08/06/11 8:05 am

doover; once again the magnificent way you string those words of wisdom together the way your sentences flow, the brilliance! my only critique is you never ever offer a solution, maybe you work for an ad company and construct jingles. you are very good at that!

08/06/11 6:54 am

Oh, and rich shareholders don't run off and expand payroll every time they get a break. If you believe they do, you've been fooled.

08/06/11 6:52 am

There is a qualitative difference between asking the richest to pay more taxes and asking the poorest to do without. Namely, the rich won't die.

NYevo NY
08/06/11 5:35 am

cont... The far right who wouldn't pay an additional dime to save their country when asked. The far left, that won't make necessary cuts to entitlements to decrease the deficit. In this missed opportunity, that's what was needed, even if temporary. Thanks Fringe!

NYevo NY
08/06/11 5:35 am

The extremes of both parties are to blame. A bunch of self servers who look to everyone else but themselves for a fix. ...cont

08/06/11 4:08 am

After yesterday, were screwed as a country.

08/06/11 2:15 am

It's because whenever a group comes around with legitimate political ideas, they are called crazy or worse.

Too many people buy into media lies, so we get men like John McCain and barney frank, two corrupt politicians who lie their way into power

08/06/11 1:07 am

But what can we do? The only way to get elected anymore is to have millions to campaign with. You NEVER hear from a true politician because it's always overshadowed by the lies of a wealthy one.

08/06/11 12:36 am

BOTH parties contributed to this and that's OUR fault. We only elect this or that and never third parties. We get the government we deserve, because that's the government we put there. A bunch of babies fighting over special interests and big money lobbyists.

08/06/11 12:34 am

The country has been going down since the 60's. We had a lost decade int he 70's, double dip recession in the early 80's, false credit boom in the late 80's, false boom in the 90's which led to the Internet bubble, massive spending and unfunded wars and bailouts from GWB, and stimulus now.

08/06/11 12:26 am

I'm with alethelia... How is it the fault of one party, not congress and the president in general, and the minority party and a fringe group who's goal is fiscal responsibility? Especially when the group keeps calling for budget cuts and decreased debt?
Might want to see what the tp is in real life

08/06/11 12:14 am

The whole map is RED on this one! And whose to blame? . . . we are! We voted for these bozos are we keep sending them back. Go look in the mirror . . . you're the dumb-ass!

08/05/11 11:58 pm

In all honesty, we can keep pointing fingers at who we think is responsible for everything bad, but in reality, I blame them all. All sides failed us.

08/05/11 11:31 pm

I hear that we are in a recession, but I do not see it. An entire car mall just moved in, local sales of cars (according to the local newspaper) has risen 36% since last year, fuel sales (by gallon) have increased by 14%, while housing foreclosures have decreased by 40%; all compared to 2010  JS...

08/05/11 11:29 pm

It amazes me that some people STILL solely blame republicans (and for some unknown reason the tea party)

Why would anyone blame a wing of a party whose focus is fiscal responsibility?

08/05/11 11:25 pm

Sorry, that was supposed to be ' some sort of fantasy world'.