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Have you or do you plan on attending graduate school? (UserQ)

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09/13/11 1:14 pm

ya cuz than I would not get a good job

gabby123 Florida
09/11/11 11:50 pm

I haven't been to college yet. Maybe someday it will happen for me. My husband is currently working on his Ph.D. So at least one of us in our family will be well educated.

yourpres Pennsylvania
09/10/11 7:54 pm

Either business school or medical school.

09/10/11 11:47 am

I'm an elementary school teacher and education, especially in public schools, is going down the tubes. I'm starting my 2nd masters in speech and language pathology in the spring.

09/10/11 8:55 am

got a M.D. I'm glad I did, because now I recognize the malpractice perpetrated on my friends and family. But I spent 12 years spending HUGE bucks on school and not earning a dime. I will pay off my loans when I'm 61. Dr.s are rich? HA!

09/10/11 2:20 am

I am always amazed when people with a Bachelors Degree can't find gainful employment worthy of supporting themselves and pay off their student loan, so they go further into debt on a graduate degree. Great, if you can make it pay.

benbargold Massachusetts
09/09/11 8:23 pm

I am going to Harvard business school

09/09/11 11:40 am

Sweetie- lol!
Hp- I have a feeling you couldn't say what Shagnasty is from. It's a character in probably the best book series EVER.
And Tony so has the right to make us change names. It's his app. Actually pretty surprised at the current commenting freedom. It's an awesome app, he made, his rules!

nerdy Massachusetts
09/09/11 8:58 am

The question is stated 'plan' on going. You don't have to be enrolled to answer yes. That's probably the reason of yes being the higher percentage.

09/09/11 1:36 am

OMG! Can't believe I'm in Grad school....Ive always wondered what "userQ" embarrassed.

Topgun California
09/09/11 12:09 am

These numbers seem quite high, I don't think some people know what graduate school is.

burnsey89 Louisiana
09/08/11 10:57 pm

Oprah, graduate school is schooling that takes place after you obtain a bachelor's degree. It can be an MBA program, medical school, chiropractic, law, whatever. It's school that requires you have a four year degree already.

09/08/11 9:56 pm

I'm a late bloomer with college; just earned my BS this past April & am now having to pay back student loans. I have no plans to put myself further in debt for a masters.

veritas… Texas
09/08/11 8:44 pm

@Shazaam THANKS! I'll look into. Still got 3-4 years to make up my mind :)
@ProfD Thanks to you too. Business is a given for me. Economics fascinates me and I hope to one day get into politics.
@Shagnasty. Lol thanks! I'm a "he" actually. I know veritas was a female godess but it mostly means truth

mrcoyote Casa Grande
09/08/11 7:59 pm

Wait this means college right im a little confused

09/08/11 10:55 am

(sorry wrong button) .....but the input and comments she has comes from a very sharp kid. veritas... once you get those degrees, you're gonna be a brilliant pro!

09/08/11 10:51 am

Thanks to all for giving veritas... you pro advise! She may be "only" a freshman in HS, but the

ProfDG I Want Truth
09/08/11 9:11 am

@Shazaam: Good advice! I teach both grads and undergrads at a traditional university. Grad degrees in accounting, economics, and finance give the holders many options.

09/08/11 2:41 am did you get those brown rings around your ankles?

09/08/11 2:04 am

With the current economic situation and job market (that won't be improving anytime soon), i decided to forego going to grad school. As it is, my BS hasn't landed me a big time job yet and I've been out for a year. I'm still convinced on the saying "it's not what you know, but who you know."

Soitgoes Missouri
09/08/11 1:55 am

He should change it to Taco Boners!

nerdy Massachusetts
09/08/11 12:39 am

Working on my masters now! Mass is home to fantastic schools! Sorry Tony, BonyTacos is original. Let it stay. We have freedom of speech in this forum, what about freedom of choosing our own screen name regardless of whether is rhymes with yours. Its not offensive.

09/07/11 11:50 pm

hp- no offense but Tony puts in all the labor here so if he doesn't like the screen name it's his call. The rest of us are peons that might want to try a shred of respect for others IMHO.

09/07/11 11:46 pm

as idealistic as it sounds, any schooling is for following your dream. Going into any other major is sadly misdirected energy and tons of funds

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
09/07/11 11:32 pm

@VERITAS: have an MBA, and economics is ok, but finance will get you further. The best combos undergrad/MBA is probably mechanical engineering then MBA. those guys have great jobs, and make serious bank. Do the MBA/JD combo if you can, it will serve you very very well down the line.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
09/07/11 10:51 pm

Is it ok to use your dog's name? She's not promiscuous because she has been spayed .

09/07/11 10:45 pm

I need a masters to teach. my husband does not need and does not plan to pursue a masters degree.

T0nyiPhone Oregon
09/07/11 10:40 pm

@hp I wasn't asking for a change because it was offensive, but because it brought back gradeschool taunting flashbacks. :-) seriously, the whole "impersonation through clever screen name" thing is just silly, and confusing for people, and unneeded. Use your own name or something original.

09/07/11 9:48 pm

@Dondiego.. I'm not even going to refute that. Read the preceding comments.

09/07/11 9:47 pm

Oprah, graduate school is after you complete your first four years of schooling. Graduate school is more specialized like law and medicine. Graduate is an additional four years added on after you get your bachelors degree. Not all times are exact.

09/07/11 9:44 pm

this is just the path I chose

09/07/11 9:44 pm

I'm in my third year of my BS in biology with a minor in chemistry as a pre med student so yes I plan on attending graduate school in order to be a doctor, but not everyone needs grad school let alone college to make a happy living.

vanguarde Kennesaw, GA
09/07/11 9:40 pm

Okay… this may sound dumb, but graduate school is just college, right?

09/07/11 9:39 pm

@hp..If calling Sweetie PROMISCUOUS
Is not a personal attack, then I don't know what is.

09/07/11 9:33 pm

@hp you don't have to defend yourself to these idiots if they can't even see you weren't even insulting them :|

09/07/11 9:27 pm

Hp wasn't insulting anyone. Hp was simply pointing out that it's not right to make someone change their username for no good reason. He was using sarcasm to prove the point.

09/07/11 9:17 pm

Dondiego, I was not being serious that Sweetie's name is bad. I was saying that if one person has to change their name, then everyone should because it somehow could be found offensive, though I don't think any of them are.

09/07/11 9:16 pm

I want to but I also wanna have a family and I'd rather dedicate myself to family because kids need proper raising, not half-assed.

dotnetdev Georgia
09/07/11 9:12 pm

i'd like to go back for a Masters, but just too busy at work. Maybe next year.

09/07/11 9:04 pm

@hp...Practice what you preach. Sweetie got the BA in the 50's and was spoiled in the classroom only.

09/07/11 8:34 pm

I feel like everyone around me is getting his or her masters, but I really don't see the value in it for me right now. I teach art, and I would go back to school if I thought I could ever make enough $ to pay back loans.

09/07/11 8:27 pm

@Shagnasty Word of advice, personal attacks get you no where.

09/07/11 8:26 pm

What am I telling you to do? I wasn't insulting your username if that's what you're mad about. In fact, I was defending your username by saying that someone shouldn't have to change it. It was relevant to another comment so I commentated on that. No, I am not a drop out.

blutuesday California
09/07/11 8:09 pm

The 'ignore' option on SOH comments is wonderful!

09/07/11 8:02 pm

@hp You be sure to keep telling us all what to do, by-the-way, are you planning to answer the question topic or are you the drop out you sound like?

09/07/11 7:59 pm

currently in it... DPT

09/07/11 7:58 pm

four years medical school, three years residency, two years fellowship....well worth it personally and financially