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Do you think the condition of the U.S. economy is improving?

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05/26/12 6:33 am

stop giving the skunks there ebt card benifits and watch the terrorist rioting begin.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/24/12 1:02 pm

@gunnysgt: hey! I'm sure you keep up with news within Virginia, right? So how can you say that when you look at Northern VA??

I know it's slow to get news up in Appalachia--heck, I'm surprised they have Internet connection for your phone!--but, that doesn't mean you have to make false statements.

polarized Tennessee
05/24/12 11:38 am

hey gunny I live in Chattanooga. things have never been better. housing market actually IMPROVING

05/23/12 10:42 am

No way. take a look around any town USA. Real unemployment is way too high.

05/22/12 7:43 pm

It has. That's a fact, not an opinion. You can argue why it's better, but the stock market has gotten better.

evoecon nearest binary system
05/22/12 6:09 pm

@bri-and: You missed the point. The question is not answered by statistics. Rather, the condition of the economy is different. Have a good night.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/22/12 5:52 pm

@evoecon: I don't feel like debating tonight, if you want numbers they are down below posted by veritas and palindrome. The condition of the economy is on the uptick, it's slow but it's definitely better than when we're indisputably in the middle of a recession!

evoecon nearest binary system
05/22/12 5:43 pm

@bri-and, Just because some statistics have shown some improvement over last year, does not mean the "condition" of the economy has improved. The condition of the economy is in worse shape now, than in 2008 and 2009. All because of Dem policies and actions.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/22/12 5:35 pm

Who name called? I had only glanced at your screen name before I wrote that comment. Sorry!

05/22/12 5:33 pm

52% are not paying attention.

All4RPaul Texas
05/22/12 5:12 pm

it's definitely not improving.

All4RPaul Texas
05/22/12 5:12 pm

why can we not agree to disagree without the name calling?

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/22/12 4:35 pm

PLUS, the question says the US economy. Not your state economy, or your city/county economy, or even your personal budget. The US ECONOMY, which is.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/22/12 4:33 pm

@adalla: We're too dependent on the bases down here hah!

@blackbenz: better than 9 pages. Think about it.

@iforgotyourscreenname: it's pretty ignorant to think the economy isn't improving, even if it's slow it's still improving.

All4RPaul Texas
05/22/12 4:18 pm

haha. This economy is going to get WAY worse than you think it is now. Better? Not by a long shot.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
05/22/12 3:56 pm

8.5 pages of foreclosures in the newspaper today. The economy is improving?

adalla Virginia
05/22/12 3:54 pm

They've closed a bunch of bases already as the military has been drawn down. Congressmen fight them tooth and nail if it's in their district. Which tells me that while Paul may have a plan, he could never get it implemented. My time would be more profitably spent reading the unibomber manifesto

05/22/12 12:07 pm

Yes, we can and we must stop it.
If you only took time aside from arguing his plan and instead actually looked at it,
you'd see that there wouldn't be an abrupt end.
Ahh. But alas, you, as other intentionally ill-informed chose, refuse to do so.

adalla Virginia
05/22/12 10:32 am

Look how much we've spent just realigning and closing a few military bases...

adalla Virginia
05/22/12 10:31 am

@ronpaulgal - while I agree with all those objectives, I still fail to see how you get there from here. Do you have any idea how expensive it would be initially to cut those things? You can't just pink slip federal employees. You can't just walk away from all the real estate, equipment, etc, etc

adalla Virginia
05/22/12 10:24 am

Just out... Fewer people working in the US today than in 1999...

GrowUp Minnesota
05/22/12 2:46 am

Liberals still want to believe in MrO's phony "Hope and Change". MrO must go!

05/22/12 12:54 am

We also should pull out of NAFTA. NAFTA sent a local factory to Mexico in the 1990's and obviously doesn't serve the people.

05/22/12 12:52 am

scrap the current tax system!

palindrome California
05/21/12 11:41 pm

Gradual isnt three years though. Gradual is over the span of 4, maybe 8 years. If he wont end the fed in 3 years, how will he balance the budget?

libertea Missouri
05/21/12 10:56 pm

How stupid do you have to be to think the economy is improving.

micahbaile Ohio
05/21/12 8:03 pm

Yeah, that's why food prices, gas, and every other price has risen, at least where I live.

05/21/12 7:48 pm

@palindrome - Obviously ending the Fed would be gradual.
Unless we balance the budget soon, we will be faced with an economic crisis never before seen on this planet. Not to mention that the dollar is already fast losing it's place as the main world currency.

palindrome California
05/21/12 6:54 pm

no economic repercussions...? Yes lets cause an implosion of the national bank and balance the budge within 3 years... How absurd! Shows a true lack of knowledge on how our system works- both economically and politically. It feels as if im arguing against a kid using kid logic

palindrome California
05/21/12 6:52 pm

RPG and other paul followers keep failing to clarify how this man will balance the budget in three years while slashing sources of govt. revenue at the same time... Does any of that sound like crock to anyone else? As if ending the Fed alone is going to be a quick flip of the switch with absolutely

05/21/12 6:34 pm

there you go again, still nothing to say!

05/21/12 6:20 pm

tea baggers find no humor in anything.

05/21/12 4:27 pm

@DeathSheep, And some things he would be able to immediately. For example, as commander-in-chief he would order the troops home from everywhere right away.

05/21/12 4:25 pm

@bri-and, No, it will just be a return to the CONSTITUTION. The federal government was given 18 specific enumerated powers. Anything beyond that is unconstitutional and that power belongs to the state and individuals (see the 10th amendment).

05/21/12 4:24 pm

@DeathSheep, look at Ron Paul's voting record. He has been honest and consistent for over 30 years.

DeathSheep Michigan
05/21/12 3:33 pm

You do realize ronpaulgal, EVERY presidential candidate says those things or something like that. Then get into office and none of it happens. Also, balances budget in 3 years? Paaaaalease

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/21/12 3:14 pm

@ronpaulgal: getting out of the UN? Balancing the budget in 3 years? Ending all foreign involvements (I like it, but still)? Ending the Fed? Give all the power to the states? Shoot, with him it sounds like the federal govt will be the equivalent to the EU, and the states will be separate countries!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/21/12 3:12 pm

@gramps: agreed! You never fail to bring a little humor!

05/21/12 1:02 pm

Good call escape gramps never puts his beliefs out there just the normal sniper drivel you always see next to the geezers name! Gramps man up once in a while, for a guy you seem a little girly to me!

05/21/12 12:31 pm

Gramps: sounds like you are on the wrong question remember the do you drink alcohol question? Since that's all you have to add! Sniper boy!

05/21/12 12:28 pm

after reading jopat and RPG, I need a drink!

05/21/12 11:39 am

Also he would make our money WORTH something by ending the Federal Reserve, which has caused the dollar to lose over 95% of its value since the Fed's founding in 1913.

05/21/12 11:37 am

He has a plan for a balanced budget within 3 years.

05/21/12 11:37 am

@adalla - Ron Paul would cut many parts of the federal government and put the power back into the hands of the states. Also bringing the troops home from everywhere, ending the wars, ending foreign aid, and end paying to the UN would save us a ton of money.