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Show Of Hands October 1st, 2012 12:00am

Would you have a better chance of being elected mayor of your town/city, or writing a best selling novel?

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kywrite augusta, ga
10/09/12 4:13 am

Considering I have actually written books . . .

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
10/05/12 12:44 pm

Would not survive the vetting.
Start writing.

iyfyuk Massachusetts
10/04/12 3:27 pm

Our town is way to small for a mayor. But Springfield is different.

10/04/12 11:48 am

What's with the gender split? Women don't want to run for office?

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
10/03/12 7:33 pm

If Bloomberg can be mayor in NYC, anyone can and do it better

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
10/03/12 6:17 pm

I'm too shy and afraid of speaking in public to be mayor. Plus too much responsibility. I loved to write as a kid so novel for me for sure.

10/03/12 12:10 pm

I would write a book about economics and then become mayor because of the book. Hell yeah!

10/03/12 10:11 am

Novel, with a LOT of editing (I have horrible grammar/spalling) but I've got a good imagination

dbrat East Coast
10/02/12 8:44 pm

No politics for me, my job is already too much like that

10/02/12 7:31 pm

Live in Houston with no background in poly-sci. Graduated from UH with a creative writing degree, so probably Mayor because life is funny that way.

10/02/12 6:34 pm

Live in a highly conservative neighborhood and as a democrat I wouldn't stand a chance

purpleness Iowa
10/02/12 6:12 pm

Well, I'm too nice to be a politician. And I can write really well if I try.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/02/12 5:28 pm

I could pull off either if I wanted to. Neither are on my plate right now, but both are on my plate for the future.

1SpecialSong New York
10/02/12 4:10 pm

I think I have potential to be either. I'm not self-absorbed, but I know enough about politics, and I am great at writing. My teacher said she'd want me to run for President and my former teacher has said she can't wait to read my first novel.

gonzoboy Arizona
10/02/12 12:33 pm

I'm hoping this'll work out Mr. President Mayor! If so, I can add NYC to the list of 5 foreign countries I must visit!

10/02/12 12:08 pm

I am a great writer. I'll probably self-publish a novel someday

omniku dot com
10/02/12 11:08 am

Also, we'll be opening Dutch-style coffeeshops. Put the "Amsterdam" back in "New Amsterdam", knowhumsayin? Damn, maybe I could win this mayoral bid after all...

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
10/02/12 11:08 am

mayor..I can't write down what's in my head. My sentence structure is atrocious, I can't tell an adverb from a pronoun. I've taken many creative writing courses and it just doesn't work. I'm just sad lol. Anyone can be a politician. Look at the morons in Washington. I rest my case

omniku dot com
10/02/12 11:07 am

Monarchy goes against my principles so I will settle for "President Mayor". We will send a rep to UN, but they gotta move to Jerz. The former UN will now house the LOFN (League Of Friendly Nations). Will be like UN but only allow like-minded states. LOFN is happy to work with UN, but it won't be UN.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
10/02/12 10:47 am

Mayor. I've tried to write before and I've always gotten I'd love to get into politics.

snafu Washington
10/02/12 10:44 am

I can write a crappy novel like the Twilight and Shades of Grey books and make a ton of money!

10/02/12 9:22 am

Actually, it was answered a bit condescendingly. Hence my reply. If that's not how you meant it my apologies.

10/02/12 9:19 am

You'll notice that sarcasm was answered by sarcasm.

10/02/12 9:04 am

And it was a joke. Don't do to well with sarcasm, eh?

10/02/12 9:03 am

I meant ideologically Janarus. Sheesh.

10/02/12 8:57 am

Because a self-made billionaire who owns ~30% of the worlds financial news is a weak candidate compared to the likes of you.

gonzoboy Arizona
10/02/12 7:33 am

Kind o' like the way that all sounds! Of course, if it works out for you, you'd actually become King! I, for one, would recognize the sovereign nation of New York City, especially if you kept the U.N.!

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
10/02/12 6:50 am

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10/02/12 6:33 am

Well if Bloomberg could win NYC...maybe I have a chance? lol But I think a novel sounds more up my alley.

10/02/12 6:05 am

I don't write poorly enough to be a best-selling novelist. Has anyone read Fifty Shades of Grey? :P

omniku dot com
10/02/12 5:09 am

If elected mayor I would secede from the union and turn NYC into a free trade city-state. Somehow I think my radical policy plans would hurt my mayoral bid. But as an avid reader I would write a kick-ass novel!

gonzoboy Arizona
10/02/12 4:29 am

With the skeletons in my closet, I couldn't even campaign to fill an unpaid position on the City Rec. Committee. So, a novel it has to be. My only problem, is that my novels would sound more like Dr. Seuss, than James Patterson!

Shiggybythebay Proud Bay Area Native
10/02/12 3:06 am

Interesting. I love when my home and I are one. Just another reason California OWNS!!! LoL in case for some reason you don't get I come here to smile, I DO. Relax...Things are just not THAT bad. If you can get here with me, realize the blessing. Consider like half the world never got or made a call

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
10/02/12 2:45 am

It's not lost forever. Practice.

10/02/12 12:46 am

I'm a better writer than giving speeches.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
10/01/12 11:36 pm

I would write a novel about me being elected mayor...

emsies Seattle
10/01/12 11:07 pm

I consider myself a talented writer, and I am doing NaNo this year, so I'd definitely go with best seller. I compromise too much to be in politics.

10/01/12 11:04 pm

I'm a Good writer, and an American living in London. Writer it is.

10/01/12 10:30 pm

Author, but not best selling. So, neither, really.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
10/01/12 9:35 pm

I don't live in the city limits so being elected mayor here is out of the question. I've always wanted to write a novel. :-)

10/01/12 9:29 pm

I'm working on both.

cricket Baltimore, MD
10/01/12 8:43 pm

I wish our politicians had that problem!