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Show Of Hands February 14th, 2012 12:00am

President Obama released a $3.8 trillion budget plan Monday, proposing increased investment in many domestic programs, some cuts in others, and projecting a $1 trillion deficit for 2012. Please read up on it, then vote.

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thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 5:18 am

How much debt are we already in? It's no good.

02/22/12 6:35 pm

to pay back our own debts later.

02/22/12 6:35 pm

if we isolate the united states, we can fix our own problems, our economy, and give every American a job and home. right now we care too much about other countries welfare. I say we withdraw from the middle east, drop all debts other countries owe us, and work to build our economy up.

02/19/12 5:22 am

Fact of the matter is that this isn't a budget, it's his campaign speech. And look how many people will vote for this country wrecker in November. Disgusting!

02/17/12 12:18 pm

STOP SPENDING, I would be republican if they weren't religious dummies

steel-jack Utah
02/17/12 9:25 am

Just keep pumping more money into the system Obama knows what he's doing we all voted for him and we knew what he was going to do so 3 or 4 trillion will not matter this is America debt doesn't matter to us!!!

anarchy4s South Carolina
02/16/12 2:18 pm

Escape is right. The dens cut deals with regan to get what they wanted, then failed to uphold their end of it...don't you love how these libs conveniently forget important historical FACTS?

02/16/12 1:25 pm

Obama and his budget are gayer than hell

02/16/12 4:49 am

1 Trillion really isn't that much... Only if the Gov't knew how to manage a budget.

02/16/12 12:06 am

The US is like Donald Trump. He can claim he has never has declared bankruptcy because he owed sooooo much money that if they let him declare bankruptcy, they would get next to nothing. China is likely to feel the same way about the US.

02/15/12 11:17 pm

if any one of us operated on a budget like this then the bank would come and take all our stuff. maybe then we could go live with Barrack in his dream world.

02/15/12 9:21 pm

...and EVERY gov't politicians pension. Simple! What's so hard to figure out?
So again- save the $$ before you spend it.

02/15/12 9:19 pm

Read up on it? Obama is still spending when he should be saving! What part doesn't he understand? You want something but don't have the $$, you cut spending in other places- then you get what you want. Obamas biggest problem ate all these gov't jobs that he has to pay for- cut those jobs...

luvtfly California
02/15/12 7:39 pm

And for the ones that are voting Obama back in. It's called child abuse. That's right. Your kids will be living in poverty paying back your debt. Now just put these cuffs on and walk into this cell. Your not fit parents much less smart enough

luvtfly California
02/15/12 7:37 pm

Sure! Make the cuts and the just spend it again. Write down today's deficit and write it down what it is after the cuts, and then write it down again a year after the cuts and you'll find the deficit up again and larger. Oh but that's too much truth. I forgot you you don't add well.

02/15/12 7:00 pm

"...the rich should pay their fair share", the top 3% pay 70% of the country's taxes, ......what's fair about that?

02/15/12 4:41 pm

Pirates765; yeah this trickle up from the bottom is working out so well! At least during the Reagan recovery there were months that 4 million new jobs were created. Not this 150,000 and oh yeah 1.3 million fell off the rolls. What a joke!

02/15/12 1:01 pm

trickle down economics are a joke. there can't be jobs when the middle class doesn't have $ to spend.

02/15/12 5:02 am

Mayresify; ok Reagan did it all by himself, yeah Tip O'Niel and the democrats had nothing to do with it.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
02/15/12 2:01 am

This user is currently being ignored

02/15/12 1:11 am

Guess it's better than no budget but still way too much spending.

02/14/12 11:21 pm

p4p: I like your crackpot wish list.

palindrome California
02/14/12 9:24 pm

Oriole and ralboss: two bitter, hate-filled individuals.
Suck it up

02/14/12 8:52 pm

This budget is not a solutions budget. It is full of budget gimmicks & increases out deficit. What a lack of leadership!

02/14/12 8:51 pm

Harry Reid. will not even bring the President's budget up for a vote in the Senate. And he is a Democrat!! It is estimated that the preparation & printing of the President's budget costs about $1 million. Now it is going in the trash. Couldn't he have co-ordinated with Reid ahead of time?

02/14/12 8:42 pm

I have always thought that elderly eventually take more out of SS than hey paid in. they exhaust what they are entitled to, but continue to get benefits. That makes it a welfare program, but everyone wants to pretend otherwise.

oriole Indiana
02/14/12 8:42 pm

RAIboss is right. Obama should go die in a hole.

02/14/12 8:35 pm

With due respect for the office but Obama's an idiot.

RJ1969 SoCal
02/14/12 8:25 pm

I've assumed the same thing.

02/14/12 8:17 pm

@escape: 20 something's? I am 46 and grew up in the 70's with the notion that no matter how much money I paid in taxes, Social Security would not be there for me.

02/14/12 7:29 pm

Yep!Just feel for the 20 something's that will devote most of their tax money to interest and very few benefits. Good luck with SS and Medicare, I really mean that too!

02/14/12 7:11 pm

@escape: Since there are waaaay too many individuals and families that pay NO federal income tax, the numbers are far worse than the ones you sited.

02/14/12 6:48 pm

$17,000 per individual or $70,000 per family. Thats additional new debt for his latest budget. The democrats in the senate are breaking the law for the third straight year and offering no budget. I guess they aren't willing to sign their names to such a criminal act!

david suburban DC
02/14/12 5:58 pm

BAD question as there are so many ways not to like something so involved and only one way to like it!
Yes I know most folk just use these questions as a way to ask how is Obama doin'?

kellyjelly Maryland
02/14/12 4:27 pm

woah RAIboss, lets not get carried away.

02/14/12 4:14 pm

The rich work for their money so why would you take it away and give it to the poor who sit on their butts all day! Screw Obama, he should go die in a hole!

oriole Indiana
02/14/12 3:53 pm

Can obama and dems not learn from history... The two most successful times this country reduced our debt (after revelution & after WW1) were when we had conservative Treasurers who focused on tax cuts on rich to create essence, trickle down policy. Reagan used it too

02/14/12 3:12 pm

Ohhhhhhu GunnySgt.... Please say it ain't so!

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/14/12 2:25 pm

I'm for whatever Wasserman-schultz is for.....


02/14/12 12:36 pm

Ok, did some digging... This is a classic pwr play. Bush tax cuts end in aug which raises taxes for the rich and covers the trillion $ deficit. It returns us to a '00 tax rate. The tax hike will pay our debt down. Vt may go against the grain at 1st, but the rest of the country usually comes around

palindrome California
02/14/12 12:06 pm

Lol, ranks smh......... You're the left's cowboy... Scratch that, cowboy didn't spam just for the sake of being annoying, he contributed.

palindrome California
02/14/12 11:59 am

Cato- ............... Where did you get those figures? I'm worried about you :O
You need to get out of those places on the Internet. Get some fresh air. Go run in the park. I'm afraid of what else those places my tell you to do

asstickler Michigan
02/14/12 10:41 am

@CuriousEri - haha, chill out man.

cato Santa Barbara, California
02/14/12 9:57 am

From 2009 - 2012 the Obama admin spent $14.4 trillion. That works out to $90,000 per tax payer. Ask yourself: "did I get a good return on that $90,000?"

Comet? Tennessee
02/14/12 9:38 am

@Ranks: STOP!!!!! You are wasting your time to type too many multicopied comments!! Grow up!!! NOBAMA!!! You are a butthead!!!

Ace21 Fillmore, San Francisco
02/14/12 7:56 am

I can't wait until Obama wins again! But then you butt hurt clowns will just shift focus from tarnishing his chance of reelection with obstructionism, to tarnishing his storied presidency with more intransigence.

02/14/12 7:33 am

Yea it will make the deficit 1.3 trillion but the year after that it will go down to 900 billion they didn't tell u that. 40 years ago too tax rate was 70% we had a surpluses so bush cuz it down to 20% thats 50% less revenue the gov is taking in while at the same time spending 2 wars. We need more $