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01/16/13 6:04 pm

Those puffballs from Walmart for 99 cent is the best. They make sooooo much lather

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
01/15/13 3:22 pm

Nope...just a little baking soda and an old corn!

susanr Colorado
01/14/13 1:39 pm

I sure didn't, even after numerous comments implying that I stink.

EarlyBird Portland
01/14/13 10:05 am

I wonder if anyone changed their vote after reading these comments.
I know I didn't!

tony2k79 Victorville
01/13/13 6:45 pm

Lmao! No wonder you people stink when I'm out and about! Dear goodness, there ought to be a law! Lol. Scrub yourselves people! At least a couple times a week!

olamborambo1 Ohio
01/12/13 3:56 pm

If you just stand there the water is not going to pellet the filth off your skin.

fergie Ohio
01/12/13 6:27 am

Do all of saying that no washcloth is gross, use your hands to wash your hair? What's the difference?

zedd Desert Dweller
01/12/13 1:11 am

Just think what the loofah is growing the next time you rub it on your body after it has been used - even once, and even on areas that aren't used on your "private bits".

KatG Liberal in Ohio
01/12/13 12:25 am

For my private bits, yes. For the rest I use a loofah. I toss it in with a load of whites (bleach) twice a week so it doesn't grow anything funky.

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
01/11/13 9:28 pm

Wash cloths are also so easy to clean! Just throw them in the washing machine. Loofah and sponges can't be washed and collect bacteria and germs. Yuckk

Towrecovery Lockport IL
01/11/13 9:17 pm

Seriously, this question and subsequent % of answers has really messed up my head.

No other question in the past years on SOH has caused me such thought and reflection.

I thought a washcloth was the norm.

If nothing else, I gotta go buy a loofa and try it now.

01/11/13 5:29 pm

washcloths. grew up with em whole family uses em

01/11/13 4:34 pm

My "washcloth" is more like a scrubby towel thing. It is rough and scratchy. I love it! I take it with me when I travel. Exfoliation :-)

susanr Colorado
01/11/13 11:56 am

That's the weirdest thing I've heard in a long time.

I grew up using washcloths, my grandparents used washcloths (I know because I inherited all of them). I used washcloths until those net pouffy things came out; now I use a washcloth if I'm just washing my face at the sink. Oh, and I'm white.

susanr Colorado
01/11/13 11:54 am

Thanks for the tip!

Rio76 Wild West
01/11/13 10:50 am

I don't know when I've laughed this hard reading a thread. You guys are hilarious.

Rio76 Wild West
01/11/13 10:47 am

That would soak up too much water.

Rio76 Wild West
01/11/13 10:42 am

I've never heard of using baking soda instead of soap. Nice tip, I will try this.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/11/13 9:39 am

One tip, SusanR, you can use it on your face but use very little and barely rub it because it can chafe if you aren't careful. After a while the right amount to use will be intuitive.

01/11/13 9:30 am

Face and body!!

susanr Colorado
01/11/13 9:25 am

There often IS a film on your skin, TDaddy - those darned "moisturizers" they put in everything. I don't like my skin getting all dried out so I usually use something like that, but honestly sometimes I can't tell when to stop rinsing.

susanr Colorado
01/11/13 9:21 am

Also, rip the tops off a couple boxes & put one in the freezer and one in the fridge to absorb odors. Good stuff. I haven heard of using it Instead of soap before, but sounds reasonable.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/11/13 9:04 am

Gtgconfused, yes, it is good for many things: brushing teeth, mouth rinse, shampoo, washing dishes, cleaning smooth surface kitchen ranges, shower stall water spots, lots more.. Check the Arm & Hammer web site or just google baking soda.. Oh yeah, baking too! (;

01/11/13 6:41 am

Most of your body is covered with clothing protecting it from germs. The areas needing the most cleaning would be the pits and bottom. Forearms and face. I start at the cleanest area and end at the dirtiest ... No wash cloth. Soap, friction, and a shower spray.

vanguarde Kennesaw, GA
01/11/13 6:23 am

Nope! I call it a scrubby poofy thing too!

cduttwolf New York
01/11/13 6:13 am

I have this feeling that you're mocking me... :P I couldn't remember the word. xD

01/11/13 5:52 am

We use washcloths and sponges

01/11/13 5:51 am

Wait, you think wash clothes stay wet until laundry day? They dry after a couple hours, I just throw mine down the laundry shoot when I get home from work, and it's always dry from my morning shower.

01/11/13 5:49 am

We use baking soda for a ton of stuff. Including laundry.

01/11/13 5:42 am


01/11/13 5:40 am


BobbyHill2468 Pennsylvania
01/11/13 4:37 am

Haha I heard this too from my brothers friend. But I'm white and use one.

01/11/13 4:27 am

I'm white and I use a washcloth.

dflem Arizona
01/11/13 4:17 am

Sea sponge. They make me feel clean haha

tdaddy Kentucky
01/11/13 1:59 am

Having been using baking soda for so long I actually feel dirty if I'm in a motel shower and have to use soap. I feel like it leaves a film over me. Also, with baking soda I feel clean all over, much cleaner than I ever felt with bar soap or shower gels.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/11/13 1:56 am

I use my hands and baking soda. People say you'll ruin your skin with baking soda but that's not true if you use a light touch and not much baking soda. I've been using it for 10 years now and save a ton of money on soap. A pound of baking soda is less than 60 cents and lasts several months.

peacenskis Alaska
01/11/13 1:33 am

My next door neighbor once told me that white folks don't use washcloths. I guess she's right. I thought that the Dial soap bar is contoured perfectly so that you do not need one.

01/11/13 12:35 am

Who dosent use a rag/washcloth?!?!
That's gross you can't clean yourself with just soap people you have to you know actually scrub.

01/10/13 11:43 pm

Jokes aside, I like bath/shower gloves.
Somewhat abrasive surface and they fit like - well, a glove :)

01/10/13 11:40 pm

I just use hand to soap unless I did something to get like real dirt on me or feel dirty then I break out the wash cloth but on a day to day basis I don't get near dirty enough to need a cash cloth. Plus when I scrub with it it turns my skin red in that area

01/10/13 10:47 pm

I... I had no idea being a washcloth user made me a minority. O.o Mind = blown.

Towrecovery Lockport IL
01/10/13 10:32 pm

I thought everyone was using washcloths like me.
They have washcloths in hotels! How off could I have been?
I thought I was normal!
If I'm not normal in the shower, what else am I screwed up on?
My life is a lie!

01/10/13 10:14 pm

My whole life I've used a loofah. My whole life's been a lie.

01/10/13 9:55 pm

Shower scrunchie