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Show Of Hands July 20th, 2012 12:00am

Your usual brand of batteries is out of stock where you normally shop. Are you more likely to buy a different brand or try a different store?

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07/20/12 5:17 pm

I like rayovac cheeper and can usually find a coupon for them!

whoThere IL
07/20/12 5:15 pm

Battery companies doing research or something? Lol

07/20/12 4:49 pm

How much did SOH get paid for the battery questions?

07/20/12 4:22 pm

What's with the battery questions?

dhyr72 Rhode Island
07/20/12 3:58 pm

Batteries are batteries. Brand makes no difference to me.

07/20/12 3:52 pm

batteries are batteries

07/20/12 3:33 pm

I usually buy whatever batteries are cheapest... I don't have a specific "brand"

2Bfree New York
07/20/12 3:08 pm

Not going thru the inconvenience for batteries

07/20/12 2:51 pm

Its just battaries and whats with all the battery questions?

07/20/12 2:41 pm

The energizer are ok but the old Rayovac rechargeable were the Shiz they recharged in 15 min and lasted almost 2x as long as a regular battery

07/20/12 2:19 pm

A battery is a battery

07/20/12 1:44 pm

Batteries are not THAT important to drive to a different store

Nerdz Texas
07/20/12 1:39 pm

I'm not gonna drive to a different store and waste gas!

07/20/12 12:42 pm

Usual brand of batteries? Never heard of such a thing

07/20/12 12:00 pm

Seems odd to have a preferred battery brand. I just buy whatever is cheaper. I don't think the name on the battery makes much of a difference. I have never had issues with the off brand batteries that come with the electronics they are needed for.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/20/12 11:50 am

I prefer Duracell, but I'll switch to Energizer if they're out.

07/20/12 11:48 am

is this really a question?

scottstots Georgia
07/20/12 11:47 am

I usually get them at the dollar store. No brand loyalty when it comes to batteries.

07/20/12 11:45 am

I don't ever buy batteries. If I do they are rechargeable. I don't need them for anything. But I bought 8 and made a solar phone charger with them and a 18 dollar solar cell.

07/20/12 11:40 am

What are with these battery questions?

07/20/12 10:26 am

Run out of Duracell? Okay, Energizer it is

dogsaver new Jersey
07/20/12 9:34 am

Depends, I would buy a different brand, but a lot more of them!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/20/12 9:10 am

With small batteries, it's probably not going to happen as there's always another Costco right down the road. If I was desperate I'd use whatever was available in the short term, and replace them with Kirklands as soon as convenient. For car batteries, Walmart, this one or the next.

Wes28 CBus
07/20/12 9:09 am

Ummm...who has brand loyalty with batteries

07/20/12 9:00 am

the demon boycow hath returned from hell!

yepnope Maryland
07/20/12 8:12 am

Has anyone ever tested the difference between battery brands? I don't really pay attention to brand, should I?

EarlyBird Portland
07/20/12 8:03 am

Weird. I thought there was a huge difference in battery life between brands. I've always bought the more expensive batteries but would never drive to another store for them.

cowboy Dawns Highway
07/20/12 7:58 am

Two battery questions in a row? Anyway, I buy the cheap ones, if I have to. We use rechargeables.

madeit Houston Area
07/20/12 7:48 am

I buy the dollar store brand. They are all the same.

Rosebud Ohio
07/20/12 7:47 am

We usually go with the cheapest... Too poor to be brand loyal! Lol

07/20/12 7:45 am

I don't pay attention to the brand of batteries, I usually just grab the first brand I see

07/20/12 7:44 am

What's with all these battery questions? Lol

r3VOLution not of this world
07/20/12 7:44 am

Who has that kind of loyalty to batteries?

sneuby Philadelphia
07/20/12 7:44 am

Who commits to a brand of batteries??