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Show Of Hands September 17th, 2012 12:00am

Would you sell back your used DVDs and PS3/XBox discs for a third of their current retail price?

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yoggsaron Las Vegas
09/17/12 7:42 pm

Alone on ps3 games i have 127 discs i only play about 30 now. id rather keep my collection then get change for them.

fsu13 Grosse Pointe Park
09/17/12 6:50 pm

that would be an amazing deal on account of selling them back to game stop would barely get me a tenth of it back

09/17/12 6:43 pm

I has no xbox or PS3 discs... ahh the joy of pc gaming.... but i love mostof the cds and movies i have and would never give them up

EarlyBird Portland
09/17/12 6:05 pm

Yes, I definitely would! I don't use any of it anymore.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/17/12 5:16 pm

No, they're worth more to me than that, and aren't costing me anything to keep. This deal would essentially be that I rented them for two thirds their current retail price. Doesn't sound so good that way.

Drpaulitics San Diego, CA
09/17/12 5:04 pm

Hey PSU.labtech - I'd take you up on that offer. Have over 300 DVDs and I'd sell them for a third their value.

09/17/12 4:41 pm

No, but I'll buy yours for a third of what you paid...

09/17/12 3:57 pm

I've done it to get new games. I don't like doing it. But I know I'm never getting the price I want for them

tdaddy Kentucky
09/17/12 2:04 pm

Sure would. I get tired of most of them after a year or less.

09/17/12 2:04 pm

Uh used..... They are worth only like 1/5 retail price when you go to sell them if your lucky

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
09/17/12 1:49 pm

No. I like to keep my games and movies. I still play all of my games from my Supernintendo, SEGA DREAMCAST, and PS2. And i still watch my favorite movies from when I was younger too. Never know when you'll wanna have a Disney day. ;)

commonsense America isnt racist
09/17/12 1:45 pm

I keep them. Never know when you want to play them again.

MCR The Moon
09/17/12 1:05 pm

I hate to, but usually that's all I can get. I try my hardest not to sell them just to avoid that pain

09/17/12 1:00 pm

I did exactly that with my 150 vinyl records.
I wouldn't sell games unless I get a new system - I don't buy the kind of games you play through linearly and then are done.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
09/17/12 12:55 pm

Don't buy DVDs. I give my os3 games to my little brother.(usually for the 9$ trade in value) He's very appreciative.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
09/17/12 12:28 pm

I just sold a bunch for $2/ea. at a garage sale.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
09/17/12 12:10 pm

I don't but that's what you'll get sad to say..or donate them for free to Goodwill

09/17/12 11:57 am

Good luck with that. Unless its a couple weeks old, you're not getting anywhere close to 1/3 for a used game at GameStop.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
09/17/12 11:19 am

The only DVDs I buy are the ones I want to keep re-watching.

09/17/12 10:59 am

Thats pretty much what happens when u go to gamestop

09/17/12 10:58 am

No, but do you know anyone who wants to buy 8-track tapes? How about 4-track?

eradicator JC
09/17/12 10:02 am

Yeah, and I'd like a pet unicorn and world peace forever also.

09/17/12 9:57 am

I need to sell most of my old Xbox games. Can't really play them now that I'm in college. I'd be happy to get 1/3 of retail price haha

09/17/12 9:43 am

I'm selling my old Xbox games for $10 each. If I sell all of them Im Going to make $350!

snafu Washington
09/17/12 9:39 am

That's pretty much what you'd get at any used cd/DVD place. There are DVDs and games I don't need anymore, might as well get something for them.

09/17/12 8:56 am

My husband buys and sells stuff online. He's sold used xbox's for half the cost OB Craigslist so 1/3 is a bit low IMO but is take it.

Wert A picture of my junk
09/17/12 8:33 am

1/3 is a lot better than what's paid, now. Absolutely, i would.

KudosToYou California
09/17/12 8:30 am

1/3 the retail price would be a dream.

NotQuiteWhite Earth
09/17/12 8:15 am

20 bucks a game??
If I could get that much I would have sold them back years ago!!

gonk In a psychology textbook
09/17/12 8:04 am

No. The only gaming system I have is my old PS2, and even though I never use it anymore, it still holds a place in my heart. All those memories...

cowboy Doors of Perception
09/17/12 8:01 am

Yes. You can have the old VHS tapes too.

Destroyer Instillation 04
09/17/12 7:55 am

A third of their retail price is a whole lot more than what you can actually get out of them right now.

hippiedude fields of green
09/17/12 7:48 am

Not all but the ones I have grown tired of yes.