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Show Of Hands March 21st, 2012 12:00am

Have you attended a live concert or play in 2012?

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03/30/12 9:15 pm

Not yet, but Vans Warped Tour 2012 will be my first :D

03/27/12 10:09 am

Reason Rally in DC. There was Bad Religion playing a set.

fendergirl Ohio
03/24/12 10:09 pm

Plus a few local concerts
Support local bands!

fendergirl Ohio
03/24/12 10:09 pm

Flogging Molly baby, opening night of their tour in Detroit. VIP passes. Winning :) also, saw the play The Odd Couple at my school.

FearToFall what is this for
03/24/12 11:33 am friend dragged me to a Big Time Rush concert about three weeks ago.
...aaand that was my first concert.

snafu Washington
03/24/12 1:17 am

Both, theatre and a Flogging Molly concert.

03/23/12 2:54 pm

Lol, also band concerts for school if that counts.

03/23/12 2:52 pm

Yes! Just saw The Black Keys at the united center:D

03/23/12 6:44 am

not yet but I will go in July to Blake shelton, kid rock, zac brown band, & Luke Bryan. (:

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/23/12 5:54 am

Last Saturday was a benefit for the arts programs at our high school. The band was outstanding.

Dream Hogwarts
03/22/12 7:39 pm

I was in a play earlier this year, going to see one next week because I didn't get into that one :(

03/22/12 6:38 pm

parrot heads in Chicago June 30!

03/22/12 6:15 pm

Van Halen, March 5th in Philly. First gig of the tour. :)

03/22/12 5:07 pm

I am going to see big time rush soon and Daughtry. Already saw a few :)

03/22/12 4:07 pm

Went to see We The Kings! Great show

Bekka Just relaxing...
03/22/12 10:19 am

Well, I am counting the 4th grade musical...

03/22/12 7:23 am

took our 7&5 year olds to see CATS

03/22/12 6:45 am

Rock and Worship Roadshow... It was AMAZING!

blakestr San Diego
03/22/12 6:16 am

Fresh beat band with my 5 year old daughter.

03/22/12 4:42 am

get out of the house folks.

monkxo New York
03/22/12 3:50 am

School jazz band ... Going to see rent on april 2

03/22/12 2:03 am

Does Superbowl halftime count?

mamita Alabama
03/22/12 12:15 am

Does seeing a band play in a nightclub count if it's a band that has played in actual concert places?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/22/12 12:14 am

A friends son was the main actor in a play that we watched with them.

Nadinochka Narnia
03/21/12 11:36 pm

Two in the last week! I saw Kronos Quartet live tonight!

emsies Seattle
03/21/12 11:17 pm

Oh, and the 7th grade Shakespeare productions (Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night).

03/21/12 10:36 pm

not,yet.....Springsteen next week!

03/21/12 9:54 pm

Not in 2012 I saw a lot in 2011 there just hasn't been anything local I've wanted to see

03/21/12 9:33 pm

Buckethead and that one guy

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
03/21/12 8:39 pm

I'm counting my kids' band concerts and plays.

03/21/12 8:29 pm

In a few days I shall be seeing Sweeney Todd.

03/21/12 8:17 pm

@g30rg3 Oh my gosh that us awesome! :D

tmbath94 Georgia
03/21/12 8:16 pm

saw Jimmy Buffets Finland tour. Awesome

Priceless Kentucky
03/21/12 7:50 pm

more this year than in past. I'm volunteering as an usher to get in free! Great opportunity!

Zack100 Tatooine
03/21/12 7:20 pm

I saw a performance of guys and dolls

03/21/12 6:49 pm

I usually do this often; just have been so busy this year doing anything fun seems out of the question...

teteach Pennsylvania
03/21/12 6:29 pm

I saw Miranda Lambert with Jerrod Niemann and Chris was amazing!!!

03/21/12 6:28 pm

Not in the last year, but I'm hitting up the house of blues Sunday. This question came a few days too early haha

teteach Pennsylvania
03/21/12 6:28 pm

401K. I agree. I saw Jason this summer and it was awful. he was so boring!!!

03/21/12 6:23 pm

not yet Rammstein in May baby!!!!!!

TideGal CFL
03/21/12 5:50 pm

but I am going to Nickelback in May!,,,,,