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Should Mitt Romney release more than two years of Federal tax returns?

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08/02/12 11:43 am

I'm not worried about about what Romney does with his own money. I want to know what the hell is doing with ours (mine) !!!

07/31/12 5:16 pm

I am much mor interested in the records regarding Obama's past. Romney's tax records are of no concern. HE's rich. Good for him. it's none of my business .. Or yours.

paul61 Arizona
07/31/12 2:33 pm

Besides, Mitt submitted many years returns to McCain when he has being considered for Veep. What's different now?

paul61 Arizona
07/31/12 2:31 pm

There is a precedent for how many years tax returns. What the law requires is no longer Germain. The law is only the minimum, customary has become the defector standard set by George Romney. The elder Romney had a wise concept.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/28/12 12:04 am

ShellyLeft ... Why does the left need more fodder? They know he's wealthy.

The real question is why did MrO go to the extend of c
Sealing his education records ... There must be something he doesn't want you to know, right?

GrowUp Minnesota
07/26/12 7:16 am

It's great when a liberal like RJ can admit when he's wrong. Mr Romney is clearly innocent as no foaming at the mouth MrO lovers have proven any misdeeds with his taxes. Mr Romney paid his taxes on funds in the Caymans. Five people close to MrO, including Valerie Jarrett have money in Swiss banks

GrowUp Minnesota
07/26/12 7:10 am

RJ ... You and MrO both share at least one thing in common ... both of you are incredibly immature and thin-skinned.

You love to dish, but when the question is close, you lash out. I respectfully suggest you check your view of MrO's birth certificate and Mr Romney's taxes. Fascinatingly parallel.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/25/12 3:46 am

... creating jobs and fixing the economy, but you have no time to meet with your own commissions.

You have time to golf, but not manage your job?

Shame on you!

GrowUp Minnesota
07/25/12 3:46 am

MrO is pushing for Mr Romney to publish his taxes because MrO doesn't have ANYTHING else. It's pathetic especially when we have real issues with the economy.

MrO, why haven't you met with either the Simpson-Bowles Commission or the Jobs Council? You talk about the importance of ...

GrowUp Minnesota
07/25/12 3:38 am

RJ ... Read your own post and substitute Mr Romeny's name.

Beyond that ... Why seal the records? Remember, it's your pal, MrO who is desperately pushing for Mr Romney to publish records he doesn't have to while he's sealed his own records. MrO is the hypocrite and must go!

Shellyleft Vermont
07/24/12 7:35 pm

Mitt made tons of money, great job! He also gives a ton of it away, what is it that he doesn't want seen?

RJ1969 SoCal
07/24/12 4:10 pm

GrowUp, look up the Presidential Records Act of 1978.

Just an FYI, in the United States, we are innocent until proven guilty. You have no information to say otherwise and the President of the United States of America doesn't have to prove anything to your pin-headed ass to address your delusions.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/24/12 4:50 am

NYevo ... When did Hilary Clinton ask for MrO's birth certificate? And when did he finally "disclose" it?

I could care less about the birth certificate, but do not suggest that he was either timely or transparent. He mocked those who asked as he "disclosed" the birth certificate. Is that mature?

GrowUp Minnesota
07/24/12 4:46 am

Jagger ... MrBush spent too much money. Mr Bush, and the Democrat controlled Congress should have pulled back. MrBush should have rejected Democrats like Barney Frank who were obviously culpable in the financial collapse in the housing industry.

MrO made it worse and MrO must go!

GrowUp Minnesota
07/24/12 4:37 am

Jagger .. The real question is ... which former presidential candidate PAID to have his/her transcripts sealed? Who does that? Certainly NOT someone who is proud of the record.

Is this MrO's idea of transparency?

It's no wonder he couldn't get a job in the private sector! MrO must go.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/24/12 4:33 am

RJ .... wrong! When I graduated from college, I had to make my transcripts available to my potential employers -- each and every one! The saw the A's, the C's and the class I had to retake.

Why would MrO go to the extreme of PAYING to have his records sealed unless he had something to hide?

RJ1969 SoCal
07/23/12 9:14 pm

I think it's funny that the people who want to see his college transcripts are the same ones who never graduated from college.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/23/12 9:14 pm

It's some nonsense some dipschit right-wing radio host brought up, accusing him of having bad grades one semester. As if that means something.

07/23/12 8:31 pm

What's the big deal about seeing college transcripts?? And what former presidents released theirs??

07/23/12 8:30 pm

32wolf- bush spent like a drunken sailor why not bash him too. What about the republican run poor southern states how much federal funding they get?

32wolf Georgia
07/23/12 7:55 pm

The democrats are retarded! They want to hand out money and spend money like they have an infinite amount. Well reality check, they don't. So stop giving out money like its candy and stop putting our country farther into debt. I don't wanna pay for this shit!

NYevo NY
07/23/12 5:45 am

@GrowUp: Obama disclosed what he was asked to. So should Romney.

07/23/12 5:23 am

Only if Obama releases his college records

07/22/12 6:51 pm

Ann Romney never said "You people" @@ Even ABC said she didn't say it.

ishady 86451132020
07/22/12 5:34 pm

More conservatives everyday are calling for the tax returns. Just release already what could be so bad?

dotnetdev Georgia
07/22/12 3:36 pm

I am ashamed of my fellow conservatives. He should release them w/o precondition. Just b/c Obama is a liar and a crook doesnt mean we should play the same bs games he has. If u got nothing to hide, put your cards on the table.
If all they can dig up is u are rich then they are in real trouble.

otto Olean, NY
07/22/12 10:01 am

AND he should wait as long as Obama did to release his birth certificate.

otto Olean, NY
07/22/12 10:00 am

He should release as many years of tax returns as Obama releases of college transcripts.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/22/12 8:11 am

ishady ... I agree, as soon as MrO comes clean.

ishady 86451132020
07/22/12 6:34 am

Maybe John McCain saw a problem no?george Romney paid an average of 37% taxes in 12 years. His son paid 15% in two. He is 11 and a half times richer. Who cares what he is worth. Pay the same as everyone else. Release em.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/22/12 5:42 am

NYevo ... it's fascinatingly hypocritical for Democrats to talk now about experience and transparency as they relate to the "steering" the country.

MrO never had training wheels, let alone a license to drive the "car". His only successes were the things he didn't change from Mr Bush. MrO must go!

GrowUp Minnesota
07/22/12 5:38 am

NYevo ... Open book ... you mean like MrO? Haha

If Mr Romney follows the MrO strategy for disclosure -- that is wait nearly four years -- then Mr Romney will surely have no argument from Dems, right? MrO is a hypocrite who will do anything to divert attention from his failed leadership & policies

GrowUp Minnesota
07/22/12 5:32 am

ishady ... Yep, you got him, Mr Romney is hiding the fact that he's worth $450M .... shhh, don't tell the Democrats or they'll go back to their divisive talk about classes. Oh, wait ... we already know that.

Could it be that not everyone has something to hide, like MrO? Is that possible? Yep!

NYevo NY
07/22/12 5:10 am

He should be an open book if he is going to have a hand on steering our country and holding the keys to our nukes.

ishady 86451132020
07/22/12 3:49 am

There is something he's hiding. Let them out let the ppl decide how bad it is.

tsk California
07/22/12 3:46 am

Romney is in full compliance concerning release of tax returns. Yall got nothing on him.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/21/12 7:06 pm

John McCain looked at 20 years-worth of Romney's tax returns when he was vetted for the VP spot. Then, he picked Palin. It makes you wonder what he saw that made him pick that winner.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/21/12 10:57 am

Reading, not fading. Thanks apple!

RJ1969 SoCal
07/21/12 10:57 am

I love fading the comments from the apologists.


07/21/12 6:12 am

Let mitt hide his tax returns and chase more votes away OBAMA 2012

andrew2052 New York
07/21/12 4:52 am

Mitt Romney can release more of his tax returns when Obama releases his pass port that he spent millions of dollars hiding.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/21/12 3:45 am

Alakowe ... I'll take your bait. Let's see the leadership of MrO. His only credential was having been a "professor" but yet he won't release his education records. Why not?

How did a pot smoking, cocaine snorting high school kid who barely went to class the last two years make it to Harvard?

qchulk Indiana
07/21/12 2:54 am

It's SO hard to release them #firstworldproblems. Nothing is a distraction if congress continues its pledge to not do anything until after elections.

alakowe Georgia
07/20/12 11:54 pm

The law changes because it is recognized to be faulty or grossly unjust. All the loopholes in our laws are"legal" so does that make a person upright? Let the debate be more intelligent please.

alakowe Georgia
07/20/12 11:51 pm

The problem with a lot of arguments here is that we base a lot on what is "legal" lie that is the ultimate. We forget it was legal to segregate, enslave, discriminate. nonsense. When you get a mortgage, you are pretty much naked then someone wants to get elected and common tax returns is a problem??

07/20/12 10:48 pm

I hope Mitt Romney will have the courage to stand his ground and set the precedence of only release what is required by law.

To paraphrase my other... Just because other candidates jumped off a cliff, it doesn't mean Mitt Romney should, too.

BTR Florida
07/20/12 9:33 pm

How about Obama release his college transcripts. Oh no, they can't do that.

07/20/12 8:05 pm

Dodging the real issue of unemployment, debt, immigration, taxes, energy, wars, debt, debt, debt, did I mention unemployment, ect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mitt 2012!!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/20/12 7:28 pm

Perhaps the reason Obama has accomplished so little to date is that he temporarily retired prospectively on his first inauguration, planning to actually do some work on a leave of absence from retirement retroactively when he is inaugurated for he second time. Like he wasn't even there, Mitt style.