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Show Of Hands July 22nd, 2012 12:00am

Are you using Show of Hands right now on a small screen (phone) or a big screen (tablet)?

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07/25/12 5:15 pm

iPhone! I want an iPad :-(

EarlyBird Portland
07/25/12 1:29 am

Syd- SoH has always had ads, silly.

07/25/12 12:05 am

I didn't know SOH was available in tablet format!

07/24/12 12:07 pm

Ahhh I was wondering when soh would get ads

07/24/12 10:36 am

iPod touch if thats counts as " phone"

07/24/12 9:34 am

Galaxy note is both, so how do I vote?

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/24/12 7:10 am

4Gen 8GB iPod Touch White with a high resolution camera, storing more than 200 pictures, and has over ten hours of music playback on 1 battery. Booyah.

sohuser California
07/24/12 3:38 am

Got an iPad about a month ago but I still prefer my phone.

because South Dakota
07/23/12 9:39 pm

tablet, I've never had a cellphone before

pretorian Florida
07/23/12 9:14 pm

Kindle Fire - unfortunately the app is unstable and I have to download it again every two days or so.

07/23/12 8:46 pm

what is the matter with you Sevrandy? you just weigh in by dumping on someone's device of which they are fond? What a f ing loser!

07/23/12 8:41 pm

I use both, iPad an iPhone.

JDoe Its a gift
07/23/12 8:35 pm

Commodore 64 but it's really slow

07/23/12 7:10 pm

I have a Galaxy Note.... Referred to as a phablet, this could go either way lol

lmurder MDK
07/23/12 4:31 pm

Wow...bunch of broke peeps looking on there phones.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
07/23/12 2:35 pm

iPhone!!!! But when I get an iPad I might switch. Typing on this thing is tedious!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/23/12 1:14 pm

Thinking about getting a new Touch for mobility, but for now, stuck with an iPad2.

idahodem Idaho
07/23/12 1:08 pm

Usually iPad 2 sometimes my iPhone

yepnope Maryland
07/23/12 12:44 pm

Anyone know what this year's "iPhone killer" is going to be? That Samsung galaxy s3 made me hate my tiny iPhone screen.

Hope Minneapolis
07/23/12 12:24 pm

My lovely husband surprised me w/ an iPad3 & said Merry Christmas Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary & I love it! This is what I use at home/work sometimes but otherwise my iPhone & it's not silly at all! Sevrandy~that wasn't nice at all.

07/23/12 9:49 am

Hahaha kindle fire is the best? Serious? Is a budget tablet that is slow! It can be nice for some tasks but that is like calling a Smart ForTwo the best car xD

07/23/12 9:23 am

Kindle fire is the best.

yepnope Maryland
07/23/12 9:11 am

On my super tiny iPhone screen.... I think im goin to try android next time if the screen stays this small. My big hands can't hold it right (that's kind of what she said).

07/23/12 8:51 am

iPhone as I do not have a tablet of any kind yet.