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Show Of Hands November 14th, 2011 12:00am

Would you be offended if you received teeth whitening strips as a stocking stuffer?

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11/20/11 12:17 am

I use these daily and love the results. will be asking for them as stuffing stockers!!

11/18/11 9:35 am

blutuesday: stop flaming us with your propaganda about ads... please.

11/17/11 2:03 pm

Does anyone like yellow teeth?

11/16/11 12:05 pm

depends who it's from

11/15/11 4:45 pm

Next thing you know, people will be bashing the sock and tie lobbyists and then fathers will never get any presents.

11/15/11 4:43 pm

@soyerpan: Probably not a very effective marketing plan if you can't tell which teeth cleaning company paid Tony to post this question.

blutuesday California
11/15/11 1:38 pm

HaHaHa, Ridiculous Republicans think Fox News is to be admired.

11/15/11 9:35 am

Ha stupid demos are solo easily offended.

11/15/11 7:49 am

soyerpan what is your issue? it's just a question or donT you have any teeth?

11/15/11 6:28 am

which teeth cleaning company paid you guys for this question? im going to delete this app...just pure marketing. privacy breach..

Aniphine Arizona
11/15/11 2:10 am

I'd be a bit offended, but I'd keep it to myself, smile and say, "Thank you. It's just what I've always wanted!" :)

11/14/11 10:54 pm

Jessie is also the dog with no teeth on family guy.

11/14/11 10:52 pm

My mom is a dental hygienist, I expect this stuff every year

11/14/11 10:50 pm

I'd be excited! Do you know how much those dang things are? I'd rather have someone buy it for me lol

11/14/11 10:47 pm

I know I could benefit from it since I do t have great teeth so no I wouldn't be offended at all

11/14/11 10:29 pm

Jessie- that's funny coming from someone named after Bo and Luke Duke's moonshining uncle.

angiebrite Gallifrey
11/14/11 10:21 pm

I get teeth whitening strips every year! The package ALWAYS says "from Herbie the elf."

11/14/11 10:10 pm

Jesse, so you got any teeth?

11/14/11 9:59 pm

no. my teeth are yellow as hell. teeth whitening strips would be a nice change from the cheap keychains and nasty smelling soaps I usually get.

11/14/11 9:56 pm

blutuesday! did you see the Japan banner? I must have clicked it four times already. answer a short survey and Tony gives a dollar to Japan for you

11/14/11 9:26 pm

Do you wish you had Jessie's girl?

11/14/11 9:25 pm

A girl, only in demeanor.

11/14/11 9:23 pm

hmmm... I always thought Jessie as a girl...

11/14/11 9:18 pm

Just get your grill iced up. Shit'll shine better than any white strips.

11/14/11 9:10 pm

The majority of PEOPLE in Mississippi don't have teeth. Jessie is known for his oral skills.

11/14/11 8:56 pm

absolutely! As a dental hygienist I wouldn't give them because they don't work. I have given folks. another product that works great and folks are not offended they are glad to get something that will really work..

11/14/11 8:55 pm

Jessie shall here by be known as taint!! she tainted this nice question.

giottoblu Connecticut
11/14/11 8:50 pm

Depends on what else is in that stocking. Toys and candies, no. Sticks of deodorant and acne scrub, yes.

redebbm 91709
11/14/11 8:42 pm

I'd be grateful. I don't have dental right now and employers want to see a bright white smile.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/14/11 8:30 pm

Whitener? Naw…
Gift certificate for plastic surgery, maybe a little… lol

11/14/11 8:19 pm

Jessie Jessie Jessie... read my previous comment! you just ruined this question!!

HolyBabble Mississippi
11/14/11 7:56 pm

This question doesn't apply to Southern right-wing Republicans. The majority of them don't have teeth.

11/14/11 6:48 pm the question! I would be happy to have them as they are quite expensive.

11/14/11 6:30 pm

Har Har democrats lawl

11/14/11 6:09 pm

I would love it, there to expensive. I don't want to spend the money on it!

11/14/11 6:02 pm

depends on if I'm wearing dentures or not

Nerdz Texas
11/14/11 5:34 pm

I'd be grateful because I want some

11/14/11 5:34 pm

it's the first question in a long time that people cant make stupid dem/repub are stupid comments

11/14/11 5:29 pm

Haha love this question:)

11/14/11 5:28 pm

cam we comment back and forth with them?

11/14/11 5:27 pm

Tony!??! will the android results be mixed in on our map? or will it be a different database?

11/14/11 5:25 pm

blue Tuesday!! i have an evil stepmother also! my fiancé does too! we love to try to out do each other with crazy stepmom stories.

watermelon Minnesota
11/14/11 5:08 pm

Who cares! Why not just use them I've heard they're expensive.

11/14/11 4:55 pm

Yeah especially if I asked for them... I mean, if you made a point of loving yellowed teeth then maybe but other than that no.. (btw I love white teeth)

11/14/11 4:50 pm

I'd be thankful! those kits are expensive! (: and who doesn't love white teeth?