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Do you pay attention to the stock market from day to day?

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01/13/13 9:10 am

He gets impeached and we don't pay them

01/13/13 9:09 am

That's when Obama raises taxes on all business things like shipping selling workers pretty much everything because countries that we owe money,mainly china, start going under and Obama thinks its a good Idea to raise taxes for just one year to pay it all off

01/13/13 7:12 am

All day, every day. Thats my job. Stressful most of the time, but couldn't think of anything i would rather be doing.

thehopedivision Atlanta
01/12/13 12:15 pm

The end of the current fiscal year. Not sure what that means, though.

01/11/13 7:42 pm

That is silly. A share of Ford (F) is about 13. It was about 10 earlier this year. Less than a movie. Everyone should learn the basics then invest

susanr Colorado
01/11/13 5:06 pm

But the question was do you pay attention *from day to day.* Most financial advice I've heard & read says not to do that - not to be obsessed with day-to-day changes; it leads to doing rash & stupid things. So there may be plenty of people here who keep an eye on their investments, just not *daily.*

Vincere Seattle
01/11/13 4:06 pm

That's one of the most unintelligible sentences I've read in a while.

kingpacman23 KCCO
01/11/13 1:20 pm

Hearing about stocks is just like hearing my mom talk about me. I don't know what they're talking about, I just know it's going to be bad

ladyniner81 I hate people
01/11/13 12:48 pm

I have a 401k and IRAs so yes..I lost Money when GM went under and I think I am with Kodak..

EarlyBird Portland
01/11/13 8:25 am

I'm so impressed at the fairly high number of under 21 year olds that pay attention to the stock market.
I wonder why?

satguy08 California
01/11/13 12:04 am

what happens on that date

elbow82 Veganland
01/10/13 10:42 pm

I used to when I worked in finance, but I don't anymore.

01/10/13 8:40 pm

I see that the annual Economic Freedom rankings came in...the USA dropped in ratings for the 5th straight year. We are now ranked #10 in the world. No Eurozone country was in the top 10..we are certainly headed in their direction. Investments will migrate toward those with the most economic freedom.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/10/13 7:23 pm

ain't nobody got time fo dat

Melon No Ducklips
01/10/13 6:30 pm

401K. That's about it and I don't really pay attention except for the annual report. (Annual is it?)
I'm not too into risk taking or gambling. They seem to have similarities, yes?
Either way, I don't fully know the ins and ours of trading/investing.

Rio76 Wild West
01/10/13 4:11 pm

I have been in the market for the past 28 years. Ive seen the market soar, and seen the bottom fall out. It is not for the faint of heart. I check the DOW in passing, but have to think long term and remember the aver gain since the inception of the market is around 12%.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/10/13 4:05 pm

Depending on what you're after… If you're fine with 10% return on capital per annum, then I agree with you. But if you want anything more, it will almost have to be your job if you want to succeed. Or you could hire a professional, but that could take a lot of money to do so successfully.

01/10/13 3:43 pm

Everyone should be invested after spending the time to learn the basics.

01/10/13 3:26 pm

I've invested a fair bit of money over the last couple of years and made a nice profit. It's so much easier than it was 20 years ago.

satguy08 California
01/10/13 2:24 pm

Being an libertarian it is both of the Democrats and Republicans fault for this mess we are in. Stop fighting with each other, neither one has the right to call only their way the right way, quite frankly you are both wrong.

01/10/13 1:50 pm

i have a hard time believing the stock market is still a good indication of the economy...the fed. gov. has gotten its hands into it so far that it cant be trusted anymore

cowboy Proud Father
01/10/13 11:27 am

If I was a millionaire, I would be checking it and be involved in the market. Its not that hard to check my wallet. I don't get your point.

lmurder MDK
01/10/13 11:00 am

Only day trading. I need a life outside of it. Looking to scoop up a vast majority of oil stocks for long term investments here in the next year.
Merica will be ripe to make some money here in the next 5-15 years! Hope people start investing again.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/10/13 10:15 am

Whenever I hear something major is happening. But otherwise, I could care less. Now, FOREX on the other hand… ;)

leary Dulag Luft
01/10/13 8:58 am

Maybe that's why you aren't a millionaire.

omniku dot com
01/10/13 8:40 am

I'm surprised more SOH users aren't paying attention. Not saying I follow it closely, but I at least follow the overall market. Even if you don't own stocks, don't some of you have pensions or mutual funds or something? Or at least a general interest in the state of the market?

ProfDG I Want Truth
01/10/13 7:25 am

Have CNBC on right now! I used to be an investment advisor in the 80s and 90s. I love keeping tabs on the various markets.

ryno Flyover Country
01/10/13 7:06 am

The easiest way for a new investor to do things is find a mutual fund with a decent return or a risk that you can handle. I would recommend an S&P500 index fund. The S&P has averaged a 10-12% return (annually) over the past few decades. Then practice Dollar Cost it lol

timeout Boston Strong
01/10/13 6:45 am

I did but not any more. Lost a ton of money in the crash of 2000 and 01. Pulled what was left out and put it in safe fix income and bonds. Not as good a return but I can sleep nights.

cowboy Proud Father
01/10/13 6:09 am

No. I'm not a millionaire checking my money every five minutes.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/10/13 4:13 am

I pay attention on a daily basis to all stock listings of firearms manufacturing firms. Some tech stocks.

01/10/13 12:03 am

Personally, I find the sex filter the most interesting.

01/10/13 12:02 am

pe1017, there's no need to get condescending about it.

cato Santa Barbara, California
01/09/13 11:45 pm

Yup. Just the S&P close.

01/09/13 11:43 pm

No. NYSE truly wasted my thought all the time. I am no longer pay much attention the stocks anymore. The future stocks will become stink.

2katz I live in Nebraska
01/09/13 11:30 pm

I check my mutual funds every month or so, make adjustments maybe annually. I don't make a point to watch market details daily but I do notice whether it's up or down and listen for comments on trends. Now and then I'll tune in Neil Cavuto or others for discussion.

pe1017 San Antonio
01/09/13 11:13 pm

Well... Older people have money in the market because most retirement plans are based in it... And people with moderate money would like to keep said money, so they are republicans... So, your genius observation has clout...

01/09/13 11:04 pm

It's not that much more, only 6% right now, and I think that is related also to the fact that a proportionally higher number of 40+ year olds check the market, and if I'm not mistaken older people are generally more likely to be Republican. Which is the cause, which is the effect?

01/09/13 11:01 pm

How so? I'd love some pointers! :)

01/09/13 10:10 pm

Agree 100%

01/09/13 10:09 pm

Love the stock market! And found a great site this year: (if you can stay involved daily)

gonk In a psychology textbook
01/09/13 10:08 pm

No, but I just accidentally clicked an add while trying to click my home button, Tony. Lol. ????

01/09/13 10:05 pm

Never heard of it, think ill check it out.

chuckchan Missouri
01/09/13 9:51 pm

you can cheat on that buy puting all your 100, 000 into a penny stock