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Do you think it's possible to balance the Federal budget without cutting defense spending, reducing benefits in Social Security and Medicare, AND increasing taxes for everyone? (UserQ)

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ishady 86451132020
08/22/12 12:51 pm

Cite one example that I lied about. Go back and show me. I await your response.

ishady 86451132020
08/22/12 12:49 pm

You are a religious fanatic and you can't sustain the bibles validity because it has none. The founding fathers were of many religious faiths and they agreed not to make a national religion. That will never happen so you need to get over it.

ishady 86451132020
08/22/12 12:45 pm

Did I lie about the constitution? Did I lie about clerical fascism? Atheists aren't the ones pushing their beliefs on ppl. Small mindedness is calling gay ppl social deviants.

Think Lovin Life
08/22/12 9:29 am

The only fascists here are the anti-religion lunatics who attempt to twist everything to fit their small-minded and warped views. Ours is a country founded on the protection of and deference to the deeply held beliefs of its people. Even ishady can't silence the religious expression of others.

Think Lovin Life
08/22/12 9:26 am

ishady ... Your strategy is clear ...
1. Make wild claims that are filled with lies
2. Use vulgar language in an attempt to silence valid response
3. Switch to an attack on religion when your feeble attempts at 1 & 2 fail.
4. Repeat

ishady 86451132020
08/22/12 1:31 am

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. ... No matter what you lunatics say you cant make this a Christian country. Look up clerical fascism.

Americaddd Texas
08/21/12 6:50 pm

If we spent nothing on defense we would still have a huge deficit

theWager Utah
08/21/12 11:57 am

We could reduce the deficit by only reducing "defense" spending. Social programs are to important to cut.

08/21/12 7:43 am

Create an off-shore bank account tax/fine on every U.S. citizen that has one.

Think Lovin Life
08/21/12 6:33 am

ishady ... yes, 30% from every department.

Think Lovin Life
08/21/12 6:32 am

ishady ... fascism is your forcing of religion for the lives of others. The only ones forcing anything is the atheists, with their religion of hatred and exclusion.

You atheists have twisted the words of the Constitution. We are promised the freedom of -- not from -- religion.

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 5:06 pm

@jzz In addition, look toward your own state of California. You guys have the same problem except its the municipalities that are being crushed by pension liability. Stockton, Cali largest municipality to ever declare bankruptcy. Certainly won't be the last. I fear for you guys....seriously.

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 5:02 pm

@jzz I work on wall street, I know that happens, I've had to do business with CEOs like that. But that is less common than you would like to believe. Many times what happens is the executives of a company put their salary at 1 dollar if things go to bankruptcy court.

Jzz California
08/19/12 3:10 pm

Americaddd. I could do some research and find the reports on how CEO' s have lobbied and been granted relief for employee pensions while keeping their own. It is too nice of a day and I don't have the energy to find the reference docs. Maybe if you are interested, you will do on your own.

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 1:22 pm

@jzz . A company carriers twice it's revenue in pension liability. Tell us how you would interpret that differently? I get what your saying but in a world of subjectivity math provides us the purest form of objectivity.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 12:43 pm

Fascism to me is forcing your religion on my government.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 12:43 pm

Does that include the veterans administration think? They can't do the job now how's a 30 percent reduction going to help veterans?

08/19/12 11:25 am

We should figure out what we need to spend to defend the country and budget to that. I don't think spending more than the next 20 countries combined makes a lot of sense. Claiming we need to spend more every year without being able to back it up with facts and using fear to motivate... Wrong.

08/19/12 11:22 am

Americaddd, the issue isn't the effectiveness of tax increases. As I get closer to being in the 1% (I'm in the 2% now) my taxes keep dropping. I'm offered more loopholes to avoid taxes as I make more. It just doesn't seem right that as taxes are easier to absorb, I'm given a pass to avoid them.

Think Lovin Life
08/19/12 10:50 am

ishady ... You flatter yourself into thinking your fascist comments affect anyone beyond yourself. As much as you wish to stop opposing views, you won't.

Spending of all departments should be cut. I say take them all down by 30% to start ... that should begin to clear the O'nonsense.

iTeach Mos Eisley
08/19/12 10:13 am

Our defense spending is way out of control and must be cut!

Jzz California
08/19/12 9:46 am

Lol math. What I hit for autocorrect to change math to Kathy, IDK.

Jzz California
08/19/12 9:45 am

Americadd numbers can be screwed to be read in any way possible that is the beauty of Kathy.

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 8:57 am

Don't, just audit their books and if you get a chance audit IBC's books and you will see the same thing more or less. IBC (company that owns hostess) is currently trying to shed their pension liability via bankruptcy court. Unions say no but it's either that or liquidate.

08/19/12 7:47 am

You have NO IDEA how much Government waste there is. This is my biggest issue, I am so careful with my money but the Feds are not with my money. I want a smaller Government. Vote for Romney!

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 3:00 am

I don't know how to respond to that.

Americaddd Texas
08/18/12 8:25 pm

And the reason your articles said that is not many news organizations like to take jabs at the unions. They are powerful, and the teamsters have numerous mob connections. They have threatened my life numerous times for my work at IBC, but I'm not going to let their scare tactics dictate my actions

Americaddd Texas
08/18/12 8:23 pm

You read articles, your getting your information from second hand sources. I audited their books. And objectivity? There is nothing more objective than mathematics. So please sit down and audit their books and you will understand what I'm talking about.

08/18/12 6:04 pm

You have to cut defense, that's the only thing I have to say. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I feel like $830 billion dollars is a tad bit too much for this time of nearly peace.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 3:10 pm

I read five articles not one mentioned the pension liabilities. Just bad business practices.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 3:00 pm

Your objectivity can be called into question even if you know a lot about gm, s books. Absolutely nothing else was a factor?

Americaddd Texas
08/18/12 2:53 pm

Actually any smart investor on wall street knew they'd be bankrupt in the 90s. It's obvious when you have pension liabilities like they did. Ryan saved wisconsin by making it right to work. Most people don't or can't understand that but It was the only move to save them from ending up like Cali

Americaddd Texas
08/18/12 2:51 pm

And no the recession was not a cause, but rather the straw that broke the camel's back. GM experienced adequate margins to have a cash reserve to weather the recession. However, there were no reserves, every spare penny they had went to pension liability. I predicted they'd go bankrupt in late 90s

Americaddd Texas
08/18/12 2:47 pm

@ Ishady wrong. when was the last time your audited GM's books? You might argue that they failed because of poor product. However, their poor product was a result of them having to allocate to much income to pension liability rather than R&D and manufacturing based improvements.

08/18/12 1:36 pm

If your going to balance the budget you have to cut spending, even if you raise taxes.
No household in America banks on their income going up when they are faced with running a deficit. They cut their spending and look for better income.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 1:31 pm

To say that alone caused gm to fail would be false.

Americaddd Texas
08/18/12 8:09 am

And that pension liability was a result of GM caving to the Unions. Like I said earlier, pensions are mathematical impossibility in a population that experiences geometric population growth. Only in the long run though. In the short run pensions can work mathematically.

Americaddd Texas
08/18/12 8:06 am

@jenn incorrect your site inflates the numbers, wall street journal had investors like myself audit the government books. Defense is roughly 20%. That's just the facts. And your wrong about Michigan, GM went bankrupt because of their pension liability. Of course you knew that though.

jenn71 Michigan
08/18/12 7:21 am

Data and projected budgets won't lie. What wrecked Michigan was 30 years of Americans building crappy cars, and Michigan not diversifying it's economy.

jenn71 Michigan
08/18/12 7:19 am

Actually the math on defense is much worse Americaddd. I'm sure you really know that.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 7:03 am

Isn't the defense budget at about 20%?

Americaddd Texas
08/18/12 6:44 am

@polarized please provide the math you used to arrive at this assessment, defense is only 15% of the budget

polarized Tennessee
08/18/12 4:54 am

Defensive spending HAS to be cut to balance our budget

Americaddd Texas
08/17/12 10:55 pm

My 65% is a guess based on the pie's probably more but I estimated low so I wouldn't have to listen to the socialists whine.

Americaddd Texas
08/17/12 10:54 pm

@MGLC pretty close, the wall street journal recently did a summary for the receipts and outlays of the U.S government. The interest we pay on our debt is almost what we spend on defense. The two big ones are Medicare and social security. They comprise close to 65% of spending. Yes, that's right, 65%

MGLC New Mexico
08/17/12 8:23 pm

You know military is barely 15% of our budget, right?

Americaddd Texas
08/17/12 7:43 pm

@boohoo The Unions killed GM and as a result Michigan. Your state will likely be next but as a result of liabilities carried by your state's municipalities. Which is unfortunate because I think Cali has the best geography of any state and I would have liked to live there.

Americaddd Texas
08/17/12 7:38 pm

@bohoo the governator isn't your biggest problem...Your death sentence came when you caved to Union pension demands. Pensions are a mathematical impossibility in a society that experiences geometric population growth.

08/17/12 6:20 pm

@americaddd under how many years with the"Governator"? I do not believe socialism is the answer, but I don't believe the current tax laws are equitable. Income regardless of source should be taxed evenly.

08/17/12 5:48 pm

it may not be necessary to cut any programs if they would stop wasting money on things like ridiculous contract prices. I work for them and have seen the kind of money they throw away just because of how the system is set up.