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Would it be worse to go six months without deodorant or without washing your hair? (UserQ)

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07/04/12 11:39 pm

I saw a study once about hair washing. It takes roughly a month or so for your hair to stabilize but it does not get greasy or smelly. It's happy to look after itself. Unfortunately we've all been convinced that if you don't wash your hair everyone will hate you and you'll smell.

07/04/12 7:21 am

If i dnt wash my hair, it gets soo greasy, its nasty.

Paulitical Missouri
07/03/12 12:28 am

Consider this: Six months without deodorant does NOT mean six months without washing your pits... Six month without washing your hair is unarguably the fool's choice in this poll. Nice job thinking it through, Forty Percent-ers! Haha!

07/02/12 5:33 pm

Have you people smelled funky armpits before?? Waaaay funkier than smelly hair, that's for sure!

Terrence Utah
07/02/12 7:37 am

Your hair doens't need to be washed everyday but every other day at least, but bodily hygiene is far more important so because of that I said pit reek is worse.

07/02/12 5:14 am

If I don't wash my hair for a couple days it gets Soooo greasy...

showofhams Oklahoma
07/02/12 4:19 am

I shave my head, so the choice was easy.

ahsu Ohio
07/01/12 10:56 pm

Of course most girls say hair mess is worse lol. With all this hair it is unbearably uncomfortable to not wash it for more than a day or two. I can't imagine not being able to wash my hair, I'd rather have stinky pits than gross oily flaky hair.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/01/12 7:15 am

I would just put conditioner in my hair. It's not a wash, but almost.

07/01/12 2:17 am

I pick deo... I could always get my hair braided and just wear weave... But in the south especially in the summer no way u can walk outside with out deo...

kris55 Alabama
07/01/12 12:42 am

I couldnt go a week without washing my hair...besides good soap and/or cologne is just as good as deo.

06/30/12 11:13 pm

If you just use water, your hair will actually work itself out quite well. It's a rough time getting there but when you do, the final product is really nice. Google "no poo hair" for more info on it.

sgeisler18 Illinois
06/30/12 10:42 pm

Do you know how great any braids I had in my hair would stay? The grip the oils of your hair give you when doing certain styles would be awesome with all that time to build up.

acavemand The Burgh
06/30/12 8:55 pm

I said no deo would be worst because I wear a hat 90% of the time so I could just cover it with that.

beamie Michigan
06/30/12 8:24 pm

I have to wash my hair every day. I've tried going a couple days, but by the second day you could fry French fries with all the grease in my hair. So I chose to go with out deodorant.

Zack100 Tatooine
06/30/12 4:33 pm

My hair gets greasy after day 1 so hair mess

yesmaam socal
06/30/12 2:10 pm

Haha I never use deodorant anyways!

06/30/12 1:24 pm

I have long hair and it would be flat and my scalp would be itchier than hell..I'd deal with the stinkiness more than the itchy head

shaka-shollz The armpit of America
06/30/12 8:03 am

My hair is down to my waist, and a curly mess if I don't wash it. So I'd go with the pit reek. Shouldn't be too bad with bathing.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/30/12 7:34 am

I would go with no deodorant and just shower three times per day. That should take care of the pit reek. Not much you can do about hair that you can't wash though.

hacim94 Michigan
06/30/12 5:21 am

I'd be rocking the white man dreads, and the ridicule I would receive for that would be way worse than no deodorant haha

mizzdayzee Florida
06/30/12 5:16 am

the answer is confusing with the wording of the question.

goldy California
06/30/12 2:04 am

I could go without deodorant for six months with no problem at all. Bathing is really helpful...

tidford My little piece of heaven
06/30/12 12:16 am

OMG !!!
Wouldn't I love to have the hair to worry about!

tidford My little piece of heaven
06/30/12 12:16 am

OMG !!!
Wouldn't I love to have the hair to worry about!

06/29/12 10:23 pm

I have really greasy hair and perspire more than the average person. Either would be a nightmare. I would just shave my head and put on deodorant.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
06/29/12 9:36 pm

Eeek. Don't even want to imagine six months of greasy hair. My hair is down to my waist. It'd be beyond disgusting.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/29/12 8:30 pm

Stinky pits stink! bad! big time!

Just say no to stinky pits!

06/29/12 7:58 pm

I would find other ways to keep smelling fresh but the dirty hair-- heck no. I have thick long hair so that would be bad.

elbow82 Veganland
06/29/12 7:39 pm

You can wash your pits and keep them bacteria-free, but keeping your hair from being stinky and gross without washing it at all would be impossible. I'd rather just shave my head.

snafu Washington
06/29/12 7:21 pm

I don't sweat. I do but it's only when I'm stressed or work out (obviously) but I have curly hair, if I don't wash it at least very other day the curls become frizzy and it's just a hot mess. I guess I could do dreadlocks or cut my hair super short.

dudley northern Virginia woods
06/29/12 6:26 pm

If I say pit reek does that mean I absolutely have to wash my hair every day? I'm confused. Maybe too much water on the brain .....

katerina13 stuck in the middle
06/29/12 6:20 pm

I can put powder under my arms, but I cannot deal with dirty hair.

FaceMoose Over There
06/29/12 5:46 pm

You can wash your pits frequently and keep your arms down. The look and smell of dirty hair is unmistakable and disgusting, though. I need to be able to wash and condition my curls every few days!!

kjos USA
06/29/12 5:18 pm

I have a buzz cut, so I chose pits.

06/29/12 4:51 pm

Body wash would work as deodorant cant go without washing hair

FrostedMin California
06/29/12 4:37 pm

Under arms. Cuz like some someone said, I work in the water too. I teach water yoga, and for some reason I don't have much BO. I also use powder to help sweat problems.

06/29/12 3:53 pm

I have very short hair, so hair is the obvious choice.

Jacks29 Chicago, IL
06/29/12 3:51 pm

This was a hard decision but i picked washing my hair but I only have to wash once a week cuz my hair doesn't get oily and have dreads. But the non washing would catch up eventually. I just take more showers and use more perfume instead of deodorant

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/29/12 3:50 pm

Deodorant burns my skin. I work in the water so I'm clean. I use dusting powder. If I need anything

ladyfromky Kentucky
06/29/12 3:10 pm

It isn't clear to be which button is voting for what. But, I'd rather do with out deoderant. Because i can wash my pitts several times a day and use baking soda on them. I'd rather actually BE CLEAN than merely smell clean.

Sam95 Nebraska
06/29/12 2:45 pm

I cannot go two days without a shower. Instead on deoterant i can use a lot of perfume idk i would make do!

HolyBabble Mississippi
06/29/12 2:12 pm

When I came into this country I was stuffed in the back of a semi truck with 74 of my fellow Mexicans.

You haven't smelled stank until you've been confined in a small hot space with a bunch of Chicanos that just filled up on al pastor burritos before taking the trip into America.

ryno Flyover Country
06/29/12 2:05 pm

My hair is generally 1/4 inch long and I hate BO. It is the worst smell known to man.

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
06/29/12 1:51 pm

I have no hair and am allergic to deodorant. I do wash my scalp, however ...

06/29/12 1:25 pm

Washing your hair. At least with no deodorant as long as you bathe regularly it won't be a big deal.