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07/19/11 11:11 pm

Neither, but twilight is irresponsible because both vampire and ware-wolf eat/kill humans, whereas, wizards know what they're doing.

07/18/11 11:26 am

Twifart is one of the worst movies that has ever been viewed by the public

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/16/11 7:35 pm

Who really gives a rats butt about any off this.

07/15/11 11:40 pm

Harry Potter is liked by a larger range of people as opposed to mostly teen girls with twilight. Also Harry Potter will stay a classic forever while fortunately twilight will be forgotten. Rowling's writing talent is also much better than Meyer's. Harry Potter forever!

freeppl Wisconsin
07/15/11 5:53 pm

& it's probably an unfair comparison but when Hermione lost her love she loyally stuck by a friend in need (hp7), Bella jumped off a cliff. I read the books I know it was for "great love" but people lose their love & it doesn't mean they should give up. Bella is too dysfunctionally unhealthy.

freeppl Wisconsin
07/15/11 5:42 pm

While I like all the books I do think that Harry Potter is a better book and movie. I like the idea of Twilight in theory but the last book was bad and Meyer's style doesn't hold up in comparison to Rowling's. Twilight books are too emotional to translate into movies esp. with a bad cast.

07/15/11 12:40 pm

Kenny12 the amount of readers that are under 20 is only slightly higher then those over as this poll showed so grow up, stop being a pessimist and learn to read now I have read both series and although I prefer the Harry potter series they are very different types of books and shouldn't be compared

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/13/11 3:54 pm

Neither both are stupid,grow up be an adult

07/12/11 11:53 pm

Twilight is a book about pedos seriously an 150 year old dude falling in love with a 17 year old chick has got to be illegal. And Jacob falling in love with a BABY raises some questions

Overmind Texas
07/11/11 6:21 am

I prefer Harry potter, but space marines are cooler. 75 caliber assault rifles!!

dreamer23 Anchorage, Alaska
07/10/11 1:40 pm

I LOVE Twilight <3 And it's So Better then Harry Potter!!!

Twentington Illinois
07/10/11 9:57 am

I never really liked the Harry Potter books, Twilight for the win!

07/09/11 11:41 pm

Twilight is nothing but a lustful love triangle written for tween girls. Plus the ending was completely lame... But everyone has their own taste :) I'm a potter geek all the way

07/08/11 1:19 pm

Tried 2 read harry. Fail. It sucked! Twilight was epic though! And jacob is alot hotter than any1 in harry

kitty Georgia
07/06/11 5:34 pm

I luv Twilight and Harry Potter books but Harry Potter iz better

zXCsquaredXz Ohio
07/05/11 8:08 pm

@PAteach yeah thats why my 9 year old sister read it in the class that helps kids get better at reading. Twilight ruined the idea of vampires.

lovableme California
07/05/11 8:07 pm

Potter is better made everything than twilight. Twilight ppl sorta kinda SERIOUSLY need to get a life o.O I <3 HP(:

07/05/11 11:21 am

@hotness...I'm with you every step of the way...late 20's here but close enough. I'm Team Vamp all the way also. I think the people who say Twilight is stupid, do not understand the in-depth writing. I think you have to be extremely intelligent to fully understand Twilight

07/05/11 2:08 am

This restored a little of my faith in humanity.

boredinwa Washington
07/04/11 7:55 pm

@Samuel...twilight books are a much better read than Harry Potter, but you are right about the category is Potter, hands down!

Dithrick Colorado
07/04/11 10:36 am

I would pick anything other than twilight

embronte Iowa
07/04/11 4:22 am

So nice to see Potter is still on top. I appreciate that Twilight gets some kids into reading that might not otherwise but I hated them.

hotness131 California
07/04/11 1:23 am

Definitely TWILIGHT books for the win!!
*I have a life * I don't need to get laid *I'm in my 30's * TEAM EDWARD *

KudosToYou California
07/03/11 6:17 pm

@ boredinwa
The Twilight movies are trash. The Twilight books are worse than the movies.
Why do the categories of books or movies matter?

07/03/11 11:38 am

I'd send a howler to Bella just because she's an annoying whiner.

boredinwa Washington
07/03/11 10:22 am

depends on if you're asking books or movies? different answer for each category...

07/02/11 9:47 pm

For those who say that both are stupid... Hem hem... Don't vote or comment. You are screwing up the poll

07/02/11 9:28 pm

I grew up with Harry Potter, and I'm still expecting my owl from Hogwarts.

07/02/11 9:15 pm

Potter all the way. And I've read and seen all the movies for both so you can't say I'm biased because I've only read one or only seen the movies or only seen some of the movies.

07/02/11 5:29 pm

I agree with the 80% of the population who chose Harry potter. Knowing that people aren't as ignorant, makes me have hope for humanity.

07/02/11 12:42 pm

That comparison is an insult to Harry potter... Jk rowlings books are a masterpiece, twilight is immature badly written garbage

07/02/11 11:33 am

Potter is beast and has rocked my socks

07/02/11 9:45 am

Harry potter is obviously the best but even if someone doesn't like it they would have to agree that twilight sucks.

07/02/11 7:58 am

Potter hands down :)

07/02/11 12:31 am

@zoisite what not being evil

07/02/11 12:30 am

I am not a teenage girl or a woman that thinks I'm still a teenager!

eevee1119 New York
07/01/11 10:51 pm

You mock Harry Potter by even putting it next to that other book.

07/01/11 8:34 pm

WOOOOOOOOOO GO HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zoisite In the Sailor Moon world
07/01/11 8:19 pm

@sage....Slytherin is the best house, we have Snape, Lucius, and Voldie-poo! What more could you ask for??? ^_^

06/30/11 11:20 pm

Easy question. Harry potter by far. I barely could make it through the first twilight movie. :/

06/30/11 10:40 pm

Depends on books or movies... I enjoy trilogies books better but hp movies are better

06/30/11 10:36 pm

Is that even a question? HP hands down.

06/30/11 10:18 pm

This is a smart bunch. Harry Potter for sure. Hufflepuff for life! :D

06/30/11 10:03 pm

Harry Potter!! Stuttering chicks and sparkly fairies are really my kinda thing.