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Do you try to make up for lost sleep by sleeping in on the weekend?

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10/17/12 3:50 am

Actually, you can within the week of lost sleep. After a week's gone by, it becomes impossible to do so.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/16/12 10:14 pm

Or the next day, or going to bed earlier, or naps.

jinger New York City
10/16/12 4:58 pm

I Wake up early on the weekends lol

DirtyHippy in the prairie winds
10/16/12 3:32 pm

So your telling me that after the weekend you feel completely revived, and ready for the work week ahead. Cause if that's the case I want to know your secret. But sleeping in is a privilege I lost when I had kids.

10/16/12 11:28 am

Retired. Everyday is Saturday except Sunday.

tck04 Western New York
10/16/12 11:13 am

Also, you get your best sleep before midnight so going to bed at a decent time and getting up a little earlier to finish anything you didn't get to the day before is much healthier than staying up really late and getting up on time. And you're more productive in the morning after a good night's rest

tck04 Western New York
10/16/12 11:11 am

Actually, they've done psychological studies on this. Your body and mind does not "make up" for missed sleep. No matter how much "extra" sleep you get on any given day, it does not make help your body recover from those nights when you do not get at least 8 hours of sleep.

10/15/12 7:36 pm

Wish I could but my life is study every free time I have

10/15/12 6:36 pm

I feel dead if I get less than 8 hours of sleep. I'm not fun to be around and completely unproductive

10/15/12 4:49 pm

I work 6 days a week and go to early Mass on Sunday, what is this "sleeping In" that you speak of? Up at 5:30 every morning

MrWalrus Undergrid
10/15/12 3:23 pm

Sleeping is a waste of time.

oubobcat Ohio
10/15/12 3:15 pm

I can try to sleep in all I want but the good ol circadian rhythm doesn't allow that to happen.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
10/15/12 1:02 pm

fact: you cannot make up for lost sleep...

10/15/12 12:16 pm

Sleeping 9-10 hours a day helps you grow and helps you heal from injuries

shaka-shollz The armpit of America
10/15/12 12:07 pm

I try... Staying out all night is way more appealing in the moment.

MiKEY2012 Florida
10/15/12 11:35 am

Weekends are for parties on the beach. Winter here. Nice in the mid 80's. summer too hot. Sick of AC. So no sleeping on the weekends. Maybe A bit in may-sept. but not a lot. Type of person that can function on 6 hrs sleep & stay up. Don't go to bed til 3, &wake up at 9 feeling refreshed! Always Have

Aliggan China and Florida
10/15/12 11:19 am

I'm kind of used to 3-6 hours of sleep at this point...

10/15/12 10:35 am

Impossible to "make up" sleep.

10/15/12 9:29 am

Slept in today... Missed class. Fml.

10/15/12 8:40 am

I try but my internal alarm clock wakes me up at the same time everyday no matter if I'm working or not. I haven't used a conventional alarm clock for at least ten years. I don't need it, no matter if I go to bed at 8pm or 4am I just wake up.

10/15/12 7:49 am

An opinion, not a fact.

10/15/12 7:37 am

No, it's a fact that you cannot make up for lost sleep.

tdaddy Kentucky
10/15/12 7:13 am

How could anyone mix up questions -- unless they read the questions, answered them offline, then uploaded the answers. Wouldn't that be a little, uh, complicated?

tdaddy Kentucky
10/15/12 7:10 am

This idea makes the most sense. I have a surgeon friend who's in bed by 9pm, and a dentist friend who's in bed by 10pm.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/15/12 7:08 am

Being retired, I can usually sleep as late as I want to, any day of the week. Nothing to make up

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/15/12 7:07 am

Actually, I think this was meant for the tax collection question.

10/15/12 7:07 am

I do too, however, I automatically wake up with the light of day so I get much more sleep in the winter than summer.

10/15/12 6:51 am

No, the weekend is when I spend all my time making up for the joy I haven't been able to experience.

10/15/12 6:27 am

I think they skip weekends. Instead, they have two Mondays and an extra long Wednesday!

10/15/12 6:25 am

I know! It seems like they get up earlier on the weekend!

10/15/12 6:23 am

Sleep in more than I do during the week since I don't have to get up for work, but don't sleep in even more to try and "make up for lost sleep".

kjos PNW
10/15/12 5:52 am

I make up for lost sleep in traffic, to and from school. HAHAHAHA <-- sarcasm. -.- (I'm tired right now. This is my sense of humor when I'm tired) It's Monday morning at 5:51 - what do you expect?

joeltown Texas
10/15/12 4:53 am

Sad thing is sleeping in on the weekend is 6:45-7 am. Maybe only 1 - 1.5 hours extra.

gonzoboy Arizona
10/15/12 4:47 am

Actually, I try to go to bed a little early during the week, to make up for all the lost sleep lost over the weekend.

TheOnEdgePro Area 52
10/15/12 3:51 am

Iowa has night life? don't count the animals in your barn.

10/15/12 3:42 am

As a parent, there is no such thing as sleeping in anymore.

Isomax TIC TOC
10/15/12 2:04 am

Yes . It would be interesting to hear the comments on how they had the money but they had to give it away. With automatic collection , a lot of people don't even pay attention to the loss.

Isomax TIC TOC
10/15/12 1:55 am

Retired. I sleep till I wake up. And plan my day accordingly.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
10/15/12 12:12 am

It's imperative. My "Friday" is a 21.5 hour shift that runs from Wednesday AM to Thursday AM. I invariably sleep Thursday until the afternoon, and sleep in on Friday morning. It takes me 24-48 hours to recover from my shift.

10/14/12 11:54 pm

Agreed...or live on a farm.

10/14/12 11:39 pm

I got less than six hours of sleep everyday this week but am feeling so good after 15 hours each day this weekend

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
10/14/12 11:30 pm

Lost sleep is like time. You can never get it back!

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
10/14/12 11:28 pm

Saturday has been my sleep in day for my entire life!!!

emsies Seattle
10/14/12 11:03 pm

I wish, but I can't. Early soccer games on Saturdays and teaching Hebrew on Sundays.

anonymom Virginia
10/14/12 11:00 pm

That's the spirit. I'll join your study to increase the sample size.