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Show Of Hands September 11th, 2012 12:00am

Do you support the use of tax policy to create incentives for behavior deemed helpful to society, e.g. mortgage insurance deduction, college tuition deduction, charitable giving deduction, etc.?

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kirksten Columbia, MO
09/14/12 9:05 pm

I say no only because we've gone overboard. There should a really, really good reason to stratify our taxes. Ideally, the tax code would a fixed rate for everyone. You know, equality and fair share and all those other catch phrases.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
09/14/12 9:16 am

No! Lower the overall rate(s) and skip the deductions. It's the only fair and liberated way.

sook65 California
09/13/12 9:05 pm

Repubs who said no-- if you feel that way then please don't ask for preferential rates for long-term capital gains. If you don't need to incentivize investment then why do you want Buffet and Romney's tax rates at 15 percent?

bbkkanders Kentucky
09/13/12 5:40 pm

The dems that voted here must not be voting Hussein because that is absolutely against what he stands for.

adalla Virginia
09/13/12 3:26 am

Figures the Dems are solidly for using other people's money to get what they want.

09/12/12 9:53 pm

Sheep down the slippery slope...correct answer is no...look where we are all those that voted yes...selfish I'd say also.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/12/12 9:45 pm

Zod, sorry for the delay.

I mean that tax policy can influence change, such as reducing smoking by taxing cigarettes. Offering tax deductions on electric and hybrid cars. Supporting changes people might not otherwise make that end up being better for us as a state or country otherwise.

dbrat East Coast
09/12/12 8:39 pm

Take away mortgage deduction and I'll be rip shit

09/12/12 8:30 pm

100%! You can't find it in your heart to pay a bit more on your taxes to help an old lady with her health care? Then you're the problem with this country.

yoodle Texas
09/12/12 5:33 pm

I don't like deductions I prefer taxing unfavorable actions instead of rewarding favorable

MasterMatt Oregon
09/12/12 2:24 pm

Putting gov in control of the "free market"!? Bad idea and a waste of money. It also brings in more & more lobbyists & kickbacks for re-elections. No business taxes (consumers pay it anyway), no write offs, no subsidies! Think about it.

Vincere Seattle
09/12/12 1:55 pm

Sure, within reason. Those laws tend to get too complicated and can lead to loopholes. Keep it simple, don't get carried away, and it's a good idea.

09/12/12 12:07 pm

Saying yes is saying yes to the health care mandate requiring insurance.

lmurder MDK
09/12/12 9:23 am

Nope. Just keep taxing my tobacco!

clvrgrl777 California
09/12/12 8:33 am

Everyone wants a tax
Primary residence should only have a state and local tax, first BS degree should be free, and charity is just that, charity, it should not be deductible from taxes due.

09/12/12 8:13 am

How about a flat tax and then we don't have to deal with all of this. We shrink the IRS and stop the deduction game where only those that can afford the best accountants know how to get the best savings.

EnginE3r Texas
09/12/12 7:39 am

I support it. That's why some people might not pay as much in taxes because they met some of those requirements.

09/12/12 7:29 am

66% of republicans support then but nominate a guy that wants to repeal them in his budget and it STILL won't balance it out... LAUGHABLE!!!

09/12/12 6:53 am

@rj... Since when does not wanting behavior manipulation thru the tax code make someone a supporter of anarchy?

commonsense America isnt racist
09/12/12 6:45 am

Its interesting how some on the left
Can't stand the church because it's too

But when it comes to the govt and taxes, it's okay. Not realizing that the govt is controlling your choices and behavior with what they tax.

EarlyBird Portland
09/12/12 6:21 am

Roybiker - I get it now. You're right, changing my vote.

09/12/12 6:16 am

End all deductions & lower tax rates such that revenue is not impacted. Deductions have all been politically motivated.

09/12/12 6:13 am

Why do you want to incentivize people to do what you want them to do? Because you are so much smarter than they are? Because you care for them so much? Give me a break..

09/12/12 6:11 am

We should not have the Federal government deciding what they want us to do, especially when they do it "for our own good."

09/12/12 6:09 am

Government edicts & tax incentives put people into houses who couldn't afford them. There were the ones who suffered. Increasing incentives to go to college will do the same thing. People will go who otherwise would be better off if they did not.

trav Instagram, travisdover
09/12/12 5:26 am

I could agree with a college tuition deduction but that's it. I don't want Scientology getting money that would otherwise be reducing the national debt.

As a country, we are scraping by right now, and we need to make some changes or the nation will go bankrupt. Raise taxes or end tax deductions?

09/12/12 4:09 am

Flat taxes aren't really fair. No two taxpayers have exactly the same economic reality, even if they have the same income. That's why the tax code is as it is. I think it needs to be dramatically changed, but that's too much to get into now.

gonzoboy Arizona
09/12/12 3:42 am

@BamaGirl: I couldn't agree more. However, right now, there are 10's of thousands of lobbyists living in Washington D.C, who would disagree with us, and in fact, make politics and tax-code manipulation their sole endeavor in life.

gonzoboy Arizona
09/12/12 3:26 am

I am not in favor of behavioral engineering or manipulation, particularly when the IRS, i.e., the US Government, places themselves in charge. I am a Fair Tax advocate, with Flat coming in a close second.

KommsWife Indiana
09/12/12 3:09 am

Flat tax all across the board. No exceptions. Keep it simple. Anyone earning over 20k should be paying between 10-19% tax. Period. End of story. No exemptions or waivers or returns. Just a flat simple sales tax with the income tax eliminated along with all the related junk and IRS too

Quinnipiac Here
09/12/12 3:00 am

Incentivization is the best way to influence people's behavior.

centexken Republic of Texas
09/12/12 2:01 am

Nope! I support a flat tax that is fair to all.

09/11/12 11:18 pm

Better than all the other crap our taxes go to!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/11/12 11:06 pm

RJ speed limits are different. We set a low standard for drivers, then limit the use of the equipment and environment to keep them alive. But regarding tax incentives, what do we pay for that people wouldn't do on their own?

tidford My little piece of heaven
09/11/12 11:00 pm

That depends on who is doing the "deeming". If it is people of wisdom, then yes, but if most of the "deeming" is being done, as now, by the likes of lobotomized narcissists, child molesters or Democrats, then no.

trav Instagram, travisdover
09/11/12 10:45 pm

@tnuctipun having charity write-offs indirectly increases taxes. We need a certain amount of money to run the government (which we do not receive, therefore there is a deficit) and so we will need to raise taxes to make up for the money that went to Mormonism or Scientology. This is going to happen.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/11/12 10:45 pm

People often do not do what is best, in some case for them and other cases for everyone. Everyone wants to be safe, but will everyone strictly adhere to a reasonable rate of speed when driving if there aren't penalties?

sook65 California
09/11/12 10:41 pm

@veritas of course, the Veteran hiring tax credit was proposed as part of Obama's jobs bill but it was the one measure the GOP "hailed approval"

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/11/12 10:19 pm

RJ you think the only reason we buy houses or play the market is for the tax break? Even without the incentive, buying's cheaper than renting in this area, and free money from the market is still a good thing, even at a slightly higher tax rate.

09/11/12 10:08 pm

I support anything that lowers taxes.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/11/12 10:03 pm

Private sector collectivism is feasible, true. But it doesn't always work for the best long-term outcome. It has to be made on a case by case basis.

veritas1 Panda
09/11/12 9:50 pm

@sook. No. Your party did me support incentivizing the hiring of veterans. In fact you did everything in your power to obstruct the passage of a bill that would do exactly that.

@RJ You talking' smack 'bout anarchy? Private sector collectivism is feasible.