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Should the Colorado theater shooter get the death penalty?

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WillowTree Arizona
08/03/12 5:40 pm

Someone who is mentally I'll needs medical attention, not a lethal shot.

08/01/12 7:07 pm

He killed so many he deserves to die

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/31/12 7:37 am

If you're going to respond to that, it'd be nice if you did it in a nice, civilized way without the name calling. Differing opinions doesn't mean we're stupid, just means we have different beliefs.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/31/12 7:36 am'd be a chain of shooters shooting the other person shooting the dude. You would have way more dead, I promise you.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/31/12 7:35 am

...PLUS, the society's safety is more of a right than your right to own a gun. Get a stun gun, I don't care. If you cared about protecting your house then wouldn't the minimum do it, like knives AT THE MINIMUM. Anyways, another gun in that theater would not have helped. Dark, "foggy", loud one...

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/31/12 7:32 am

...VA, unless the law ha changed in the last 3-4 yrs, self defense is only the amount of force necessary to escape. Hard to convince a judge that blowing someone's head off was necessary. Why would you want to do that anyways? It doesn't make you any better than them in the least...

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/31/12 7:31 am

@collinf: Ouch. Well, to begin, we have had a break in. Do we have a gun? No. I have knives. They got out pretty quickly, no one needed to die, he was just desperate. Protect your house with a taser, it's still illegal to straight out kill people in your house in some states ANYWAYS. Here in...

07/31/12 6:47 am

Fuck him, he should die.

CollinF Michigan
07/30/12 5:42 pm

is safe yours will be crying and praying, wishing you had something to defend yourself or someone near you did. so shut the fuck up

CollinF Michigan
07/30/12 5:41 pm

... people come to rob me or hurt my family, the first thing they will do is look straight down the barrel of my 12 gauge shotgun and if they so much as flinch in the wrong direction, i will use my constitutional right to send them to where ever they believe after they die. and while my family ....

CollinF Michigan
07/30/12 5:38 pm

hey retard its right in the amendment, "right to bear arms"!!!! Meaning that if a woman wants to have a concealed weapon permit she is guaranteed that right! and hell maybe if someone had had one this would have been different we won't know. but when the day comes when we ever get invaded or ...

CollinF Michigan
07/30/12 5:38 pm

hey retard its right in the amendment, "right to bear arms"!!!! Meaning that if a woman wants to have a concealed weapon permit she is guaranteed that right! and hell maybe if someone had had one this would have been different we won't know. but when the day comes when we ever get invaded or ...

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/30/12 9:11 am

...go places without fear of being shot? Rights of parents not having to get a call that their child was shot 4 times in the chest in Bio Lab 201? Get rid of the fucking guns. All of them.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/30/12 9:10 am

...get a gun to protect their rights? What about our rights? The rights of people that ha to act as human shields for other people? Rights for the students that thought they could be safe in a classroom? Rights for the professor that died protecting his students? Rights for people to be able to...

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/30/12 9:09 am

@roadtoruin: Because he'a crazy? Of course it matters how he got the guns. Why was a mentally ill person with Deere depression allowed to buy two handguns (that he later massacred 32 people with)? And then we act all surprised, like, "Why would somebody do this??" They're crazy, and you let them...

07/29/12 9:51 pm

If you kill someone in cold blood, you should be killed back.

fotoguy Florida
07/29/12 9:29 pm

The worthless piece of scum should already have been executed. No need to keep him alive at taxpayer expense.

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/29/12 8:10 am

Learning to forgive wouldn’t change the world all by itself, but it would be a great step for Christians who say they want to be more like Jesus. I’m grateful to Pierce O’Farrill for reminding me of this.

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/29/12 8:10 am

He doesn’t want the death penalty for the man who shot a theater full of people. What’s more, he says his faith leads him to forgive James Holmes."

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/29/12 8:10 am

"Before he was shot at an Aurora theater last Thursday night, Pierce O’Farrill was a proponent of the death penalty. After being hit by three bullets — and believing for awhile that he was dying — O’Farrill says he’s changed his mind.

07/29/12 1:19 am

I love how every time a pyscho shoots a place up it's all about where he got the gun not why didn't the physco get help

07/28/12 4:55 pm

Down with the death penalty!

NYevo NY
07/27/12 12:40 pm

@Responsible: You're too funny. You say the real problem is that liberals don't want to ban on screen (Hollywood) violence right on the toes of your comments at 1:09? Thats friggin hilarious

07/27/12 11:34 am

Killing innocent people is wrong, killing a murderer that clearly should not b apart of the human race is not.

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/27/12 8:06 am

Murder is murder. It doesn't matter if it's committed by one person or by the State.

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/27/12 8:05 am

Joe: Killing people is wrong.

Bill : So when someone kills a person we lock them away forever, right?

Joe : No! We kill them!

Bill : Huh?

07/26/12 10:19 pm

It's tragic that we call it free speech when it happens ON the screen and a tragedy when it happens IN FRONT OF the screen.

Why isn't the dehumanization of gun violence ON THE SCREEN repelled by society? Instead some view it as entertainment. We need look no further.

07/26/12 10:15 pm

The real problems are that liberals want:
1. equal rights for nuts, and
2. no limits on the violence pumped out by Hollywood.

07/26/12 10:09 pm

Why is it that you feel that everything must be legislated? There are some exceptions in life and this maniac is one of them.

You can talk about banning assault weapons, but that's not the problem. The problem a crazy guy killed innocent people. Let's ban nuts.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/26/12 5:22 pm

@growup: Not his feelings. How easy is not to cast something away and never think of it again? How easy is it to deal with it and get some real laws in place?

GrowUp Minnesota
07/26/12 5:14 pm

The movie massacre's feelings are irrelevant. He must die.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/26/12 4:47 pm

@iloveu: People that do that kind of thing aren't fearing death. Lock him up for life with chance of parole.

iloveu Michigan
07/26/12 4:43 pm

He caused other peoples lives to not go on that should be the same with him

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/26/12 4:37 pm

@kaik12: What's wrong with that? That's why all our prisons are so full, everybody is so emotionally connected to the crime that they forget about forgiveness and rehabilitation. I bet we could let out the majority of small crimes criminals that have served at least 2 years, and we wouldn't see...

kiera 55124
07/26/12 2:26 pm

Neutral. He should suffer in prison for life.

07/26/12 11:31 am

Shoot him in the kneecap and testicles. Leave. Come back 24 hours later. Bury body.

07/26/12 3:57 am

To clarify, "setup" is the wrong term. It should be designated a penal colony. There is no "setup", no facilities, no amenities. Just the prisoners and their wits and their will to survive or not.

07/26/12 3:47 am

No cost for his upkeep; he's out of society; we didn't kill him and he can live like the animal he is. Everybody wins.

07/26/12 3:46 am

Three are thousands of small uninhabited islands off America's coasts that could be setup as penal colonies. Try him, find him guilty, speedy appeals process (yes, it could be exceedingly more efficient), probate his estate as tho he were dead and parachute his ass to the penal colony. (cont...)

07/26/12 2:12 am

He did the crime he deserves to die.

ishady 86451132020
07/26/12 1:37 am

23 hours in a box would be hell. Lock him away.

AMG California
07/25/12 11:02 pm

I tend to think a long miserable life in jail would be more of a punishment than a quick death, but then sometimes it seems like they make jail too comfortable... I want him to have to do really hard physical labor for the rest of his life.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/25/12 10:29 pm

No. I'm strongly against the death penalty simply because it is ridiculously expensive. Morally, I don't care if people get the death penalty or life in prison, as long as they never get to live a normal life again.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/25/12 8:17 pm

@bbkk: Do some research and you'll see which option is less costly.

Mr.logic California
07/25/12 7:13 pm

In all honesty, a life sentence is probably the more appropriate punishment.

mandajeann Illinois
07/25/12 7:12 pm

Make him suffer and live with the fact he killed innocent people. He should rot in a jail cell.