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Should schools and theaters be permitted to block cell phone signals? (UserQ)

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08/03/11 11:50 am

Yes, because at my school the teachers will stop class to text

08/03/11 11:12 am

DANG IT!!!!! my pretzel m&m had no pretzel ... and if it happened it school I should be able to call up da m&m factory...

08/02/11 11:25 pm

Allowed to, yes. Should they, no.

08/02/11 3:18 pm

Anyone remember when there were no such things as cellphones/smartphones? Yeah... and we got along just fine.

08/02/11 3:15 pm

Blocking of signals on private property (theaters) - yes. Public places (schools) - no.

08/02/11 2:48 am

@jonfrel, how many "emergencies" can there be in a high school classroom?, the only emergency I see is that students don't pay attention in class because of texting.

08/01/11 10:51 pm

Let's ban cell phones from all public places. If you can't smoke there, you shouldn't be able to use your cell phone there either. If people had any manners, you wouldn't have to make rules like this, BUT...

WaterHeate Massachusetts
07/31/11 2:48 am

I'm stuck in a classroom at columbine highschool, oh look no cell service. /End

07/30/11 11:32 pm

@jonfrel: You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, kids (and their delusional parents) seem to think "I forgot my lunch at home" is some sort of crisis... Sad!

jonfrei the boonies
07/30/11 2:02 pm

(continued) so if it is, walk the 50 feet to get out from under the jammer signal or pick up one of those dinosaur devices called a land line -- they really are clearer & more reliable anyway, and can be located precisely when you give the call taker a bad address....!!

jonfrei the boonies
07/30/11 2:00 pm

for all of you "what if it's an emergency?" folks - real question here - when is the last time you made a REAL emergency phone call (safety of life or limb depended on you making the call)? Now, when is the last time you made one of those calls from a school or theater?

c00kies California
07/29/11 3:39 am

but that ( my earlier post) is from the view of a 12 year old me but I'm pretty sure that my opinion will be the same in 30 years

c00kies California
07/29/11 3:38 am

@diplomat yeah but people tend to panic during, say, earthquakes or hurricanes or floods. I know that I for one would prefer to whip out the iPhone in my pocket and dial 911 and then my parents than risk running to the school phone and trying to call when the line may already be broken.

Diplomat Hawaii
07/28/11 11:52 pm

For Schools, absolutely. If there is any kind of emergency, schools DO HAVE land lines, announcement equipment, and I'm sure frequently practiced safety drills.

07/28/11 5:19 am

Ever heard of an emergency?

07/27/11 7:55 pm

As long as there a land line for public use I say block away. Also it would limit all the text bullying and sexting etc at school.

07/26/11 10:20 pm

Family emergency? Forgot my lunch? Missed the bus?

07/26/11 10:26 am

@JessTaylor How can they call someone else if cell phone reception is blocked?!

07/25/11 3:24 am

Yes kids cell phones go off all the time this would also stop them from texting in class and pay a little attention

07/24/11 11:13 pm

Woops just realised I was thinking of a different type of theatre but when i'm watching a movie I don't want to hear your dialogue in it either.

07/24/11 11:10 pm

You go to school to learn not text. Theatre's deserve the right to block cell service. It's so disrespectful to the performers seeing as it's live. Also cell signals can mess with certain machines. If there is an emergency they can call someone else.

07/24/11 12:55 am

What if theres an emergancy??

07/23/11 8:49 pm

I like how people are saying others are addicted to their phones when the ones saying it are taking part in useless surveys...

07/23/11 11:18 am

Theaters are private property, they can do what ever they want. Schools have certain rules and guidelines, if a rule is no cell phone use (which it was at my high school), the why would there need to be service anyways?

07/22/11 11:34 pm

There were the same emergencies before cell phones were invented and people got by just fine.

Mike3 Michigan
07/22/11 11:14 am

No, however, sometimes people need to stay in contact with friends and family. Just put it on vibrate

07/22/11 10:30 am

People are too addicted to their cell phones these days! Live in the moment and not on your phone!

07/22/11 3:42 am

It is a good thing most of these people that are addicted to cell phones weren't alive back in the dark ages when the only phone was at home and if they were extravagant enough to have a machine to answer calls, they had to go home to check it.

07/22/11 3:36 am

@bit -Virtually any need/desire to talk with someone is an emergency. They must be able to check in with their child and it has to happen NOW!

07/21/11 10:57 pm

@iTeach if they cheat during standardized tests it makes you look good right?(if they get the right answer of course)

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/21/11 9:58 pm

no,if you in the theater and phone rings go to the lobby to talk.duh

iTeach Mos Eisley
07/21/11 7:43 pm

As a teacher I'm evaluated based on my students' test scores. In some areas they're even trying to base a teacher's pay on that (dumb idea). If a student isn't paying attention it affects my job.

07/21/11 6:58 pm

Fuck no. How many more times are people gonna compromise before they realize they're not free anymore?

07/21/11 5:31 pm

How many times were you in a theater and there was an emergency?

07/21/11 4:57 pm

@Owner2230: Probably the same thing that happens if they drive into an area that is poorly covered by their carrier or if they are incorrectly holding their smart phone.

Sloopy Colorado
07/21/11 4:44 pm

it's private property. let those who run it decide their own rules. don't like it? go elsewhere

07/21/11 4:08 pm

What if you a kid is geting followe by suspicous people in a car. They run into the school with nobody in it. They get out their phone to call 911 and there is no cell phone signal. Then they are stuck. Safety first

07/21/11 11:13 am

Texting or phone calls during a movie is an annoyance. But many parents leave their kids with babysitters and need to be able to contacted if an emergency arises. The theater employees can do a better job of monitoring and removing offenders.

07/21/11 11:11 am

All schools have phones. Parents were able to get messages to their kids for decades without cell phones. If an emergency arises, land lines are sufficient. You'd like to think kids would be responsible and not use them at school but kids are kids.

07/21/11 5:08 am

I got an important call in a theater once & I took it out in the hall. Why can't we all just be responsible?

07/21/11 5:06 am

My son left his phn home 1 day & his gf who was in sch texted him like 18 times! Any student caught using a cell phn loses it for 3 sch days. So if it's over the weekend it's 5 days. More if it's a holiday.

07/21/11 3:49 am

This is NOT a freedom of speech issue regarding theaters. People need to understand what the First Amendment does for us. And with regard to the argument that you pay for a service, not the theater...DON'T GO THERE!

07/21/11 3:46 am

@AquaMom22: Yes, your private employer should have the right to block cell phones. And your "evil" statement is laughable as I am not advocating theaters block cell phones. I wouldn't go to a theater that does, but that doesn't change the fact they have a right to if they choose!

07/21/11 2:07 am

In an emergency, schools have offices and should have links to classrooms. That would be a free zone for using a cellphone. If one looks for a solution it will be found. No cell phones in teaching areas. Create cell phone free zones.

07/21/11 2:06 am

*maybe just have the phone on during lunch/homeroom.