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Show Of Hands January 8th, 2013 12:00am

Would you rather have (mentally) Google's ability to find virtually any existing data instantly, or the combined imagination of Picasso, Mozart, and Walt Disney?

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b4mytime Orange County, CA
01/15/13 12:40 am

This is what I first wondered. Then I realized I could use that ability to win major money on trivia shows, so I changed my answer.

01/13/13 2:11 pm

Then please create a musical masterpiece that trumps the classicals, or fix the downhill fall of Disney! We need some new fresh stuff!!

eadg Dagobah
01/12/13 8:35 pm

Why would I pick google when I already have the Internet

01/12/13 4:32 pm

I picked data because I have a pretty good imagination. :T

musicnerd RHIT
01/10/13 6:24 pm

It's called I have google to do the data stuff for me. I don't have access already to the imagination, so of course I would choose that.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/10/13 6:17 pm

If the lineup for imagination had been da Vinci, Edison, and Maxwell I might have gone with that, but given that it was all artistic people and I am more into designing stuff I could lookup part specs if I had the google ability.

01/10/13 5:39 pm

Imagination wouldn't help me without their talent. I already have an awesome imagination, too. I'd really not want either, but if I had to pick, I'd choose the mental google.

01/10/13 7:28 am

I wish I still had the imagination I did as a child. I hope my children will keep theirs.

01/10/13 6:20 am

Holy cow. I'd feel like XJ9! I would ace every freaking test. This has always been a dream of mine. *-*

01/10/13 5:41 am

I was genuinely surprised more people didn't pick imagination. I don't know why I was just expecting it.

01/10/13 5:15 am

I feel like knowing nearly everything would take the fun out of learning. Yes, you'd never struggle on tests or to prove your spouse wrong in arguments, but I'd rather be able to create these big beautiful ideas and see them come to fruition.

rabblerabble Utah
01/10/13 4:23 am

Stupid question and doesn't factor in the imagination it would take to figure out where that information would be located or what to do with it/what it means.

satiricalnick meh
01/10/13 12:41 am

I heres ya! You'd find his actual kenyan birth certificate, hidden beneath is numerous copies of the communist manifesto, and origin of species!

satiricalnick meh
01/10/13 12:40 am

Imagination, because I would paint million dollar masterpieces.

trav Instagram, travisdover
01/10/13 12:00 am

30 years ago, ow oils have chosen to be a robot, but know I have a phone that does that for me. I'll take the imagination.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/09/13 6:36 pm

Tough choice. I'd say data so that I could finally expose Obama. But the imagination would be more beneficial to me directly.

01/09/13 6:21 pm

We already have the data of google readily available, on every mobile device and computers

01/09/13 5:53 pm

I'll leave the data to Google. Imagination takes you far.

tommysq Chicagoland
01/09/13 5:52 pm

Yep. I've been to his museum in Florida and an exhibit in London. Awesome stuff.

01/09/13 5:33 pm

Why would I want to read about Picasso or Mozart if I have the option to think like them?
I'll take imagination, after all in my opinion, without it we would have little to be knowledgable about.

01/09/13 5:00 pm

Creativity doesn't help as much when you're a coder.

Loadmaster Sacto
01/09/13 4:52 pm

I like to take the time to learn, I like the learning process. Knowing everything instantly would ruin that for me. I'll take the imagination.

grizzy Kansas
01/09/13 3:22 pm

How do you dislike a comment?


01/09/13 2:41 pm

I think with that amount of imagination I would combust.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
01/09/13 2:10 pm

I'm already really imaginative. With all THAT imagination, I'd be awesome and rich. Then I'd just buy Google at some point. Win and win.

HalfDozenMama in my scrapbook room
01/09/13 1:42 pm

With data I could instantly mentally access information that could say- save someone's life by having medical knowledge; be able to have intelligent conversations with anyone on any subject; never get lost; teach my kids... I think data would be more useful, speaking in life application.

oicu812 Mississippi
01/09/13 1:37 pm

Tough choice... Jeopardy camp or " goofy piano playing artist"

ladyniner81 I hate people
01/09/13 1:06 pm

Imagine..Then I could imagine what I'd Google =)

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/09/13 12:44 pm

Imagination was the precursor to developing the access to any existing data, in an instant. I take imagination in a heartbeat!

dabrumz94 Massachusetts
01/09/13 12:07 pm

Who cares, if you aren't successful you can just imagine that you are.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
01/09/13 11:54 am

It's quite a stretch to add Walt Disney to this group.

01/09/13 11:38 am

I don't feel it is about what his paintings look like, but instead the new forms and styles he introduced.

clarkh275 Texas
01/09/13 11:37 am

Uh...imagination. You could still use google when you needed it.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/09/13 11:20 am

imagination, because I can very quickly take out my iphone and google things. but you can't fudge imagination.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
01/09/13 11:20 am

Sixplus: I am guessing you've searched

Drathic Over Yonder
01/09/13 11:15 am

Plus, I wouldn't want someone else's imagination. It is such a personal thing, a reflection of your dreams and soul, that it is not something to be acquired. It is intrinsic to one's personal journey and relationship with God. So yeah - data please!

Drathic Over Yonder
01/09/13 11:11 am

Data because I already have a phenomenal imagination

KudosToYou California
01/09/13 11:09 am

You're probably right, I just don't look forward to writing specs.

dawl adulting
01/09/13 11:02 am

Imagination. Then I'd team up with someone who picked google and we would rule the world.

01/09/13 10:53 am

Do you mean imagination of Steve Jobs?

deliala919 hashtag nerdy
01/09/13 10:24 am

Imagination is great, but it doesnt mean u have the talent to put that imagination to work

01/09/13 10:02 am

I would think you'd want the opposite. I'm an engineer and chose imagination. Everyone has Access to the same data more or less, but you need creativity and imagination to be innovative and successful.

DrReid Ever present.
01/09/13 9:09 am

Like Carl Sagan I would require imagination and skepticism both.

susanr Colorado
01/09/13 9:04 am

I didn't say that was his only contribution; I'm just suggesting that he was a pioneer in many of the things he did, *and* that he shouldn't be judged solely by the more recent films that are what many younger people may think represent him.

JaingN10 Death Star
01/09/13 8:35 am

Of course knowledge without imagination is also useless