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Show Of Hands January 8th, 2013 12:00am

NCAA Football final standings: #1 Alabama, #2 .... Ohio State (12-0 but bowl and BCS ineligible) or Oregon (12-1)?

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01/13/13 1:21 pm

Oregon is still under investigation & sanctions are yet to be announced...but they are coming.

01/11/13 10:43 pm

didnt they lose their last 2 bcs title games?

01/11/13 10:41 pm

only because saban has enough class to stop scoring

01/11/13 4:48 am

I'm from the Buckeye State, but (sadly) Orgeon could top OSU any day of the week

Libertarian2016 Texas
01/10/13 4:46 pm

Orgeon commited recruiting violations just a little after Ohio State players sold equipment. Nothing happened to Oregon, byt the NCAA pubished the hell out of Ohio State because a couple players did something stupid.

01/10/13 8:54 am

Lmao the punishment for OSU has been takin to far

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/10/13 4:05 am

I sure would have liked to have seen an Oregon / Alabama matchup in the BCS Championship game. I would have put money down on Oregon on that one. What a game that would have been! Oregon's offense is so fast, and their defense is underrated. That team will just wear you down.

01/09/13 7:27 pm

For all of you idiots that would hold innocent players accountable for some selfish assholes selling their gear for a few bucks or a piece of ass, should be ashamed OF YOURSELVES. When you were in school and the guy across the room cheated on his final and got caught, did you fail? GO BUCKS

01/09/13 5:43 pm

Have you seen my unsername?!!

01/09/13 5:42 pm

Ive been waiting for this question!!!

malibog 12309
01/09/13 4:32 pm

Since OSU was intelligible I have to pick Oregon. Now, having said that, I think it stinks that the NCAA penalizes current players for past sins of players, coaches, staff that are no longer there. Hit the school in the pocketbook with massive fines. Let the players play. Make the school pay.

01/09/13 4:22 pm

If the loser gets destroyed like ND did then try shouldn't be number 2. They didn't even belong in that game anyways.

01/09/13 4:19 pm

ND shouldn't even be close to #2. Overrated all year then demolished in their biggest game. Imo they aren't even in the top ten.

01/09/13 4:18 pm

Our defense did not suck, but it wasn't very good either. That said. It should be much better next year.

01/09/13 4:14 pm

Oregon is definitely the better team as ohio state is only undefeated because of a weak schedule. However as a bucks fan I have to say OSU

01/09/13 4:06 pm

Is that why Oregon and Alabama lost a game? They even had something to play for! Ohio state had nothing! And still has the best record

Wes28 CBus
01/09/13 2:44 pm

Notre Dame was overrated and over-hyped the entire year. They were extremely lucky to be in the national title game.

01/09/13 2:16 pm

Whoever the number two is in the sec is my second best team in the NCAA just my opinion. Obviously we can make arguments for and against a few teams for number two

uab1991 Florida
01/09/13 2:09 pm

You are delusional. Alabama would hang 50 on Ohio State and Oregon might score 100. Either one would beat Ohio State by 4 touchdowns.

01/09/13 1:56 pm

Theguy. Georgia lost by 28. 28! That doesn't deserve to be in the top 5

bluwtrman florida
01/09/13 1:39 pm

Headline of sports section today "SEC proves conference to beat AGAIN." Sabin's quote "harder to win the SEC than the national title." All proof that size doesn't matter that much, just determination and guts.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
01/09/13 12:36 pm

The bcs is a crappy system and needs to be changed

01/09/13 11:49 am

Ohio State fan through and through but I think the top 5 were Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, Oregon, Ohio State

01/09/13 10:59 am

Winner *should* be #1, loser *should* be #2. The polls are the most screwed up system full of favorites and politics. We have enough data to create a completely empirical formula to accurately rank teams but don't do it.

01/09/13 10:54 am

Ohio State would have had a loss if they were bowl eligible.

01/09/13 9:47 am

Both are worse than Georgia.

01/09/13 9:38 am

Doesn't the loser of the bcs championship always move down? And I wish they were number 1.

01/09/13 8:18 am

Not sure what to choose. My #1 is Ohio state and #2 is Oregon and #3 is Alabama.

01/09/13 7:42 am

In November Ohio states defense was ranked 2nd in the nation, so anyone who says there defense sucks needs to learn some facts

01/09/13 7:07 am

Do not care. Sports is a waste of time.

wkingsbury89 Colorado
01/09/13 6:30 am

My decision has no reason to do with them being sanctioned. Just because you are undefeated doesn't mean anything in this conversation as Alabama even lost a game. Oregon had much tougher schedule and looked better than OSU.

wkingsbury89 Colorado
01/09/13 6:28 am

You have no idea what you are talking about. Oregon's defense was outstanding this year and one loss came on a questionable call and then missed field goal against Stanford another top 5 team. Game against them and Alabama would have been close.

01/09/13 6:13 am

Because of how bad they lost Monday night. I wish they were number 2 tho

weallhave1 Tennessee
01/09/13 5:05 am

And they cheat. But hey, what's wrong with that, right? LOL!

weallhave1 Tennessee
01/09/13 5:01 am

Yeah, those darn NCAA rules keep getting in the way.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/09/13 5:00 am

Tony you have ruined the stats in favor of Oregon. Maybe I will visit Oregon and Washington on day.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/09/13 4:58 am

The results are skewed. When we don't have a preference, Oregon wins...

epicawesum Indiana
01/09/13 4:45 am

Tough question. I hate them both so much

01/09/13 4:08 am

Gotta stay true to the Buckeyes!

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
01/09/13 3:11 am

I would say Oregon. But really all that matters to me most is my hometown team got their 15th championship and can't wait for us to get our super sweet 16. I will also start UA in August :) just wish I had started this past year. #rolltide