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Show Of Hands March 17th, 2012 12:00am

The Justice Dept. has blocked a Texas law that requires people to show photo ID before voting, saying the law would hurt Hispanic voter turnout. Do you agree with the DOJ?

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04/01/12 6:13 am


03/30/12 9:30 am

Some one please send these results to the DOJ!

03/29/12 10:40 pm

Proving who you are, and that you can indeed vote legally by showing ID might hurt hispanic turnout? Lmao, it doesn't slow them down buying guns or beer. What a rediculous ruling.

03/28/12 10:19 am

If you dont have an ID, get one. If your illegal and cant get one. Leave this country, pretty simple.

skelly32 Oregon
03/25/12 8:58 pm

Who can't afford an ID really? It's like $20, it's not like this monthly charge. This is ridiculous.

03/25/12 1:28 pm

You show an ID for everything else but for some reason the Progressive Democrat DoJ thinks anybody should be able to vote without one. Obama mantra: vote early and vote often even if you're here illegally!

03/25/12 8:33 am

Show the ID! If you can't your opinion in this country shouldn't matter right? It's for the legal U.S. to vote on matters of this country. I couldn't believe I even read this poll question! Completely disappointed in the judge.

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
03/24/12 9:11 pm

You have to show an ID for almost everything else so what's so bad about making sure your a legal citizen before you vote? Im all for showing voter ID.

03/24/12 6:18 pm

if you have to have an ID to be legal, and you shouldn't vote if you are not a citizen, I don't see a problem. the DOJ so wrong

snafu Washington
03/24/12 4:28 pm

You have to show ID at the bank to cash a check, at the bar to get in or buy a drink...get the point?
America is getting so soft it hurts!

03/22/12 11:14 pm

I really don't see the big deal here. Is there a more pathetic way for liberals to demonize honesty? We have to show ID for EVERYTHING. Or I guess I could go vote Republican 374 times as Jose Martinez. You know, there's only about 3,000,000 of them in Texas.

dbrat East Coast
03/22/12 5:19 pm

prove it then vote - sorry. actually, not sorry.

03/22/12 2:44 pm

I believe we should go back to 1800 and only rich white land owners vote. good plan? so ridiculous

Mythic California
03/21/12 11:21 pm

@LovBuffalo Please explain to me how better to prevent voter fraud? Also, I believe the pot is calling the kettle black regarding your 6:49 post. If anything, the naive arrogance of such a hypocritical statement shows who really is "unthinking."

03/21/12 6:47 pm

The question is inaccurate. Any law is unconstitutional if the motivation behind it is to discriminate by race

AntiMike Alabama
03/20/12 7:31 pm

What's the big f-ing deal! You have to show your id to do far less meaningful things!

03/20/12 7:14 pm

how many of you are just haters

03/20/12 7:13 pm

our freedom is taken every bit by bit and a bullcrap reason like this is used

LovBuffalo New York
03/20/12 6:52 pm

There are many US citizens who can't afford to buy a photo ID. It is sad that the republicans have to resort to this in order to get their candidate elected... sigh

LovBuffalo New York
03/20/12 6:49 pm

I'm an Air Force Veteran and I served so EVERYONE can vote, picture ID or not. The 71% who voted for this ridiculous policy are, in my opinion, selfish, arrogant and unthinking as well as having no understanding of what America is (or at least was) all about.

LovBuffalo New York
03/20/12 6:45 pm

@user5432 - if a person does nothing but buy 1 ball point pen in their life they have paid taxes so I have to assume that you are supportive of everyone voting. Good for you! Or do you not understand the tax code? Perhaps you are like my uncle who thinks only landowners should be allowed to vote...

03/20/12 6:43 pm

you need to be a legal US citizen to vote!!!! what idiots! UGH

03/20/12 5:45 pm

If you don't pay taxes, then you shouldn't be able to vote.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/20/12 3:04 pm

jopat, it isn't that it's so hard, just that it is another step in a wrong direction. Until a few years ago I didn't need a photo ID for anything. In my lifetime I've even had drivers licenses without pictures on them. Pretty soon we'll be required to carry an ID everywhere. I'm against it.

Ranks New Jersey
03/20/12 2:58 pm

"This is America, Jack! And if you say 1 more thing about my daughter imma
Break my foot off in your ROYAL ASS"
--- Mr. McDow from Coming to America

Ranks New Jersey
03/20/12 2:51 pm

The 1# reason they didn't turnout is because of fear & if they don't care even more reason for them to go back to there country

Ranks New Jersey
03/20/12 2:49 pm

Or 1 1/2 New Yorks. Or 20 Atlantic Cities. Or 3 Chicagos. My grandfather is Mexican-Indian-American & he fought in the Korean War. Let's not confuse us Northern Mexican-Indians for Gutamaliens, Costa Ricans, Belizians, or Brazilians, Portuguese, Russians, they want to play they pay if not they leave

Ranks New Jersey
03/20/12 2:43 pm

I'm a liberal and I agree that immigration reform needs to be priority number UNO for the next president. 13 million people hear illegally is the size of 10 Philadelphias

03/20/12 2:42 pm

stupidest thing ive ever heard .....about the Hispanic turnout not the law

Ranks New Jersey
03/20/12 2:37 pm

I'm a Obama supporter and I think that is just plain dumb.period.

Ranks New Jersey
03/20/12 2:36 pm

That has got 2 be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You need ID to get a job, car insurance, a damn pack of cigs but not when yr are putting someone in charge of millions(mayor) or billions(senator) or even trillions(president) of dollars & you may not b a US citizen?!? And I'm a more a liberal

03/20/12 10:46 am

Zod; You would think it would be easy to get a guaranteed right but showing ID how hard is it?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/20/12 10:09 am

But, now that I have the support of HolyBabble, it must be time to do some more research and reconsider my position.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/20/12 10:08 am

Illegal immigrants, more accurately referred to as criminals, are a problem that needs to be addressed, but I doubt many of hem try to vote. I still resent the idea of requiring a citizen to have a photo ID to exercise any Constitutionally guaranteed right.

03/20/12 9:23 am

13 million illegals is just a guess, thats from the south. How many from every where else? You protect the most precious right by showing an ID, if one person scams the system then the entire thing is a sham!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/19/12 10:10 pm

isn't name would have been first name if iPad had a keyboard.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/19/12 10:09 pm

The last time I voted in person, years ago, the polling place monitor would check me in based on her list. Last name, ins't name, voter registration number (assigned when registering). Harder to fake than the fake ID just about every kid hat ever went to high school was able to get.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/19/12 10:03 pm

If the voter is appropriately screened then registered and assigned a polling place, and put on the list for that precinct, the photo ID seems redundant.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/19/12 9:59 pm

I typed it wrong, but the second has should have been had. One at a time, no laws broken. But MDB, you bring up my point from earlier, if the voter isn't on the list to vote at that polling place, that voter doesn't get to vote.

jeeter Louisiana
03/19/12 8:17 pm

zod, if your wife has DL in three diff states at one time she is breaking the law...

MDB Texas
03/19/12 7:03 pm

If your wife walks in to my precinct and claims to be MDB, one of her 50 IDs better say MDB. That's all. As it stands, however, some states won't bother to check to see whether or not she is MDB. That's a problem.

MDB Texas
03/19/12 7:00 pm

Zod, the point of a photo ID is to show that you are who you say you are. You go to vote, your name's on the list in your precinct, and your face matches the photo on a card with the same name. Your wife's name shouldn't be on the list, so it shouldn't matter if she has an ID from every state.

03/19/12 6:06 pm

question phrased with bias yields biased answers.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/19/12 5:31 pm

My wife has has drivers licenses in three different states. She is not a citizen, and is not eligible to vote. So what would be the point of this ridiculous requirement? Proof of citizenship makes sense; proof you can get an ID, not so much.

RepubIican South east
03/19/12 5:04 pm

I think the reasons the democrats are strongly against this is the fact that it will drastically hurt our president's votes.

Wert A picture of my junk
03/19/12 3:20 pm

If voter fraud of this nature were actually a problem I might be for IDs. However, it's not. So, it's a waste of time to even bother with it.

03/19/12 2:22 pm

Anyone opposed to showing an ID to vote is probably hiding something.